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  1. Which CMS is better

    I'd pick Joomla
  2. Hello Everyone :)

    Im also new to this place. welcome Shahid Awan
  3. yeah, content does really matter in media marketing strategy
  4. It's possible. there are many tools available on the internet that help you deal with this! just do some search!
  5. My first computer

    This really reminds me of the old day
  6. Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    I dont even want to start lol
  7. New Personal Website Review

    Your site looks really great! Love the design!
  8. Talk from our technical architect

    Really interesting! just got a lot of useful information!
  9. Any disadvantages when using '&' instead of 'and'?

    no need to care about this. they have no difference
  10. Favourite snacks while working?

    I love nuts. Though they make me distracted while working
  11. Does a Freelancer REALLY need a website?

    I think it's necessary since it's a place that you can show your results and projects
  12. I want to develop a website.

    Spam detected lol
  13. Woohoo!

    even though I still didnt get anything done, still feel so good when hearing "ahhh finally fixed it/made it work/life is good"
  14. Music while working

    Scorpions and Metallica today
  15. Moan, Grumble, Whinge...

    need a hand?