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  1. Where can I get my code reviewed other than here?

    You're welcome to post here as frequently as you'd like. Perhaps just link to projects on GitHub - you'll likely find the nice people here will take the time to review the project to varying degrees. There's also Codepen and other similar sites which are better for smaller code snippets as others can quickly fork and demonstrate how they'd approach the same problem.
  2. Easiest way to replace this default Google+ button

    Just a heads-up - changing these icons is usually to go against the brand guidelines/usage policies of the respective service (ie. Facebook/Google/Twitter). You should not change the image, according to Google: https://developers.google.com/+/web/buttons-policy
  3. I "walked away" from coding just at the time task runners were becoming popular. I'm now getting back into it and am playing catch up with these tools along with all the other, surprisingly significant, developments. I have jumped straight into using npm scripts over Gulp or Grunt, after reading a number of opinions on the matter. On my phone at the moment but will dig out the links later. The CLI nature of npm scripts massively simplifies the file and, by the looks of it, saves me writing hundreds of lines of JS! I'm keen to learn why a number of people I respect on this forum are still using Gulp? What have I missed?! I'm still new to this, meaning I'm at risk of getting into bad habits - I want to avoid those as best possible!
  4. This query should work: SELECT * FROM products WHERE status=1 ORDER BY package DESC, RAND()
  5. Playing around with React/Redux/Unit testing

    Going to follow this
  6. Really guys...? Thread closed. I'll be cleansing posts of insults too. Edit: Reopened thread, but removed the off-topic posts and insults. Let's keep it friendly.
  7. how do you learn?

    Every time. I'm currently getting back into Javascript...and I started off by writing two single-purpose scripts using ES6, which is (sort of) new to me. From this process I've learned a lot about npm and a whole host of available packages, compilers, task runners, you name it. A recent evening of "learning" for me involved: - Lazy load image plugin would be simple, let's do it - Alright I need to compile my first line of ES6 to ES5 - Google it - Find Babel, need a task runner - Google it - Find Gulp and Grunt - Google them - Read docs/intro for each - Google for opinions - Find latest posts actually recommend against both, just use npm scripts - Google it - Much better, decide on using npm scripts - Back to Googling Babel - Read Babel docs, read opinions on Babel - Implement using npm scripts, need CLI syntax - Google it - Find CLI commands on Github - Google what each flag means - Write my own CLI commands, need a watcher - Google it - Find like 5 watch options, Google them ...and so on I just go down rabbit holes for almost every detail until I understand it. I never, ever "just install X", nor am I ever satisfied with copy + paste = done. You'll never learn that way. I want to try/learn Jekyll. Started last night and still only just have Jekyll installed (not even a site directory yet). I looked into various Ruby package managers, why Apple increased security on /usr/, what /usr/local is for, opinions on Jekyll setups, the list goes on... My own curiosity makes me learn.
  8. Hello lads

    Welcome to WDF!
  9. Google Fonts Issue

    Open Sans seems to work for me on iOS for the homepage only.
  10. I would put the sidebar HTML/content after the main content (in terms of HTML structure) - something like this: https://jsbin.com/hasezed/edit?html,output
  11. Social media on Google Analytics

    You can segment GA report data to show people who came from social media (Acquisition type > Social). For individual posts/tweets, you'll need to start using custom URLs to gather more tracking information. This is available as campaign data in GA. Very simple to do. Alternatively, I believe you can find out the number of link clicks in Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics.
  12. Glitch with Bootstrap Collapse

    Try this: .site-sidebar h3 { display:inline-block; width:100%; }Seems to fix it in Chrome...
  13. Hardware question - Monitors & Resolution

    For small businesses, I'd imagine 24" will soon become the norm - especially newer businesses/startups. 27" screens require more desk space and money for little benefit. I use a 27" iMac at home, and currently a 24" monitor at work, I don't really notice the size difference. But I do very different work at home vs. work so perhaps that's why.
  14. InDesign is primarily for creating print/digital publications. Photoshop is primarily for editing photos, Illustrator is primarily for...well...illustrations! They are not alternatives to one another - you would generally use the three together. Create assets in Photoshop and Illustrator, and embed them into an InDesign document. As an example, I use InDesign nearly every day for creating on-screen presentations, using Photoshop and Illustrator to create assets.
  15. Career progression or money?

    If you feel comfortable doing so, try to negotiate the £21k up to ~£23-26k based on the other offer. Salary negotiations are commonplace and even expected in some industries nowadays. Obviously if you applied to a £21k job, there's no room for negotiation there. I'm assuming it was something like £19-28k based on experience.