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  1. The Domain expired in November and my log-in details for the hosting company also appear to have expired, have made multiple attempts to contact the host but no joy yet!
  2. The client is now trying to sew under the - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_Misuse_Act_1990 After finding out my Passport ID had been stolen from this person, which I can not prove (!) , after finding this out, and noticing this business was not socially or apparently active, I redirected his site to the Ric rolled video in protest - bearing in mind this business was idle for six months prior to this incident and had never acknowledged the new site that had been published whatsoever, while being paid peanuts for the new site with no formal contract. This all happened while the domain and WHOIS date was under my ownership Any thoughts ofc more than much appreciated.
  3. Its in my name so I presume and I arrange the hosting, basically everything. I just get payment for providing the overall service.... Host, Design and Development, Domain registration and WHOIS data. There are no published credits on it that I have completed it for him. So I have responsibility?
  4. No I'm not hosting the site, Freehostia.com are, who actually provide quite a good service for smaller sites. So basically I don't have a leg to stand on, regarding content and ownership of assets? hence no contract
  5. Hi all, Have a question regarding a live micro website, that only had an invoice and no contract or T&C's of any kind, for a client who recently has gone FUBAR with drunk abusive racist behaviour in a social environment. All assets are mine except 50% of his photos. But I no longer want to be associated with this person or website. The domain is due to expire in November but want to take the website down now, and release the domain, or block it. It's a strange one but as there is no contract, there should be no reason for legal repurcussions because of this, if you are the sole owner, for design and development, part of me is saying "wait" the other part of me is saying take down and leave a domain expired sticker over it. Or 3rd option, evident content of that person's behaviour, via mobile and 3rd party statement of a particular incident (found out this person has mental issues that he's not addressing but continuing to play them out with his demons around him) made visible for all to see... Any thoughts or suggestions will be very well listened too and appreciated. Can't believe or remember having to even post something like this in any forum in my 18 yr history working in and out of web.