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    Hey everyone, I'm a new member in this forum and I'm in just to develop my skills in design for web. Furthermore, I've been working on a website for about 2 weeks and it's almost done I just want you to criticize it and give me, guys, advices in order to make it perfect for a final project. Little description: This website is destined to manage a school store. In the first page the user have to enter his informations then the system detects if the user is an admin or a client. If it's an admin (which is the case in the following pictures) the user will be able to add members and remove them, add items and remove them and mention the locations that had been done (from database). I didn't design the client page because I think that I'm going with the same ideas even up there so I wanted to know if this design is appropriate to continue my work. My project is made in french but I can translate any option. Thank you guys!
  2. I have a boarder around an image, but when a caption is added underneath the image, I am after the boarder to encapsulate the caption. .php <div id="attachment_55" style="width: 810px" class="wp-caption aligncenter"><img class="wp-image-55 size-full" src="http://ithorizon.online/wp-content/uploads/britain-at-war.jpg" alt="britain at war" width="800" height="600" srcset="http://ithorizon.online/wp-content/uploads/britain-at-war.jpg 800w, http://ithorizon.online/wp-content/uploads/britain-at-war-300x225.jpg 300w, http://ithorizon.online/wp-content/uploads/britain-at-war-768x576.jpg 768w" sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px"><p class="wp-caption-text">Britain at War</p></div> .css /*-- image, video --*/ img, video { height: auto; /* maintain scaled height. */ max-width: 100%; /* width of container. */ } img.alignleft, img.alignright { float: none; margin: 0; } img.size-full { padding: .4rem .4rem .4rem .4rem; background-color: #fdf8f1; border: 1px solid #f8e4ca; border-radius: 4px; -webkit-box-shadow: 1px 2px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, .5); box-shadow: 1px 2px 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, .5); } /*-- image, video caption --*/ .wp-caption, .gallery-caption { color: #666; font-style: italic; margin-bottom: 1rem; /* margin before text */ max-width: 100%; } .wp-caption img[class*="wp-image-"] { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } .wp-caption .wp-caption-text { margin: 0; /* text padding */ } As you will notice, I am creating a WordPress theme. I am not sure if I have called up the all the right tags in CSS for the image and caption.
  3. Hi, I've got a PHP array menu of all folders of a directory which is ordered using the "Arraysortdate" value in each page folder's Json file instead of the folder names. I've basically got everything sorted now, just this one last thing that I realise I like to have. A previous/next page button on each page that takes the current page, matches it with the value in the all folders array, and links to the next/previous page in that array which is sorted like previously mentioned using the "Arraysortdate". My json files are structuted as follows: { "Arraysortdate": "2018-07-16-1", "Month": ["July 2018"], "Category": [ "testcat1", "testcat2" ] } Here is the PHP I'm using for grabbing all folders and ordering them using the Arraysortdate value for each: <?php // initial array containing the dirs $dirs = glob('*/posts/*', GLOB_ONLYDIR); // new array with date as key $dirinfo_arr = []; foreach ($dirs as $cdir) { // get post info from file $dirinfo_str = file_get_contents("$cdir/includes/post-info.json"); $dirinfo = json_decode($dirinfo_str, TRUE); // add current directory to the info array $dirinfo['dir'] = $cdir; // add current dir to new array where date is the key $dirinfo_arr[$dirinfo['Arraysortdate']] = $dirinfo; } // sort new array krsort($dirinfo_arr); ?> Using print_r to dump the array contents, this will return for an item with say the json data as above: Array ( [0] => 2018-07-16-1 [1] => Array ( [0] => July 2018 ) [2] => Array ( [0] => testcat1 [1] => testcat ) [3] => blog/posts/test-blog-post ) I use this after sorting the array to output as just the folder path for using in html: <?php // get current dir from new array foreach($dirinfo_arr as $key=>$dir) { $dirpath = $dir['dir']; ?> <!--HTML such as--> <a href="<?=$dirpath?>">text</a> <?php } ?>
  4. Hi guys, im working on a small project and need some help with bits and pieces (paid work ofc) if you would like to speak on skype please add me: willows420 Appreciate this is probably the wrong place to post this but didnt see a paid work thread, so what the heck, move if needed! W
  5. BrowserBugs

    Get curl details for current page.

    Hi, A bit stumped really. I'm trying get get a live test for given urls, mainly the url you're currently on. I've the following which works, but never on the page you're viewing, it just hangs so I'm missing something for sure; <?php function pageReport($var) { $ch = curl_init($var); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_VERBOSE, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 1); curl_exec($ch); $arry = curl_getinfo($ch); curl_close($ch); return $arry; } $wdf = pageReport('https://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/forum/95-server-side/'); print_r($wdf); // Works $other_page = pageReport('https://www.mydomain.co.uk/other-page.php'); print_r($other_page); // Works // However add the following and it goes squiffy... $this_page = pageReport('https://www.mydomain.co.uk/test.php'); // this is the page we're testing on print_r($this_page); ?> I'm sure it freaks due to some weird double connection on the current page? Any ideas around this? Cheers. Update: After much digging a few articles the best answer to what's happening; "Be aware that if you're issuing the CURL request to your own site, you're using the default session handler, and the page you're requesting via CURL uses the same session as the page that's generating the request, you'll run into a deadlock situation." stackoverflow. For me i'm still struggling, I've a cron approach I'm working on to generate for each page at set intervals and saving the array for inclusion; essentially running this page on it's own is fine for any urls on the site as it never tests self. It's a small site so not many to do, would rather a cleaner method if anyone has any ideas?
  6. Hello. I have a curious case of a missing footer. I needed to add a lot of text to a page so the page is very long. When I first started to develop the text the footer was still there but as more text was added the footer suddenly disappeared. I find this very strange and I would like the footer to come back. Here is the link. www.mala.co.uk/privacy If you have a look at the other pages you will see the footer I mention above. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I should have a question. We develop our e-shop and try to link the instagram feeds with our site (create a gallery of images on a certain hashtag). Despite the instafeedjs (it's jS, but maybe another alternative will be needed - PHP, for example), it worked good just for a specific ID. The problem is that I need photos from the entire instagram, which are filtered to a certain hastag eg #KFC. Does anyone have experience with it? Does anyone know how to do it? Or does anyone have a link where the information needed to look for it? We do not use any CMS due to bad experience, not only in our group, but in general. We write everything from base (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) Thank you very much in advance, any answer would help me. PS: Sry for my bad English :p :D
  8. I need to put a link in the footer and create a new privacy page for this website (www.mala.co.uk). The footer is in php and is pasted into the code of each page. What I have done is created a test server and I have copied all of the files via ftp to this new location so I can make the changes. What I have found is that the website does not display correctly and none of the CSS or PHP is showing. Even though all I have done is copy all the files from one place to another. I did not create the website and I am wondering if the previous developer has done something to stop it being amended or copied. I am somewhat a novice but though I would be able to make the simple changes. PLEASE HELP! Kind Regards...
  9. I’m very curious about this topic cause the definition of web designer is different from country to country, for example some countries define a web designer as a person who knows design and programing (Javascript and php etc). I wanna know where you are from and which language you need to be web designer like the following. Country : Japan Language: HTML,CSS,*JavaScript, *wordpress *As to JavaScript, you don’t have to know everything about it but at least how it works. Plus you basically just need to know how to customize jQuery. I really wanna know to what extent I should learn JS or php if I need to learn them as web designer in some countries. Thanks in advance for your help !
  10. GrahamUK33

    Page extensions

    Is it good to use page extensions in the URL such as .HTML .PHP Are there any Pros and Cons using/not using page extensions?
  11. Hi guys, I thought it would be cool to start a topic for people to share sites they find useful for their design/development processes. Here is a list of sites I find useful and/or use regularly: General Stuff: http://jsfiddle.net/ - Useful for JavaScript troubleshooting. Test your code and just play around with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. If you're looking for help with a piece of code, save your Fiddle and send it to someone else who can take a look at it You can also save revisions of your Fiddle to track your progress. http://pastebin.com/ - Useful for sharing code online. Useful for when you run in to a bit of trouble with some server-side code. Instead of pasting masses of lines inside a topic, paste your code in to pastebin and get someone to have a look at it for you http://jsonlint.com/ - JSON Validator http://paletton.com/ - Color Scheme Designer. See what colours complement each other etc. Useful stuff. http://www.lipsum.com/ - Lorem Ipsum - Useful for inserting dummy text in to your web pages. http://net.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/php/ - PHP tutorials, quizzes etc. They also do the same for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WordPress, ASP.NET to name a few. Really good site. Javascript: You Don't Know JavaScript - https://github.com/getify/You-Dont-Know-JS JavaScript scene https://medium.com/javascript-scene Webpack Asset bundler https://webpack.js.org/ Jest, Automated tests for JavaScript https://facebook.github.io/jest/ CSS: http://css3generator.com/ - Generate CSS3. Box Shadow, Border Radius etc. http://border-radius.com/ - Generate border radius quickly! http://www.javascripter.net/faq/hextorgb.htm - HEX to RGB conversion. http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/css/reset/ - CSS Reset Stylesheet. Resolve browser inconsistencies such as varying margins/padding. http://www.cssplay.co.uk - Lots of experiments with CSS, menus and layouts. CSS Wizardry: https://csswizardry.com/ Sass Guidelines https://sass-guidelin.es/ Responsive Design: http://www.getskeleton.com/ - Responsive Grid. Nebula - a framework built by WDF member, rbrtsmith: https://nebulaui.github.io/nebula/ Server-Side Coding: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/php-database-access-are-you-doing-it-correctly/ - How to connect to a database using PDO http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php - PHP manual for everything PHP! Form Validation (Client-Side): https://jqueryvalidation.org/ - (My preferred method) Simple to use. Include the necessary jQuery and Validation.js files. Simple usage example, call the function using $('#myForm').validate(); and add a class="required" to fields you want to validate Also allows you to create custom messages and make the validation more advanced! I hope these are useful! If anyone has any others to share, please do Lyndsey.
  12. Hi guys I've created a website which i would like to "wrap" in a members-only environment. I don't want to re-invest the wheel, but looking for a register page, login page, password reset, and all the links/instructions to hook it up to the remote server the website is currently on. Does anyone have any pointers for this type of thing? I've tried googling, but struggling tbh!
  13. I am a newly graduate developer and I really like to work on PHP. I have a good concept of core PHP and OOP in PHP. I was going to learn the framework now but the thing which make me hesitate about it is that I have seen many developers around the world are opposing PHP and saying that it is a bad language. So my question is should I learn PHP and if yes which framework should I learn first.
  14. Still working on the site My name is Elvis and I self taught how to create Web Sites. I learned how to programmate in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MYSQL, and it’s not so hard as it sound. I created ECODEWS- Elvis Code Web Sites to share with you my knowledge in web design and development. In my blog you can find a lot of useful information, tutorials, inspiration and news. http://www.ecodews.com
  15. rainland

    Technology overview

    Hello all, I'm planning on making a website, which will have a calculating web form in it. The form will have to do various basic mathematical tasks like multiplication and division for example. Also a very big plus for the form would be the possibility to save and load it (I'm thinking like either a database where you could save using a specific string and load by it or save as a xml file to the local computer or something). Now the qustion is what would be the best way of implementing this kind of site/tool? I know html5 and css and am fairly adept in C but everything else (javascript, php etc.) is unknown to me. Now, learning a new language will not be a problem because I will have lots of time to develop. I was thinking WordPress because of its ease of use and ive found this plugin but I am unsure of whether it will be able to have the save/load function. What do you guys think? How would you do this? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feel free to ask any additional questions if I've missed something. regards, rainland
  16. Ok, I have been using this method of keeping spam at bay on a number of client websites, and it works very well with a huge reduction in spam, and also a less front-end code for captcha.. (less code = faster load) How many times have you entered a captcha and got it wrong... frustrating, isnt it? This is the same for your website visitors, and your clients website visitors. Captcha is there to stop spammers from sending you a load of junk with their not-so-friendly spam-bots. This method can be used with or without a captcha, its really up to you how secure you want you for to be... personally, I find more people are willing to fill out a form when there is no captcha to tackle. Let start shall we.. First thing you need is a form... heres a nice simple one: <form method="post" action=""> <input type="text" name="your_name" value="" required /> <input type="email" name="your_email" value="" required /> <input type="submit" value="Send"/> </form> Ok, nothing different there... but wait, lets hide something in the form that we know your website visitors wont see, but the spam-bots will! We are now going to add another input, but using css we are going to hide it from plain view. <form method="post" action=""> <input type="text" name="your_name" value="" required /> <input type="email" name="your_email" value="" required /> <input style="display:none;" type="text" name="robots" value="" /> <input type="submit" value="Send"/> </form> So how does on earth does this stop spam you ask? well, it doesnt, but how you process the 'robots' field does. Lets take a look at how tha'ts done. Before we process our form, we need to check if the 'robots' field has been filled in... At the top of your page, or on the page you are going to process the form, add: <?php if($_POST['robots'] != '') { echo 'Sorry, we don\'t like spammers here!'; } else { // Process the the form } ?> So, what just happened? What we did is check to see if the 'robots' field is still empty, if its not, then a bot must have filled it in, so we tell them we don't like them very much. If the field is still empty, them it must have been a human who filled in the form, so we go ahead and process the form as normal. NOTE: This is a very simple version, if you intend to use this, please make sure you include proper checks when processing any form.
  17. Hi there, I am writing a website for a friend. The goal is to allow people to write and submit poetry to help with depression and anxiety, provide messages of hope and things like that. I have created most of the website, but one section has got me stumped. What I want to implement is an approval process, where submitted poetry is segregated until reviewed and approved, given the proliferation of online trolls around such things. What I want to achieve is to have a form where a piece is reviewed with radio button selections for "approve" or "delete", and this is where I have stalled. This is what I have created: review.php <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Soul's Fire - Review Submissions</title> </head> <body background="Images/background.png"> <center><img src="Images/heading.png"></center> <h1 align="center"><font color="#cc9900">Soul's Fire - Review Submissions</font></h1> <p align="center">Words go here</p> <?php error_reporting(E_ALL & ~(E_WARNING)); $dbconnect=mysqli_connect("","user","password","poems"); $result=mysqli_query($dbconnect, "SELECT * FROM submissions WHERE Approved='N' ORDER BY Time_Submit LIMIT 1"); if ($row=mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { echo "<form action='adddel.php' method='post'>\n"; echo "<div align='center'>\n"; echo "<table border=1 width='80%'>\n"; echo "<caption align='bottom'><p><input type='submit' name='AppDel' value='Submit Approval'></caption>\n"; echo "<tr><th width='10%'>Author</th><th width='15%'>Title</th><th width='15%'>Time Submitted</th><th width='*'>Entry</th></tr>\n"; do { printf("<tr><td align='center'>%s</td><td align='center'><b>%s</b></td><td align='center'>%s</td><td>%s</td></tr>\n", $row["Author"], $row["Title"], $row["Time_submit"], $row["Entry"]); } while ($row=mysqli_fetch_row($result)); echo "<tr><td colspan='4' align='center'><INPUT TYPE='radio' NAME='ConApprove' VALUE='Approve'>Approve Submission <br><INPUT TYPE='radio' NAME='ConApprove' VALUE='Delete'>Delete Submission</td></tr>\n"; echo "</table></div><br></form>\n"; echo "<p align='center'><a href='#top'>Back to Top</a></p>"; } else { echo "No entries to review."; } ?> <div align="center"> <A HREF="index.php">Return to the main page</A> </div> <h1 align="center"><font color="#cc9900">If you would like me to add content down here, let me know</font></h1> </body> </html> adddel.php <?php $error=""; $go=TRUE; $dbconnect=mysqli_connect("", "user", "password", "poems"); if(!$dbconnect) { die('Unable to connect to database.'); } $AppDel=$_POST["ConApprove"]; if($AppDel=="Approve") { $message .="This will approve the submission. Continue?\\n"; $ApproveSet=("UPDATE submissions SET Approved='Y' WHERE ID=$row['ID']"); } elseif($AppDel=="Delete") { $message .="This will delete the submission. Continue?\\n"; $ApproveSet=("DELETE FROM submissions WHERE ID=$row['ID']"); } else { $error .="Please select before continuing\\n"; $go=FALSE; } if($go==TRUE) { echo ("<script language='JavaScript'>message('$message');</script>"); mysqli_query($dbconnect, $ApproveSet) or die(mysqli_error()); echo "<A HREF='review.php'>Return to review page</A>\n"; } else { echo ("<script language='JavaScript'>alert('$error');</script>"); echo ("<script language='JavaScript'>javascript:history.go(-1)</script>"); } ?> But when I select any option I only receive an error message (see attachment). I am only just recently getting back into website design after about 15 years, so my knowledge is pretty archaic and rudimentary. I have created basic forms for this website, which work with no problem, but this one is probably too ambitious for my limited knowledge. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hello everyone! I'm new here! This is my first post! My name is Piotr, I love coding and design. I am a fulltime freelancer who creates WordPress web sites by building templates from scratch based on PSD projects. I also create PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript web pages without the WordPress platform. I can also build all kinds of JavaScript / WordPress plugins, sliders, etc. I hope someday you will need a programmer to implement some project. Thank you for your time. Below is a link to my portfolio on themeforest.net. https://themeforest.net/user/digitalcavalry/portfolio If necessary I can also show my newer projects. My freelancer.com profile: https://www.freelancer.com/u/pbcode.html If you think we can cooperate with the capabilities of this wonderful forum please contact me by PM. Best Regards, Piotr
  19. Hi, My first time back here in several years I think, hope everyone is OK!? I have (small) WordPress issue at the moment and just cannot find a solution. I know it is possible, as I have seen it done many times and am also following (or attempting to) this article here; https://www.bobz.co/filter-wordpress-posts-by-custom-taxonomy-term-with-ajax-and-pagination/#comment-4215 So, basically, looking at the attached screenshot we have a WordPress loop that loops through posts in a custom post type ('project'), outputting various data. Simple enough, no issues here. Below that, in a show/hide div (again, no problem here) I need to show a filter, whereby a user can select one, or multiple filters (custom taxonomy terms, 'projectcat') and have the loop update in real time, on the same page. This is where the issue is. Following the guide mentioned above, this is what I get (see doh.jpg). Something clearly isn't working here, and I've tried the default WordPress 'post' type, as well as my own custom post type. Has anybody here done this before? Can you point me in the right direction? Happy to provide code snippets etc. Thanks in advance!
  20. My website is responsive website, it is opening on every android mobile phone without any issue. My issue is when some one buy my freelancer product from my website, then he will select the checkout option, this check out option is not redirecting to payment gateway. This issue is reported in only Samsung On5 Pro model. But I have check other model is working fine. Could please suggest how to fix it.
  21. trixiemay

    PHP Simple Contact Form error

    I have a super simple form processor on my site but it keeps returning a 500 error. http://hayesint.co.nz/index.php/contact My form: <?phpif(isset($_POST['submit'])) { // CHANGE THE TWO LINES BELOW $email_to = "rob@finelinecreative.co.nz"; $email_subject = "Website Form"; } // validation expected data exists if(!isset($_POST['name']) || !isset($_POST['email']) || !isset($_POST['phone']) || !isset($_POST['message'])) { died('We are sorry, but there appears to be a problem with the form you submitted.'); } $name = $_POST['name']; // required $email = $_POST['email']; // required $telephone = $_POST['phone']; // not required $message = $_POST['message']; // not required } $email_message .= "Name: ".clean_string($name)."\n"; $email_message .= "Email: ".clean_string($email)."\n"; $email_message .= "Telephone: ".clean_string($telephone)."\n"; $email_message .= "Message: ".clean_string($message)."\n"; } // create email headers$headers = 'From: '.$email."\r\n".'Reply-To: '.$email."\r\n" .'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion();@mail($email_to, $email_subject, $email_message, $headers); header("Location: http://www.hayesint.co.nz/index.php/thanks"); } ?>[code] Anyone spot anything obvious?
  22. do you need in any time to make a business and dont know how you can make marketing for this business We are here to advice you how you can get started to build your business and make advertising to get more leads first of all you will need to build your website and make a design & development also you will need to creat Social media profiles
  23. I want to make a site where it will show one image to users at first. After clicking a button, it will display another image exactly on that same spot of previous image. The image displayed next cannot be the same with before so I dont think I can use 'random' function to call that next image. So, I plan somehow I want to make that site to show image with incrementing ID, like at first the site call the image I named Pic-1, then call image named Pic-2, Pic-3 and so on. I'm told that I can do that with PHP, but I'm still unclear about what to do. Thanks for any response btw.
  24. I'm interested in building a website similar to Fiverr. It would have similar options (a number of categories, sellers and buyers, no shipping, just digital transactions). So in general, a marketplace. I'm wondering where I should start? What do I do to begin with? Do I use websites like Wordpress, do I code from scratch (this is probably not a great idea since it would be very hard and would take a long time) or use built in function websites for online marketplaces? Also, how long would this take and can it be done by a team of 3 people with mediocre skills in web development? Thank you!
  25. Currently I’m in kind of trouble with a dificult question. In case of the next website a couple of things don’t work like they have to do: http://apen.org.ni/ I’m talking about the next things: – Parallex effect at the servicios pages don’t work anymore. Image is uploaded, and shows up in the media libary as well. – Black admin bar (in top of the screen) doesn’t show up. – Dynamic images (with css effect) don’t work. – Last posts (Últimas Noticias) don’t work anymore. This were also dynamic images with an hover effect. – On the page ‘Estrectura’ down there is a part of ‘Junta Directiva’ normally when you click on one of the names, more information will be shown. This part doesn’t work as well. – The header doesn’t scroll down anymore. So, it seems to be a fault in a code or something, because none of the dynamic things on the page works properly. This problem occurred without changing a thing. Somebody who can help me? I will be grateful