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  1. Buying new laptop

    I know your budget is $400 - $500 but could you afford a macbook pro? I'd reccomend this and they just keep on going.
  2. Client logo feedback

    Morning, i'm thinking, what was the brief? Have you spent "time" with the owner, to get to know him/her? I think you are onto something but something doesn't sit right with this, as a concept, it's decent but I'm concerned it's too much. Could there by a way to simplify this and make it "grab" your attention more. My eye focuses on the leafs on the first glance. I think the grey you have used, works best. The yellow seems a "misty" I can see why you've used it. Hope this helps..
  3. Feel your pain here! we are spending the day migrating away from them today! Such a shame.
  4. My skillset rarely meets employers wants.

    I'd agree. Don't do anything on eBay, unless you know how to "play the game" so to speak. Secondly, I've taken a look at your website and I can see why they have said what they have said. I look at potential staff all day long. I was taught a few old fashioned sayings "First impressions are a last impression" & " you won't get back the chance to make a first impression" Personally speaking, it seems to me you're simply not ready to work in the dev/designer world. All you've got is header, photo and some text. In black white and it's boring. This is YOUR chance to impress & i'm sorry to report your website doesn't
  5. Managed VPS Server

    Im really worried about TSO/Paragon with them recently being acquired. All their support has been outsourced and i used to have a reseller with them and I've got a few 100 domains with them and i've noticed the difference in support quality. Having to repeat yourself. etc.
  6. Managed VPS Server

    Morning all, I'm looking for recommendations for solid managed VPS provider. i'm in no urgent rush to move anything, if at all. Be interested to hear recommendations etc.
  7. I user a company called Blue Stone Insurance. Ask for Dan. ( £30 a month roughly, all the insurances you need and they are fab!
  8. which live chat is the best one?

    We use, zopim.com which is fantastic and 1 user is free.
  9. DMCA content protection

    Have a read through this. http://www.dmca.com/FAQ/What-is-a-DMCA-Takedown Should help, answer some questions.
  10. Not to dissimilar to us, it's a good chunk of money and we wouldn't want to loose it. If you want colo or even Dedi Box's Racksrv is where we are at currently.
  11. Some stock photos sites I've found

    Also, don't forget about: http://stocksnap.io great little website
  12. Oh, now that explains a lot! Makes sense, why the tech support has been outsourced.
  13. Are they? I thought they was owned by Paragon Internet Group? This is news to me.. if this is the case, ill be considering switching.
  14. Vida host/TSO are great, however, I can't help but feel, since they have had this all new/dancing DC, they have gone down hill a little in terms of their responses, its very generic and rushed and even first line, doesn't bother to read the question properly so you have to repeat yourself, which can get frustrating. It's a shame, they have outsourced their tech support..
  15. CRM system

    Morning, if a customer is asking for a CRM, my first port of call would be to visit them on site/have a meeting with the client to find out what they want and don't want from the system. I'd also be inclined to find out, what they are looking for it to do and then find out, if there is one off the shelf so to speak or is do you need to make one. Hope that help.