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  1. NOCK

    Web Designer OPPORTUNITY

    I'm actually a bit disgusted by this advert. You think it's acceptable for a developer to work all day and all night for free? Sounds like slavery to me!
  2. Cloning could be dangerous if you're using the same content on both sites as the search engines might look at both of them as spammy as a result. However if it's just look and feel with new content then I don't see any harm in doing that. Copying the site shouldn't be a huge amount of work. I'm not sure what 'a fair bit' is but I'd be surprised if it took longer than a handful of hours to do.
  3. NOCK

    Has anyone used Heart Internet?

    Normally, you pay for hosting monthly and after you’ve cancelled you get until the end of that ‘month’ billing-cycle before you lose it. Why are you asking may I ask?
  4. NOCK

    Has anyone used Heart Internet?

    Are you asking if you can get something for free just by saying you want to leave even though you don’t?
  5. NOCK

    Adobe XD - FREE (LEGIT)

    Cheers ??
  6. Cheers, your point about the accountant is great and something that a lot of companies will probably miss! You shouldn't need to store IP in a session cookie, as you have it in the SERVER superglobal anyway don't you (assuming php).
  7. Maybe not personal information but if you store UserAgent / IP Address etc. in session cookies you could use them to build a profile on a user and that's also a 'no-no'. I also had a problem recently where PrivacyBadger/Ghostery etc. were blocking session cookies and so killing a piece of SaaS... so I'm also trying to reduce dependence on them going forwards as privacy tools like that are getting more an more popular these days. I've just updated my WIP (would REALLY like some constructive feedback)... and on further reading it looks like all freelancers that collect/process data (so all of them!) will need to register with the ICO, for £35 per year! https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/register/self-assessment/ I'm surprised this thread hasn't gotten more attention given that we're now less than a fortnight away from this really mattering.
  8. The whole thing is nuts.. I've err'd on the side of caution big-time and removed Google Analytics, Hot Jar, and Google Maps... I just can't be bothered with the agro considering I can't take on any more work and can't remember the last time I looked at GA or HJ. Any thoughts on what I've written so far? Very much a WIP.... https://www.james-nock.co.uk/privacy/
  9. Hi all, It seems that the world wide web contains millions of articles by know-it-alls who talk about GDPR but I'm really struggling to find any kind of privacy policy that basically says: 'I don't collect personal details from you. If you email me, I'll email you back and that's about it'. Has anyone come across anything that freelancers can use on their sites?
  10. NOCK

    A huge favor...?

    You can, in the same way that you can just use the English language to write a novel.
  11. NOCK

    Which is better, please?

    I disagree, 'read more' is terrible link text. Google is not the only search engine either.
  12. NOCK

    Which is better, please?

    Better for SEO, I'd leave it like it is.
  13. NOCK

    Reading the url

    Please tell me you haven’t just done that and ignored @BrowserBugs advice? There’s a reason I added the ‘valid_paths’ array.
  14. NOCK

    Which is better, please?

    The test page is my preferred one, it makes the page look less 'wall-of-text-y'
  15. NOCK

    Reading the url

    You could do something like this: /* define paths that you are allowing */ $valid_paths = ['horseback-riding','something-else','and-another-one']; /* check that an include file exists and that it's in that valid_paths array, else 404 out */ if (file_exists($include_path) && in_array($include_path, $valid_paths) require_once($include_path) else header('Location: 404'); // You will probably need to change the location you're redirecting to.