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  1. Which is better, please?

    I disagree, 'read more' is terrible link text. Google is not the only search engine either.
  2. Which is better, please?

    Better for SEO, I'd leave it like it is.
  3. Reading the url

    Please tell me you haven’t just done that and ignored @BrowserBugs advice? There’s a reason I added the ‘valid_paths’ array.
  4. Which is better, please?

    The test page is my preferred one, it makes the page look less 'wall-of-text-y'
  5. Reading the url

    You could do something like this: /* define paths that you are allowing */ $valid_paths = ['horseback-riding','something-else','and-another-one']; /* check that an include file exists and that it's in that valid_paths array, else 404 out */ if (file_exists($include_path) && in_array($include_path, $valid_paths) require_once($include_path) else header('Location: 404'); // You will probably need to change the location you're redirecting to.
  6. Reading the url

    http://php.net/parse_url is probably your friend... Try $url = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); var_dump($url); Although if you var_dump($_SERVER); there might already be something in there that works for you.
  7. Reporting a web developer

    I think they said logo 'placement'. This could mean that the logo was to be moved to a different place, which caused knock-on effects to other things. I'm with @Jack on this, I really don't think we have anywhere enough info to poke a time-estimate in the air.
  8. I don't know what you've been doing wrong... I'm very tempted to setup a Virtual Ubuntu and see if I can get it working just for the crack... too busy at present though. I've setup a LLPP stack on debian quite a few times recently and had no problem with that (Linux, Lighttpd, PostgreSQL, PHP). Can I make a suggestion... if your ubuntu installation is fairly new, re-install from scratch, have a stab and then tell us what's going wrong and we'll try and help. At present, we don't really have much to go on. Good luck!
  9. I'm not sure why it's that funny, I remember setting it up in Ubuntu 10.04 many years ago and I don't think it was really that much of a headache. Have you looked for and followed a tutorial?
  10. @TimW LAMP should be relatively straightforward to get up and running on a Linux machine. Don't be afraid of the terminal... the only time you need to really worry is if you are running a command that contains 'rm' in it. (`rm -rf /` would wipe your whole machine). There must be a tutorial out there for this. You don't need Xampp or vagrant.
  11. Maybe Ben has undergone gender reassignment?
  12. Whatever you do, just please don't turn it into a 'tapatalk' forum.
  13. Fair enough, each to their own and all that but I'm surprised anyone would make a statement as bold as that.
  14. I dont really see it as giving users a choice, I see it as aiding Facebook/Google in their quest to collect as much data as they can on as many people as the can. A huge proportion of users wont really understand the repercussions of using Facebook/Google login and I feel that developers have a duty of care.
  15. It's not password-less auth that I don't like... it's my privacy being invaded by Facebook/Google that I don't agree with. Why should Facebook/Google know which apps I use, why's it any of their business?