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Found 11 results

  1. Hello guys, I am a HTML Developer and I am inspired by PSD TO HTML Conversion sites like PSD2HTML.com, Codemyconcept.com. So, I just want to know that whether there is any market for such services where designer would outsource their PSD to HTML conversion services. I have launched a PSD to HTML brand called PSD To Manythings and the website name is not relevant. It has almost been a year but I am not receiving any good amount of orders for this service. I want to know how should I promote this service and bring in more business. It seems that there is already a lot of competition going around in the market and I want to know how to be the best . Really need your help guys. Any advice from anyone of you will be really appreciable. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pratik G Ghela
  2. Morning I have run my business for 5 years but recently I am having some serious issues with the company that looks after my website. I am looking for another company to take over. At the moment my site uses OpenCart which I'm very familiar with, I work in Birmingham so if there is someone within the West Midlands that could help that would be better but not crucial. Kind regards
  3. Hi , most of my customers want me to create e-commerce websites for them and most of them sell cell-phones and accessories , so their shop should have abilities like compare products , detailed-specifications of each product , and product bundle. The themes we create are highly customized like it never looks like themes on woothemes or opencart store so the important thing is scalability and flexibility of system. After a lot of research among different commercing systems , i found that woocommerce,opencart and presta shop are the bests and i liked the first two more, which one do you suggest??
  4. mikekaperys

    Non-JS OpenCart Checkout

    Hey guys A client of mine is using OpenCart to power their shop would like to remove the (frankly ridiculous amounts of) javascript in the checkout. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this? Is there a fallback or plugin or anything I could use to save me re-coding the checkout? Cheers
  5. Hi everyone, Im new to opencart and new to this forum so go easy...Im having some basic problems, one of them is I wish to have my header as a slider not a static image, see here www.mrmanzanita.co.uk, how can I do this? Thanks Ben
  6. FraudLabs Pro released the fraud screening Add-On/Modules/Plugins and it supports more than 10 major E-Commerce Shopping Cart at this moment. Merchants use this fraud protection add-on to monitor and prevent fraud from happening via pre-defined rules which follow their business logic. It is absolutely free for 500 transactions per month and why not to find out more at http://www.fraudlabspro.com? FraudLabs Pro Supports: osCommerce WHMCS OpenCart PrestaShop Shopify Magento VirtueMart CubeCart ZenCart WooCommerce Cs-Cart WP E-Commerce MiwoShop AbanteCart
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen, long time no see! I've got an issue which is bugging me but it's probably just me being blind/stupid. I'm setting up an OpenCart store on hosting that currently doesn't have the domain connected to it. The domain is currently being used on another store and won't be available until this store is complete and i can swap it out. I took a duplication of the old store and moved it across to the new hosting, updated everything to the latest version and made the theme and development changes. As there's no domain name located on this hosting until the store is ready, i'm accessing the main store using the address "" and this works fine, however the issue is with the secondary store, as i just don't know what to put as it's address in the options. I've added the sub domain 'tradecounter' which points at the root install as per the instructions, however i can't use 'tradecounter.domain.com' as that point at the old site. I'm using Heart Internet for hosting. So any suggestions as to what i should be using here?
  8. mohnish


    Hi all,i am Mohnish and i am new to opencart.So plz help me in learning opencart from the scratch.I need good tutorials and guidance so that il learn opencart and develop my own shopping cart. Thanking you.
  9. Hello everyone I am currently working on an eCommerce website run on OpenCart, and the idea is for it to sell specialist teas through your letterbox. This is on a freelance basis, and do other work as well. [End of Plug] It's fairly close to being ready to launch, but I'm currently working on sprucing it up in terms of the aesthetics. There is still a fair amount to do, but I believe I've come to a creative brick wall. I know it doesn't quite look right, but then I can't work out what it is that's pulling the rest down, if that makes sense. I also have a few elements across the site that I'm genuinely unsure of, but don't know what to do with them (mainly colors and layouts) If you guys/girls could visit the site, and let me know what you think would look better, I would appreciate it! The website is http://theteabox.co/index.php . The root URL is just a basic landing page at the moment, so what you see on index.php will be the actual homepage once it goes live. ----- EDIT: The homepage isn't looking great at the moment, and the quotes box at the bottom won't be there. Instead, there will be a fancy-looking 'tea of the week' banner, which is being drawn up by our creative department/girl. I'd also like critique on the product pages, as they are what I am putting most of my focus on at the moment. I would really appreciate it if you could have a click through some of the product pages as well. Thanks ------ Also, don't hold back. One of the most interesting parts of freelancing is getting feedback on my projects, because more opinions and thoughts are very important. Something that I think looks amazing could look horrible to everyone else. So, pour it on! - Tristan
  10. I'll preface my question with an explanation and an apology: I am very new to OpenCart so have very little idea what I'm doing. I've tried to Google etc to find an answer but, to be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure what it is I want/need. Thus, if this is a stupid question—I'm sorry!!! This is what I'm trying to achieve on my homepage: Now what is crucial is that these 3 boxes wont necessarily be showing only products (there'll be other 'featured news' like special offers etc) so they need to be quite customisable with regards to text, heading and image! Is there a module that I can download that will give me this functionality?
  11. Hi guys, I'm playing around building a site that has a wordpress blog but an opencart store. However, if someone creates an account on say the Wordpress part then it'll only create it for wordpress and they'd need to create another account if they wanted to do stuff in the store area. I was thinking it'd be nice if I could put some stuff in that would automatically write their info to the database for the other area of the site when they sign up to one part of it, what do you guys rekon? Is this even possible? I know Opencart and Wordpress handle MySQL in different ways so might not be do-able, but thought it'd be pretty neat if it is. Or failing that do you have any recommendations on how to achieve a similar result? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!