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  1. Good Afternoon guys, I am currently in the process in organising an E-Commerce site for myself, and after countless hours of researching my niche I am ready to proceed! The next step is building my website, so I have a few questions I need to ask. Just to fill you guys in as well, ive been doing work on TeamTreehouse and I am getting to grips with HTML and CSS, but I can always top up on other sections if needs be. The questions I need to ask are: What is the best platform to build this Ecommerce site on? Shopify? etc... How complex can it be? Any advice would be much appreciated Many Thanks, Jack
  2. Where to start

    Thank you TimW this has been really helpful. I am going to play around with a CMS like Joomla or WP to see how things go. Alternatively, I am into photography, building portfolios, music and generic creative activities. My mother is a Speech and Language therapist and she needs a website built and designed so I can imagine that will be my first project. If she has already bought a domain can I use that on any CMS? Cheers,
  3. Where to start

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your input
  4. Where to start

    Thank you for your advice I do appreciate it. Just one quick question, when 'building the sites' is that done on the CMS or do I need to do it on text editor and get some form of server to test it out? Thanks,
  5. Where to start

    Hi There, I have recently been doing Team Tree House courses and loving them. I am starting to pick up the basics of coding quickly therefore progressing at a fast pace. The only thing is that I want to start doing my own work, building some websites to practise etc... I am unsure as to where to start, what CMS to use etc... Could someone point me in the right direction please? Or give me some advice? That would be much appreciated Many Thanks,
  6. Best tools for web dev

    Hi there, I have recently been following a course on TeamTreeHouse learning about basic coding. I am currently using Workspace to input the codes and test on a server they have provided, but if I was to build a website off my own back can I still use Workspace? Or do I need to get a new text editor to input the code? If so does anyone have any recommendations/ or server recommendations on how to test websites whilst building them? Many Thanks,
  7. Hi there, I am web design newbie, I haven't had any experience in it whatsoever. It is something that is of interest to myself so I am after some guidance as to where to start, the tools to use, any guides to read etc.. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be brilliant Many Thanks, Jack