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  1. I was looking through Google Analytics to find where our latest wave of spammers were coming from and found this: https://www.stackoverflowbusiness.com/blog/how-to-find-and-hire-a-ux-developer We're the place to be..!
  2. Best web hosting for very lite website

    Our sponsors, 20i, offer fast SSD hosting. They have a free package on their SSD platform.
  3. Is that a new type of flat design?
  4. Which is better, please?

    I prefer the test page with images but it's all very subjective. I wouldn't add images arbitrarily but the ones you've added all seem relevant and more enticing. You could always try a Google Optimize A/B test on your readers to see if they agree. It's free and quite easy to set up.
  5. These competitions haven't been run for some time (2014 I think!) and I'm not sure if there's any interest. I'll discuss it. Would anyone else be interested in this competition returning?
  6. New Forum Logo - the winners

    Yes! Well spotted @fisicx. I'll ask for that to be changed. @Grant Barker as far as I know the logo is the same colour as the reply/new post button or at least it should be. It may just be an optical illusion from the dark background! But I'll check.
  7. New Forum Logo - the winners

    The logo's not looking as crisp as we'd like as the forum software doesn't let us upload .svg files natively! But a fix should come through next week.
  8. Welcome to the forum. How do you know that it hasn't been crawled? Is it because of what shows in the SERP? If that's right it's because Google don't have to use the meta title you provide. They usually do but in some rare cases they choose a different title.
  9. New Forum Logo - the winners

    The winners were: 1st place: @rahikalhasn 2nd place: @Jack Twitter 3rd place: @Graph Twitter Well done everyone!
  10. I've contacted the winners of the forum logo competition.

    Thanks to everyone who entered! :yahoo:

  11. The votes are in and we’re pleased to announce the winner the of the Web Designer Forum Logo Competition. Thanks to everyone who entered! There was a really high standard of entries and the judges had difficulty choosing between them but here's the verdict: In third place - winning a £10 Amazon voucher and a year’s 20i Starter Web Hosting is this one: In second place - winning a £20 Amazon Voucher and a year’s 20i Home Web Hosting is this one: And the winner (drum roll) - winning the use of the logo on our forum, £100 Amazon voucher and a year’s 20i Reseller Hosting is: We’ll contact the winners privately by email to arrange the prizes and permissions to credit you. The new logo should go live soon after we’ve made some edits. Well done to the winners, and thanks again for all the entries!
  12. Thanks for all your competition entries! :)

  13. This competition is now closed. We had 13 entries, and they'll be with the judges shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered! I expect a result in the next week - I'll keep you updated.
  14. Last day to get your logos in!