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  1. Hi, I am trying to disable frontend registration within Magento version I would only want this to affect a specific website for example https://praesepe.kellyseye.com/ not the Default Category of https://store.kellyseye.com/ How would I achieve this?
  2. CardwellCodes

    .htaccess - Pointing Sub Domain

    I only have access via FTP. I will try this, thank you.
  3. CardwellCodes

    HELP: Logo Slider Affecting Testimonials Plugin!

    I have found an alternative plugin for the logo slider and it now works. Thank you.
  4. CardwellCodes

    HELP: Logo Slider Affecting Testimonials Plugin!

    The client has asked for a slider displaying the logos of some of their customers on the landing page
  5. Hi, I am using the Testimonials Showcase plugin by Carlos Moreira, which works perfectly fine within my custom theme. However, when I enable GS Logo Slider by Golam Samdani, the testimonials are no longer showing up, just the round buttons to navigate through testimonials. The PHP shortcode for either plugins are being used on separate WordPress themes, but I will eventually be using both plugins within one theme so hopefully there's a fix. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I am trying to change the URL for the store http://thwaites.kellyseye.com to http://praesepe.kellyseye.com The host has created the subdomain and I believe I have to point the new subdomain within ".htaccess" I have no idea where to begin. I tried replacing "thwaites" with "praesepe" and I got a "500 Server Error". Please help!
  7. CardwellCodes

    Simple Lightbox Plugin NOT Working

    I tried the one you built and it worked. Thank you.
  8. CardwellCodes

    Simple Lightbox Plugin NOT Working

    I tried to use the plugin to display a lightbox linking to the same media file and it still doesn't work
  9. CardwellCodes

    Simple Lightbox Plugin NOT Working

    Oh, how would I be able to link to a different image? Would a Modal work?
  10. CardwellCodes

    Simple Lightbox Plugin NOT Working

    Hello Developers, I have the latest version of WordPress installed, and I have downloaded and activated the "Simple Lightbox" plugin. Unfortunately, the linked media files on my WordPress page aren't opening in a lightbox. This is a custom theme, and I have included <?php wp_head(); ?> in the "header.php" file. PLEASE HELP! See page: http://www.regalgaming.co.uk/products/awp/
  11. CardwellCodes

    Magento Shop View Subdomain

    I would like praesepe.kellyseye.com to display the page currently at thwaites.kellyseye.com
  12. CardwellCodes

    Magento Shop View Subdomain

    Hi there, I am currently working on the Magento store for http://store.kellyseye.com We have an additional shop set up http://thwaites.kellyseye.com and I was wondering how I could point a subdomain our host has created (praesepe.kellyseye.com) to this shop view as it is no longer for Thwaites. Thanks
  13. CardwellCodes

    CSS Grid Help!

    I have attached screenshots of my code.
  14. CardwellCodes

    CSS Grid Help!

    Hello, I'm building a landing page using CSS Grid and I would like the smaller boxes on the right hand side to be shallower and sit inline with the Regal box. How could I achieve this?
  15. CardwellCodes

    Magento Invoice Only

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to disable online payments via Magento, and just allow orders to be placed online for payment via invoice?