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  1. webdeveloper93

    Looking for help on my website

    Really hope your friend doesn't do this as a profession
  2. webdeveloper93

    New site! Let us know what you think.

    Still looking around but so far I love it! great job
  3. webdeveloper93

    I'm back

    Welcome back although I don't ever remember seeing you around the forums before but either way glad to have you back
  4. webdeveloper93

    Will Litespeed really make your website fast?

    Can't say I've ever used litespeed but there are a few things you can do to improve website speed in general. I'll list them below... Use a good VPS they are inherently faster than shared hosting Get rid of plugins you absolutely do not need Take advantage of caching Use a CDN such as cloudflare Those are just a few tips, you can find even more by doing your research online regarding the subject.
  5. Did ben fully step down? or is he still apart of the forum but just in smaller ways ? also I must say I'm glad to see the classifieds section finally go.
  6. webdeveloper93

    Free stock photos

    I edited his links to go to the full sized images
  7. webdeveloper93

    Wix web sites OMG!

    194 JS request is outrageous I never even have more than 5-6 independent JS files if even that. And I only load the JS files on the pages that absolutely need it
  8. If you're going to try to provide any useful info get your terminology right a tag is something that looks like this <img src="..." alt="Something" /> the alt and src are attributes to that tag. Please do better research next time
  9. webdeveloper93

    Search Results on Several Pages

    Research Pagination it involves using a language like php to split up search results into page links. A good PHP class to do just that is here https://github.com/stefangabos/Zebra_Pagination also i'm sure wordpress has a plugin for this as well if you are using wordpress
  10. webdeveloper93

    Review my new hosting company

    Tbh there is enough web hosting companies as is. It's a nice site but personally i'd never join a new hosting company over a very established one like DigitalOcean
  11. But i think some of the good things about bootstrap is you can do things like class="btn btn-sm btn-primary" to create a button etc.. as from what i'm understanding if i used your framework I would have to write the css to actually create a button instead of using classes that are already built in for this task. Is that correct? If that is indeed the case um why would i wanna write the css for my own buttons and use your framework then to just use bootstrap. Doesn't seem to time saving to me. But then again i've never used yours so I could be off base in my assumptions.
  12. webdeveloper93

    Directions to find a freelancer

    Also btw i'm sorry to hear about your disease My uncle has that same disease and it's a real pain to live with
  13. webdeveloper93

    Directions to find a freelancer

    A good place to start would be https://www.freelancer.com/ just be sure to check out reviews of the freelancer you choose etc... to be sure you do not get scammed