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  1. Google Sites Expert Wanted

    How do the few posts in this thread demonstrate why there is such a high unemployment rate amongst the young? I've been employed at a company as a full time web designer for the past 5 years, I've been putting in 6 sometimes 7 day weeks, and before that freelanced & had a part time job while putting myself through uni. Its actually posts like yours that make me sad about the demise of industry in the UK! So called business men with a great 'business opportunity' for someone providing all that person want is beer money and a chance to put their work in a portfolio. Business men who don't seem to actually want to invest in the company they think is so great, despite there being so many grants & schemes out there at the moment that are designed to help businesses of all sizes, and with most of them not requiring you to pay a penny back. So really is it not you who is lazy? As instead of wanting the best for your business, which may take a bit of time, money and effort on your part, you would rather take the cheap easy route. And not only that you then get offended when no one wants to take you up on your offer.
  2. Google Sites Expert Wanted

    I don't usually post in these types of topics however I just wanted to break this down for you, so you can see what most people on here would have probably thought… You start by limiting you catchment area You then limit the designers in the catchment area a lot as many people on this forum create custom sites and don’t even bother looking at site builders like this one. You have now put off most the people who got through your first two requests, as while there will be a learning curve, saying you want a student on this forum is code for “I want to pay less than minimum wage”. It might not be the case but thats how it comes across. This statement is off putting as not only are you looking for someone to work with your limited funds, you want them to do some branding for you as well as the site. It might be easy, but as I said most people on here student or not don’t use site builders, so it would be a learning curve, and really one that from your previous statements isn’t worth their time, as its not like they can put it in a portfolio to show off their skills. I’m not.. If by some miracle someone within your preferred area was still interested after your first post, you’ve really put the nail in the coffin with that statement. Good luck with your project.
  3. New Logo

    The second and third ones look like they say JK not CK. Maybe it would help if you slightly curved some of the lines of the c so that it doesn't look too blocky, not a lot just a subtle curve that helps show its a back to front C and not a J
  4. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    As I don't really know much about you I was just going off when I was a 17 year old bed room programmer for my example
  5. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    Mine is just in general comment rather than about the guy in this thread. People are always going to undercut, it happens in every industry not just this one. It’s just finding out if the undercut price is actually value for money or simply too good to be true. In this case, yes, it was too good to be true.
  6. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    If you have a different opinion to others, it shouldn’t matter how long the other person has been a member of the forum. You’re just as much entitled to share your opinion as anyone else is, plus debates are good, arguments not so much though Personally I don’t think how much someone charges devalues the industry because how much you charge for a job is relative to your circumstances. For example, I live in Newcastle, I charge less than someone in London because my cost of living is less, yet some of my clients live in London. Does this mean I devalue the industry, because I charge less than people in the area where my clients are from? No. Same goes for a 17 year old web developer who codes sites in their bedroom at their parents’ house, they can charge less because chances are everything is paid for by their parents and anything they make is a profit as they don't have to think about rent, or food, or electic bills. So as long as they do a job to a good level, they aren’t devaluing anything as they are charging the amount that suits their circumstances. We always say you get what you pay for but really that isn’t always the case. Recently the company I work for has just taken over a website, if we has started it from scratch it we would have charged around £3000 for it. However the company that they originally went with charged her £12,000 and left her with a broken site and wanted her to pay more to fix what was broken, when really it was their fault it didn’t work. So who really devalues the industry, those who charge less than others because of their own personal circumstances, or those that can’t do the work they are paid to do, regardless of how much they charge?
  7. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    It's great that you have a passion for what you like doing, its also seems like you have a good opportunity to learn about business from your family. It seems like you may need to learn time management though if you were too busy with the family business that you couldn't spend the required time on it, but as you said its a learning experience for you. As Mike has said, all I was getting at was that a job can't be done correctly until it is finished. I just wanted to show you that your actions had an impact on someone else and while others were having a go at you for how much you charged, really that had nothing to do with it, it was to do with how you managed the responsibility of doing the job.
  8. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    You're right it's not rocket science, however you couldn't have done it correctly because as you said, you never actually finished it.
  9. HTML Newsletter Job - URGENT

    based on what has been written in this thread, here is what I can see: You produce a template that was substandard, so that wasted their time. You told them your computer was broken so that delay wasted more of their time. They then had to do it themselves, so that's more time wasted because of you. But not only did you completely waste their time, your actions cost them money. Lesson that you need to learn from this :- only take on jobs that you can do, because clearly you were out of your depth with this one. Edit: I just want to add that I don't care how much you charge for doing work that is entirely up to you. It just annoys me when people take on work that they can't actually do, because that gives us all a bad name.
  10. I never said anywhere that those links backed up my opinion, I only posted the copyright them to show what a designers rights are as the OP wanted to know where they stood legally. As I stated, personally I believe that once the site is paid for the person who contracted me to do it can do with that design what they like and just because I can legally hold the copyright of all the designs I create, it doesn't mean that I have to do this.
  11. These links might help you out in understanding copyright of work: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/copy/c-ownership/c-ownership-faq/c-ownership-faq-who.htm http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/copy/c-ownership/c-commissioned.htm Personally though I agree with roothost, as soon as the client has paid their bill the website is theirs to do with as they want. I've just never seen the point in making someone's life difficult when they're the ones who hired me to do a job in the first place. After all it's their company, it's their brand, it's their online representation of themselves, so if they want to hire another design company to do some work on the site, or feel they can do it themselves then who am I to stand in their way? Luckily the company I work for has the same philosophy as me. Although their standard practice is to remove the designed by credit on the site before allowing them or another company to edit the design or code in anyway...after all if they make a mess of it we don't want it to be associated with us Come to think of it all the design companies I have worked for have that philosophy and I can only think of one instant when dealing with another design studios over a websites management. But that was more to do with it being built on their own custom CMS platform rather then the sites design, that they didn't mind what we did with, they just didn't want us adapting their CMS.
  12. Wordpress Membership

    Hmm it should work as that is what it is made for, plus I used it a couple of weeks ago on a project and it didn't haven't any issues with the latest version of WP, so the issue shouldn't be because its a dated plugin. Here are a few things to check: Make sure the usergroup you set up within the plugin section has read access and that all the roles you want to have access (editor, subscriber...ect) have been ticked Check on the plugins settings page that yes has been selected for 'Hide complete posts' & 'Hide complete pages' Within the page or post you only want to be seen by people that are logged in, you have checked the box within the access section for the usergroup you want to be able to see it. An obvious one but one I sometimes over look, make sure you have logged out of your account before viewing the site Also its worth mentioning: This will only work if your menu is dynamically created and not if it is hardcoded into your template. If someone happens to know the url of a hidden page that isn't logged in there is a section in the settings page to add text that you would like them to see instead of the post. If you're logged in as the admin then when you view the site will see everything in the menu, regardless of if it is hidden or not, so if you have multiple user groups with different page access, its best to logout and test each user group to make sure they only see what you want them to see.
  13. TTFN...

    Congrats and big hugs to you!
  14. Wordpress Membership

    Sorry, I didn't have time to come back on and help you and I hoped someone else would, as you're just wanting it in your top menu now, I think that this plugin I originally suggessted might be the best way to go: http://wordpress.org...access-manager/
  15. Portfolio Website

    I agree with mteam, getting a stripped down theme can really help you see how wordpress functions and can be a great way to learn the basics of coding up a theme.