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  1. Our kind sponsors have done a fairly balanced article about reselling hosting here: https://www.20i.com/blog/should-you-become-web-hosting-reseller-questions/
  2. Jo 90

    How to Crompress Image File Size?

    If you're talking about file size in order to speed-up your page, try these: https://compressor.io/ or https://tinypng.com/
  3. Jo 90

    og tags and twitter card meta

    OpenGraph tags are a way to communicate data about your page to third parties, e.g. Facebook and Twitter. Stuff like language, images, page titles etc.
  4. Jo 90

    Agency management software

    I don't have any suggestions but I'm just posting here so you don't think you're talking to yourself. 😋
  5. Jo 90

    New member Introduction

  6. Although entertaining as this thread is I've now banned the OP. This is due to breaking forum rules twice (spamming and plagiarism).
  7. It sounds like a parody of corporate-speak! ? It's strange that so many consumer-oriented sites use it. I'll ask around. EDIT: I think it's for placeholder text. Like 'lorem ipsum' but for suits.
  8. Yes, I've removed two of the links .
  9. That article refers to the Acquisition>All Traffic>Source/Medium report whereas your link uses a Campaign parameter. Are you definitely looking in the Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns? It should show up there. I ask because that article doesn't mention the Campaigns report.
  10. Jo 90

    Same page title on all pages

    Change the title attribute: <title>News | Regal Gaming and Leisure</title>
  11. Jo 90

    product slider with zoom effect

    Hi Ahmed I've removed your attachment for security reasons but feel free to post code or links to (safe) sites. Thanks Jo
  12. Jo 90

    Adobe XD - FREE (LEGIT)

    Adobe XD CC is also now free!
  13. I was looking through Google Analytics to find where our latest wave of spammers were coming from and found this: https://www.stackoverflowbusiness.com/blog/how-to-find-and-hire-a-ux-developer We're the place to be..!
  14. Jo 90

    Best web hosting for very lite website

    Our sponsors, 20i, offer fast SSD hosting. They have a free package on their SSD platform.
  15. Is that a new type of flat design?