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  1. Web Font Help

    Put that block at the start of your stylesheet, making sure the urls of the font files are correct relative to the stylesheet. Then refer to it as you would any other font, using font-family: ChaletLondonNineteenEightyRegular;
  2. Private domain name?

    Got a thread necromancer here...
  3. Best PHP Development Programme

    This. It has Git and SVN integrated, a built-in FTP client and will autoformat your code to your preference with a similar shortcut to what you mentioned ([Alt] + [shift] + [F] in this case). It also has code completion, and if you write docblocks for your functions they'll show up complete with documentation in the code completion tool. Edit: I've just discovered a plugin for WP project templates too.
  4. I'm with Santander for my business account, made sense as I already have my personal accounts with them. Their business current accounts are pretty good for folks like us: all standard stuff is free, they only charge for cash deposits.
  5. How to you track your time?

    I use Pancake, fantastic app for time tracking and invoicing.
  6. What is the best ORM framework?

    Doctrine is also worth a mention.
  7. Headway or Ultimatum

    To be honest, professional designers/developers aren't likely to have much experience with drag&drop theme builders because most people will be building themes from scratch. We're not really the target audience for that sort of thing. It's well worth learning to build themes from scratch, and I've written a theme framework called Tabula Rasa to help people with that. Another good framework is Justin Tadlock's Hybrid Core.
  8. WordPress plugin advice

    In this case, assuming you're looking to have front page content plus a section dedicated to blog posts, your best bet is to edit the front-page.php template to include a Loop for your blog posts.
  9. What Code Editor or IDE are people using?

    Netbeans here too.
  10. Anyone on Steam and What games you got?

    Here's me. Always looking to trade to trade, if you fancy any of these let me know what you have.
  11. Contact Methods section on user profiles is blank.

    Might want to get rid of the heading too, then - that's what made me think it was a bug.
  12. pretty much as above - heading is there, but info entered doesn't appear.
  13. New Company - Designers needed

    I'm available if you need anyone for WordPress or Magento work.
  14. What's considered best practice for fixed-width sites?

    Coming back to this: more seriously, you should avoid 960.gs like the plague. It was first designed when 10-12px body text was the norm, thankfully we're over that now and using a much more legible and user-friendly 14-16px. The problem with that is that the 960's 20px gutters are too small for larger modern text. If you absolutely have to use a fixed grid, try this.
  15. What's considered best practice for fixed-width sites?

    A truly epic typo.