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Best E-Commerce site for beginners

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Good Afternoon guys,


I am currently in the process in organising an E-Commerce site for myself, and after countless hours of researching my niche I am ready to proceed! The next step is building my website, so I have a few questions I need to ask. Just to fill you guys in as well, ive been doing work on TeamTreehouse and I am getting to grips with HTML and CSS, but I can always top up on other sections if needs be. The questions I need to ask are:


  • What is the best platform to build this Ecommerce site on? Shopify? etc...
  • How complex can it be?

Any advice would be much appreciated :)


Many Thanks,



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There is no "best"platform since different ecommerce systems cater for different needs and abilities, though Shopify is a decent choice if you want to use a hosted solution and are selling generalised products.


Before deciding what platform will work best for you I recommend drawing up a list of requirements and see which system best fist your needs. There are literally 100's of systems to choose from.


Ecommerce can get very complicated, especially going down the DIY route, that's where 3rd party services like Shopify are helpful because they take care of it for you.

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Before deciding what platform will work best for you I recommend drawing up a list of requirements and see which system best fist your needs.


Can't agree more!


When I was evaluating an eCommerce platform for building out My Website, I spent a few hours knocking up a one-page requirements doc. It helped me identify which business outcomes were mandatory and which were optional. This really helped narrow down the field.


For example, I split my requirements into four stakeholder groups = photographers, customers, payment/receipts and reporting. Under each stakeholder, I had a business requirement, e.g. photographer must be able to sign up. Photographer must be able to upload images etc...




The non-mandatory requirements (like some of the backend reporting) I was happy not to have on Day 1 of launch and so I had tactical solutions in place (like a SQL query instead of a pretty webpage report). I just paid for the features that were mandatory for the basic operation of the business (as I had defined).


Over the years, the platform has been updated and ripped apart+rebuilt but I still use the same approach. So much cheaper paying for what you need for the immediate phase of rollout that you find yourself in now.


Hope that helps. Good luck!

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If you are a starter, research a lot. I am not a expertise in this field. But I know, e- commerce is a very big platform and its complexity depends on the size of your business. So you need a deep knowledge to start with.

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I have 10 years experience in e-commerece and have used all the major platforms professionally. I'm now a consultant to brands, and find that wanting a store with lots of 'complex' options and capabilities is where most go wrong in choosing what is best for them. 99% of the time people need simplicity, not complexity, they just don't necessarily know it until it's too late.

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