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  1. Brochure website. Ecommerce website. Mini Site. File upload site. Social media site. etc etc You dont need to over complicate it.
  2. Still Show Twitter feed with Protection?

    why would you protect business tweets?
  3. what about something like https://chevereto.com/?
  4. Twitter

    the twitter app for android allows multiple accounts.
  5. having an image of a dog drinking out of a bowl (for example), you would be well advised to call it something like "dog-drinking-out-of-bowl.jpg" rather than like "image1.jpg".
  6. Shortening Domain Name ?

    I dont know..there are plenty to choose from though. .management .guru .expert .enterprises etc etc.
  7. Shortening Domain Name ?

    have you thought about any of the new gTLDs?
  8. graphic design my coding is terribad.
  9. Need a good cost-effective UK-based host

    another +1 for TSOhost See my fast host link sig if you want some discount and/or cashback
  10. My site

    Yeah I like it too, but atm there is not much we can really give feedback on.
  11. Recommended Host for large forum style website

    another huge fan of TSO here. Check my sig link for a discount code and if you need any help give me a shout
  12. Its a very valuable domain. You could probably sell it for at least a few hundred grand+ With a working, operating site that has content and engages visitors, adds value to the web and maybe even has good social profiles (no fake followers etc and engagement) that could possibly add double the value to the already valuable domain. You have some good options and I would consider visiting a dedicated domain name forum to see what primary people into domains suggest too. I like what you have on it now, but just putting some adsense on wont make you buckets of cash. Also in terms of search volume, there are 300k searches in Google UK a month for the term "time". Based on the amount of traffic you are getting, you are getting minimum and that could be improved massively- quite easily with a developed site. Plus, thats not factoring other country search traffic like the US etc. All the best and please keep us updated!
  13. Which is the better domain for a specific site?

    Yeah, I agree .sexy is a much better "themed domain". Of course, could have a nerd section on the site the actual keywords are naked selfies...not sure if its a good thing or bad thing at this stage, but the facebook page is doing well so time will indeed tell! I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks
  14. I am just starting a sexy selfie site (dont ask). Which would be the better domain? keyword-keyword.net (hyphenated) or keywordkeyword.sexy (not hyphenated) .net is trusted but stale, whereas the .sexy is fresh and new and relevant, but obviously unheard of from general non web type of people. Any feedback appreciated.
  15. What are you working on - Sneak Peek?

    A Naked Selfies website... Not of me (thankfully!)