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  1. Really? I didn't know any of that. Thanks. Interesting..
  2. I use Google and Bing Webmaster Tools each time I add a new page to my site. It's a no brainer if you want to tell the 2 largest search engines about your latest content. As others have said in this thread, you then resubmit the sitemap so that Google and Bing can find (and hopefully) index the new page. The Webmaster Tools help with other things too, related to Google Analytics or similar services.
  3. New project?

    If you are going to be passionate about the project, as BrowserBugs says, do something which interests you. That's the main way to authentically have the right energy to keep at it. If it is something which interests you or could serve someone like you, chances are that it will interest or serve others too. Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  4. Should I change hosts?

    Thank you, wesh.uk. Another useful response. It's good for me to learn about free SSL options nowadays. As a long-term customer, I'm surprised we are not informed about such things, but it is a business I suppose.. My target audience is mainly an English speaking audience I expect. iPage are located in India, I believe, and most of the time the service has been OK (up until this admittedly first world problem). Like I said, I'm only really on a hobby level. (I seriously need to start working on keywords to get more visitors or improve things.) I appreciate your input (and nublue's too). It's good to see which companies are out there. If and when I have to go back to the UK (from Japan), I could well change hosts if the feeling is right at the time. Thank you.
  5. Should I change hosts?

    Thank you very much, nublue. It's handy to learn more about this stuff. (They have since emailed me and told me it could take 4 - 12 hours..)
  6. Should I change hosts?

    I don't usually have any problems with my hosting company (ipage). However, since my renewal date of a couple of days ago, they made a mistake and renewed the SSL for the wrong domain (one which I don't use anymore). I started a support ticket to correct the issue and they still haven't fixed it for my site. So, my site has had no SSL for over 24 hours now. What would you do? (I have text chatted with them and they keep saying they are working on it, it's in the queue, etc.) This is a hobby for me. I don't usually complain or sweat the small stuff, but money is money and service should be service, I suppose. If this had been a commercial site with plenty of traffic, of course I would have made a fuss and moved already. Are there any technical or SEO disadvantages to changing hosts?
  7. Which do you prefer?

    I like it. It will be nice to see when it's up and running.
  8. Profile cover photos can now be added

    Thank you. Is there an ideal image pixel size for this?
  9. What should I change, please?

    Thanks Lm. That's good feedback. Much appreciated. I didn't know anything about Ajax search before, so I'll look into that further. What do you mean by structure for the meta descriptions and title tags? Could you be more specific with an example, please? (My old ROM pages seemed to be found easily enough by people, with the meta stuff as is for those pages.) I understand what you mean by Blog and News, thank you. Ideally, I want the News (News you can use) to be just stuff people can update, download, or enjoy right now (for free). The blog is more for other thoughts and things going forward. I realize the site needs work and UI structure, and I probably need design help from a pro, but I'm happy to keep building it from the content perspective, and thank you very much for your advice. Much appreciated. ps. (I like the look of the image on your profile. Is there an ideal image pixel size to choose for that?)
  10. Did you change to Mac from Windows?

    Thanks for the replies. Most of you are long-term Mac users, then. My boss has a beautiful iMac, and the display is lovely. I've been into Windows for many years, but when I look at his display, I realize that nothing really competes on the Windows display side apart from possibly the Microsoft Surface Studio, but underneath that is Windows 10 which doesn't look as pretty. I used to watch many video tutorials and almost always the instructor was using a Mac. I don't care to tinker with Windows like I used to, and I rarely game anymore. I want to do plenty of content creation going forward, and I think having a prettier display and environment would really help me to want to up my game and do things nicely. Or maybe it's just nice to change anyway. If Microsoft sold the Surface Studio monitor separately, I'd maybe give that a try (after saving a few pennies). I live in Japan on my own and don't expect to buy much stuff here. If I need to go back to the UK for my parents (who are getting old), then I'd have to get set up again, and I could well go Mac. Thanks
  11. Did you change to Mac from Windows?

    If you changed to Mac from Windows, would you be kind enough to explain why, plus your thoughts on the whole concept, please? I'm quite curious about content creation in general and where any advantages might lie with regards to one OS or another for different people. This could be related to apps, OS style, hardware, visual preference, taste, psychology, etc,. Thanks.
  12. Looking for constructive criticism/feedback

    I like the site in general. It's interesting, too. The only off-putting thing for me is the blue, especially the top header, regardless of it being Newbury's colours, as you said. That blue kind of reminds me of the original default blue for url links, or that of a Bic pen. Each to their own of course. But the site is lovely and simple to use, and it's great for people wanting to know about Newbury, especially if it's their town, or they grew up there and moved away, etc. The sitemap won't be noticed by people, I don't think. People want to see the options they can click on or be informed or entertained by more obviously. I personally don't enjoy shopping much, but I found myself searching for shops. Maybe to get a feel or look at life from that normal street-life perspective. It's always interesting to see those kinds of photos for everyday life. Nicely done. It should be interesting to see how it develops. Living or moving away from home or the past has helped me to understand how important memories are, and it's great to look back fondly or proudly at places and times. So, I'm sure your site will have a deeper impact along the way for some folk. (Sorry if I reiterated what others said. I didn't read all of the posts. Just wanted to give my 2 cents.)
  13. Better (with your profile photo)

  14. What should I change, please?

    I've just lost that font on the main menu, plus I added a rounder font to the body so it doesn't clash (as much) with the font you guys don't like. It makes the main menu look a little more grown up. I hadn't realized just how bold the menu text was. I was so used to it. Only problem is the menu font is now much skinnier than the heading one..
  15. Website header project request

    Bring back Flash. It would have been so easy.