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  1. Moving Hosting

    i don't understand what is the problem ?
  2. Review this Landing Page?

    as a start i think you need to change the background
  3. it's an easy way just follow this steps
  4. A section for windows

    i think we need a section for windows
  5. Backup of WP site

    i use " updraftplus " it's plugin help you to take automatic backup
  6. I need a jquery slider

    i am still using www.bxslider.com , try it
  7. DMCA content protection

    i heard about " DMCA " and you can report any content is being used without your permission and they can get it down Do anyone know more about that
  8. Music while working

    i don't know why but i love to listen to yanni and beethoven while i'm working
  9. Increase Likes in facebook page

    how they can do that ??
  10. Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus

  11. Wordpress or Wix?

    i like wordpress it almost free and too much developers , that mean you will find help easy
  12. Backlinks

    Google Webmaster Tools
  13. Looking for a plugin?

    also , you can use CM Business Directory , Company Directory