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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, long time no see! I've got an issue which is bugging me but it's probably just me being blind/stupid. I'm setting up an OpenCart store on hosting that currently doesn't have the domain connected to it. The domain is currently being used on another store and won't be available until this store is complete and i can swap it out. I took a duplication of the old store and moved it across to the new hosting, updated everything to the latest version and made the theme and development changes. As there's no domain name located on this hosting until the store is ready, i'm accessing the main store using the address "" and this works fine, however the issue is with the secondary store, as i just don't know what to put as it's address in the options. I've added the sub domain 'tradecounter' which points at the root install as per the instructions, however i can't use 'tradecounter.domain.com' as that point at the old site. I'm using Heart Internet for hosting. So any suggestions as to what i should be using here?
  2. My keyboard gone weird

    If it's Wireless change the batteries, if not, you may have kinked the wire. Grab a mates keyboard and give it a go and see if it behaves, if it does, replace your screwed one.
  3. New Web Designer Forum logo

    Looking good chaps. The changes are certainly an improvement.
  4. Let's have a big hand for the new mods

    I think i already put this in Mod chat before my permissions were removed but congrats guys!
  5. Good ecommence with good community support?

    Yeah i'm a fan of OpenCart. It had it's foibles in the early days but i hear reports coming in that it's tidied those bits and bobs up.
  6. Doesn't matter because the tags themselves are stripped from the excerpt, no tags = nothing to style. Best bet if you want funky excerpts with all sort of styles and placements, is it use a custom post type or use custom fields.
  7. This is by design. Excerpts always strip extra markup leaving a nice plain excerpt.
  8. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    This thread is boring and pointless now. [closed]
  9. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    Just remember that a job is only complete when seen through from the very start to the very end.
  10. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    Plus one for RD
  11. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    I'm considering quitting HTML email building. I just finished a marathon 3 day long build of the most complicated email you've ever seen. I won't mention the company but let's just say even I thought they we're mad. It left me with a nervous twitch.
  12. Which CMS is perfect for you?

    This can happen with any CMS as the themes are built around the current hooks implemented by the developers. You're unlikely to find a CMS that this doesn't happen with. Again, this is usual with most CMS that if you keep it up to date it will remain pretty secure. All the current CMS creators out there have documents on their sites about how best to be extra careful with security, so it's best to read these and follow them carefully By it's very nature, a CMS should be easy to use as it's a consumer facing product. Any CMS that is hard to use is counter-intuitive of it's reason for being built in the first place. A CMS is primarily for the not so developer friendly to be able to update and maintain content on a website. Any CMS that makes this difficult has already failed in its main task. My personal favorite is WordPress. It has a good combination of being easy to use, secure and generally updates don;t cause to much of an issue to themes as they tend to work a lot of backwards compatibility in on each release (much to my annoyance). WordPress has recently released version 3.5 that included major work to the whole media management area and i've yet to see it break any of my themes and it was quite a major update. There's always time though
  13. Shall I just Design?

    No problem mate. P.s. Skype working fine here on Win8. If yours ain't, try the metro Skype app instead.
  14. New Website Design

    1) 90% of freelancers on elance are Indian sweatshop workers that'll charge you peanuts and not give you much more back than recycled template tosh. Occasionally you'll get a few good'uns on there (I'm on there occasionally for extra beer money) but as the prices and quotes are usually a lot lower than normal rates, you tend to not get the quality and service you need. Best bet is to search the Internet for either a local designer/developer or one within the UK that you can contact by phone and talk your ideas through. 2) there's a lot of great guys on here but feel free to drop me an email (hello@miniman-webdesign.co.uk) if you want to discuss the job further. Not sure I'll quote as low as your average eLance member though, but worth a try eh? 3) WordPress is absolutely the right piece of software for the job. It's flexibility backed up with a great client control panel makes it a great choice. Don't let any one try to sell you a custom solution as that leads to nothing but trouble. Good luck with everything!
  15. What would you say are a web designers responsibilities?

    Yeah, contract killer for the win. My contract s a heavily modified version of it, modified over years using experience!