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  1. Did you change to Mac from Windows?

    If you changed to Mac from Windows, would you be kind enough to explain why, plus your thoughts on the whole concept, please? I'm quite curious about content creation in general and where any advantages might lie with regards to one OS or another for different people. This could be related to apps, OS style, hardware, visual preference, taste, psychology, etc,. Thanks.
  2. Looking for constructive criticism/feedback

    I like the site in general. It's interesting, too. The only off-putting thing for me is the blue, especially the top header, regardless of it being Newbury's colours, as you said. That blue kind of reminds me of the original default blue for url links, or that of a Bic pen. Each to their own of course. But the site is lovely and simple to use, and it's great for people wanting to know about Newbury, especially if it's their town, or they grew up there and moved away, etc. The sitemap won't be noticed by people, I don't think. People want to see the options they can click on or be informed or entertained by more obviously. I personally don't enjoy shopping much, but I found myself searching for shops. Maybe to get a feel or look at life from that normal street-life perspective. It's always interesting to see those kinds of photos for everyday life. Nicely done. It should be interesting to see how it develops. Living or moving away from home or the past has helped me to understand how important memories are, and it's great to look back fondly or proudly at places and times. So, I'm sure your site will have a deeper impact along the way for some folk. (Sorry if I reiterated what others said. I didn't read all of the posts. Just wanted to give my 2 cents.)
  3. What should I change, please?

    I've just lost that font on the main menu, plus I added a rounder font to the body so it doesn't clash (as much) with the font you guys don't like. It makes the main menu look a little more grown up. I hadn't realized just how bold the menu text was. I was so used to it. Only problem is the menu font is now much skinnier than the heading one..
  4. Website header project request

    Bring back Flash. It would have been so easy.
  5. What should I change, please?

    Thank you fisicx . I like and appreciate your logical feedback as always. I know that you're all about focusing on results, which is great. I bookmarked aerin.co.uk ages ago, and it has some great tips to focus on to guide people like me. Next. I'll think about the organization of everything. I think it's difficult for people to tear themselves away from a design layout. This is why working in a team is so great, where people offer recommendations from different instinctive perspectives. I don't aspire to be a web designer, but I envy design agency team members for this reason. Why bother? I enjoy keeping an eye on Windows related news for my personal interest. I like to share news which I and other people can use or enjoy for free right now, so I find myself only writing less than 1% of what I scan ever day. I would like to write more detailed and more deeply about stuff, if I can understand it, it's necessary and it interests me or could benefit others, yes. Of course time can be a factor, and more people visiting the site would boost that motivation and make me feel less like a nutty professor. Hence, why I keep trying to improve presentation and usability, more than writing or updating articles at the moment. Font. You and Jane B both mention the font, so thanks to both of you for that. (Seriously, politeness doesn't help at all with this stuff, so long as people know that they are trying to be helped.) There are so many fonts available, so I'll spend time trying to find a suitable one for this type of topic or content. I'm clearly challenged when it comes to design or making a design related decision. Actually, it will be nice if I can find one that is easier or quicker to load, too. (Google font's create FOUT in Edge when I use Google's recommended 1.6.26/webfont.js, but if I use 1.6.27 it mostly fixes Edge's FOUT but shows an error in Chrome's Dev tools. Whereas 1.6.28 (on GitHub only) fails both.) I apologize in advance if I keep updating this thread. I don't want to spam, but I would appreciate at least one channel to share feedback and constructive mentoring. So, regardless of me waffling here, please keep the criticism coming, and let me know what is good enough, too. Thanks a lot!
  6. What should I change, please?

    Cheers Jane . Feel free to recommend a font, if one pops up. Maybe the one I have is not manly enough for a female? I like it because it doesn't take itself so seriously, but yes, a better one would be nice. It should be about other people's first impressions, not mine, so thanks. As for being shy, a little bird told me that you haven't even added a photo to your profile. I only stalk a little.. I like the way you had to search. You just had to. I'm very flattered by that. Actually, was that last one a joke? I know my name is on every post which is normal, but it felt like too much self promotion for one's own blog, so I decreased the size of the name font. Regardless of my useless wit, thank you for your feedback.
  7. Would you please critique my site? It's just my personal space, and I'm hoping to get a few interactions along the way with people who are into the same kinds of things (computers, Windows, etc.). I want it to be presentable and respectable for a simple guy of my age, and of course usable. The regulars here know that I'm not a professional, and I simply work on my own site (no one else's). I'm also quite a minimalistic kind of person with minimal design skill, so things like colors (colours) are difficult for me to choose and commit to. Basically let me know what I should address and especially lose and change, please. (It's the holidays again, although they are coming to a close, so I'm spending quite a bit of time on the PC and happy to get things done.) In time, I intend to clean up and more efficiently write the code, especially the CSS. The search function is very basic, with about 300 manually typed in words or phrases, but I'm happy to work on it. The Search results presentation is a priority next, I think, but I'm having to learn a little PHP at the same time to do that. I haven't done much of any keyword work at all for SEO, so I have to find a good way to get keywords off the ground. I appreciate that most people here will hate the text scroller, so that's not a priority right now. I value your advice, and so thanks (and Happy New Year)! https://www.grantbarker.com Edit: I'm kind of a kid at heart, so if anything silly needs to be reined in, please don't hesitate to mention it as it will probably help keep me in check.
  8. Review: work in progress

    May I recommend Grammarly.com? It's a free online grammar service. (I personally need to use it. It's useful for punctuation, too.)
  9. Review: work in progress

    To be honest, no, it isn't so clear what to do, that's right. I was thinking more from a design standpoint to begin with, and then the guidance stuff for visitors and obvious steps or things to click on can be added.
  10. Review: work in progress

    Yes. It took me ages to see that there was another page to go to. (It wasn't my fault per se. I was thrown off by the spelling of assistant. (There's no e.)) The main site is very nice in my opinion. I like the simple but elegant colors and typography. It should serve you well, so long as people get past the splash screen, and your name is indeed Peter.. Nice job.
  11. I've just installed the 10-day trial of Affinity Designer today in my quest to replace my usage of Fireworks. Do you have any more thoughts on it? I should stop paying a monthly Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (just for a hobby) and just the usage of 2 or 3 apps. I'd also like profile options for saving images which the old FW can't offer.
  12. Thanks DaveP. Actually, I'm learning about some of this stuff just the past couple of days really. It hasn't been an issue before. I asked at the Adobe forums, which has taught me about color management in general. May I ask what color management ICC profile you have chosen? I'd like to go through my list of profiles and see if I can get FF3300 via Chrome as a basis for heading in the right direction for my monitor. Thanks.
  13. It's a conspiracy I tell you! I should check out my window.. (I'm using Snipaste as a colour picker.) If you guys are seeing FF0000 when you check yourselves in Chrome with your own colour picker, then I'm really hoping it's a setting which has changed on my PC in relation to how Chrome and Opera show colours.