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  1. mysql_fetch_array error

    I will Thank you both!
  2. mysql_fetch_array error

    The error has disappeard now and everything seems to work fine. Thanks I was not aware that this function was so ancient lol. I am just responsable for a site and it's all using these functions...
  3. mysql_fetch_array error

    Hi guys, I am really a beginner with PHP, so I need your help on this one. I get this error on one of my pages. Warning: mysql_fetch_array() [function.mysql-fetch-array]: The result type should be either MYSQL_NUM, MYSQL_ASSOC or MYSQL_BOTH. in /home/a8744633/public_html/pages/user_panel.php on line 9 Line 9 in that file is this: $account_info = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query('SELECT create_date, function, real_name FROM account WHERE login="'.$_SESSION['username'].'"'),0); What is the problem?
  4. My web design portfolio

    It looks really nice! Good work! I hope you fill up your portfolio
  5. How to implement a search function

    I was expecting a reply, but ,anyway, I found out that I can generate my playlists in XSPF (XML Shareable Playlist Format). So, you asked for XML, right? Would this work? http://pastebin.com/GrAuWaYz
  6. Hello Ollie and welcome to WDF! I wish you all the best and to became a good web-designer who builds awesome websites! I think the most useful tip I can give you is to start this thing called 'web-design' by building something you actually need. That's what got me into this domain and started my passion about it! I was in need of someone to code my webpages but no one offered, so I started myself to do that. At first I knew absolutely nothing, but google was basically the main tool to learn stuff. You may apply this concept for you for a personal website (with wordpress, exactly) while you're travelling and visiting gorgeous places, right? Also I recommend you this site: http://codecademy.com/ for the basics of whatever you like (i.e. HTML/CSS/JS). It has great courses for any programming language (I believe)! By the way, your name reminded me of the main character of the Arrow TV series, haha, that's cool!
  7. How to implement a search function

    The raw HTML VLC generates me is this: http://pastebin.com/JXg3eQF7. Does the first line make my HTML an XML document or something? I can generate only in HTML, XSPF, M3U and M3U8. I'll do some research to see if I can generate in other formats my playlists. Thank you! It works now! I'll have it as a back-up just in case (and also save it for further use).
  8. How to implement a search function

    I mean what if I want to search only through songs that have a length > 3 mins and start with letter E only in the Rock section? Is that possible? What about a particular sorting? By name, length? Seems to work there on the website, but I'm not able to click the HTML CSS JS boxes to see the code used. I refreshed the page, even the cookies, what's the problem?
  9. How to implement a search function

    THIS is so awesome!! Thank you so much! It works! What if I want to add a filter to this? Is it possible?
  10. How to implement a search function

    Hm, I think I did something wrong? I put the code on the page where I have all my songs indexed (this one) right after the <style></style> tags (which are right after the <body> tag), and you can see the result on the page I linked above. I type my search and the results don't appear, but the song list disappears. What did I do wrong?
  11. How to implement a search function

    I don't really know what a CMS is/does... I just googled it and I don't think I understood it in it's depth.
  12. How to implement a search function

    Thank you, I was aware of that method and I've already tryed it. It's effective, yet it's not what I had in mind because I wanted the search results to be generated/displayed on my site directly without iframes. But I don't know if it's possible
  13. How to implement a search function

    I'm trying it right now! Thanks for the tip! I'll try using PHP to do what I need now that I can work with it. You can click on my website link in the main post and then just click on one category shown there (eg. All Songs ) and there you go, that's what VLC generates me. You can do it without PHP?
  14. How to implement a search function

    Hi guys! I was playing with VLC Media Player's options and I created playlists in HTML based on my songs and an idea came into my mind. What if I'd implement a search function to search one or more keywords trough the html pages (to find a song)? I googled for it and all I got were some programs that work only in PHP and with servers, but I don't have such things. I'm hosting my test site (where I 'play', to say so) at a website that doesn't provide access to the necessary stuff to implement the function in any way I have seen while searching on google. My test site where I'd like to implement the function is this: http://alextests.pancakeapps.com/. You'll see that I managed to sort songs in a few categories. Then, another idea: what if I want to search a song in a particular category? Could I sort them alphabetically or some other way (ex. lenght) when the results are displayed? I'm sure there's a way to do this using Lucene, Solr, Sphider, etc, but (acording to what I understood) all these require server access and PHP support, while I can't even host PHP files (they just don't display themselves, it just pops up the .php file for download). Is there a way to do this with the things I can use? I mean, could this be done (even if not so complex) using my html pages and some scripts or something? By the way, this is just something I want to do for myself (searching a song) and yes, I know I can use Windows's search bar, but that's not the point. I'm curious if this could be done and how exactly. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid (I'm aware that this might not be possible), but I'm no 'web wizard' to know everything, and I figured out that (hopefully) here I might get some help form more people. If linking my website bothers any of the Mods or if I posted in the wrong section, they can delete/move this thread.
  15. Windows 10

    Wow! That site is awesome! Thanks a lot, it really helped me to look for what I needed!