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  1. @TimW LAMP should be relatively straightforward to get up and running on a Linux machine. Don't be afraid of the terminal... the only time you need to really worry is if you are running a command that contains 'rm' in it. (`rm -rf /` would wipe your whole machine). There must be a tutorial out there for this. You don't need Xampp or vagrant.
  2. Maybe Ben has undergone gender reassignment?
  3. Whatever you do, just please don't turn it into a 'tapatalk' forum.
  4. Fair enough, each to their own and all that but I'm surprised anyone would make a statement as bold as that.
  5. I dont really see it as giving users a choice, I see it as aiding Facebook/Google in their quest to collect as much data as they can on as many people as the can. A huge proportion of users wont really understand the repercussions of using Facebook/Google login and I feel that developers have a duty of care.
  6. It's not password-less auth that I don't like... it's my privacy being invaded by Facebook/Google that I don't agree with. Why should Facebook/Google know which apps I use, why's it any of their business?
  7. I hate the fact that it runs under xquartz; its slow, laggy and clunky. It feels really really old, unless theres something Im missing and theres a better, faster version for Mac? Im not adverse to paying for some software if its good, the developers deserve it. Im liking affinity designer so far, I also very much like sketch. Ill probably end up buying both the way things are going.
  8. I hate the whole login using Google or Facebook thing and won't register to anything that only has those options (am I the only one!?). I've not played with Auth0 but I'd hope that there's another login method in that system? Edit: just checked out their website, looks like a great bit of kit!
  9. Thanks guys, I won't be subscribing to Adobe's monthly thing, it really doesn't sit well with me at present... I have Photoshop CS6 which does everything I could ever need (I think!) for non-SVG stuff. GIMP is a photoshop equivalent so I don't think it'll be any good for vectors will it? I've got InkScape installed on my mac but I actually kind of hate it. I downloaded a trial of AffinityDesigner today and so far I quite like it. I like Sketch too, but AffinityDesigner is half of the price.
  10. Hi gang, Primarily, I'm a developer (as many of you know) but occasionally I find myself needing to draw out an SVG. I was playing with Sketch but the trial has now run out. I just wondered your thoughts on which piece of software you prefer for this kind of thing (and why!)... none are particularly expensive in my opinion but I'd rather not buy more than one if I can help it... more software equals more HDD storage space for a start. Opinions please...
  11. Use a framework such as Laravel or Yii, this stuff comes baked into it.
  12. Urgent - Please Help!

    If you need that to be built in two days then you're going to have to get a developer to do it, that's a very tight deadline!
  13. Why I'm here - tech help

    Hi, and welcome 1. Yes 2. Probably, if you post in the 'Server Side' section http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/forum/95-server-side-php-databases-aspnet-etc/
  14. Easy way to copy website

    That's fine, be honest about it though, say 'hi guys, I developed a website called X and it does Y' rather than claiming that you 'just found' it.