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  1. Responsive configuration is the idea of adding to a site plan in a manner that helps the design to change as indicated by the client's PC screen determination. It influences design (counting menus), picture/feature size, and now even the measure of content you can see on a page as the program size is diminished. The outcome are locales that expect to keep the most critical components on screen and organized, regardless of the program size and introduction. There’s no text book approach to building the perfect responsive website, but by applying these responsive web design tips to your own project, you can go that much further to making a website mobile friendly. Make Clickable Areas 44px x 44px Test Your Responsive Design On Physical Mobile Devices Use web fonts for icons Take a Mobile First Approach to Your Responsive Web Design Give Special Thought to Your Responsive Navigation Above the Fold Isn’t So Important – Mobile Users Scroll Optimise Your Responsive Site For Speed There are a lot of benefits of the responsive website design.For more information you can read out from there:- https://www.thinsquare.com/responsive-web-design-services
  2. Designing is a process in which a designer is concerned with how a site looks and how the customers interact with it.And put the principle of design together to create a site to look great.Design is the act of planning and creating artistically and prepares a preliminary sketch of the form and function of something. Developing is an another process on the back-end of the website in which a developer concerned with programming and interactions on the pages and focuses on how a site works and how the customers get things done on it.Development makes that design functional. A developer will work within the design framework of a website and actually create the functional elements.
  3. Yes,Now a days blog comments is useful because it increase the different views of the visitors and discussion also.But the comments could be positive or negative but that should add some value to the post.The main benefit to build links via blog comments is "The link must have a genuine potential to generate traffic back to the blog".
  4. Basically sitemap is an XML file which contains the URLs of your individual web pages and in short is called a index page of your site.A Sitemap is usually used for the purpose to allow the search engine crawlers follow the links to all your individual webpages so that it would not miss out on anything.It is an necessary part of all websites.
  5. Social media is a place where lots of customers intract with many companies. You can follow these key point to increase positivity of your company: Setup company profile to all social websites like facebook,twiiter and google+. Ask reviews of the customers and quickly attand bad reviews. Engaging with customers and listening to what they’re saying. Make it easy for customers to review your business Check your online reputation. fight with negative reviews. https://www.thinsquare.com/blog/online-reputation-management-to-suppress-negative-feedback-and-protect-your-brand/ http://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/how-improve-your-online-reviews https://ww.deluxe.com/blog/generate-positive-online-reviews-boost-local-seo/
  6. Anyone use twiends?

    Yes,I am using Twiends and it play a best role to take the more likes from the twitter account,its really work to increase the no. of likes but only in the starting period.When I first began using Twiends, I did increase my Twitter friends literally by hundreds in the first weeks, but that was not necessarily what I should have done, as I soon learned by doing a bit more research regarding Twitter and promotion in general. However, if all you want is to get "low quality" followers just for the sake of having tons of followers,Twiends does deliver.
  7. OG tags

    OG stands for open Graph tag.It is a meta tag and always placed in between <head> part of the HTML doucument. Here is an example of the OG tag: <!-- Open Graph data --> <html> <head> ... <title>The Rock</title> <meta property="og:title" content="Title Here" /> <meta property="og:type" content="article" /> <meta property="og:url" content="http://www.example.com/" /> <meta property="og:image" content="http://example.com/image.jpg" /> <meta property="og:description" content="Description Here" /> ... </head> </html>
  8. Link building is the most challenging element of SEO. There are various types of activities which makes the more affective link building: Like: Delicious Link Prospecting. Steal Your Competitors Backlinks. Use Google Alerts For Link Reclamation. Link Building With Your Twitter Profile. Infographic submission sites. Reverse Image Search. Guest Blogging Hacks. Expert Round Ups.
  9. How to change facebook name to another name?

    It is a very simple process completed within a few steps. For changing the facebook account name to other name follow these steps: click in the top right of facebook and select account settings then click on general Look for the Name setting and click Edit to the far right. Type in your name and save your changes.
  10. IF anyone know about any techniques then discuss with us,And Share your ideas on this topic.
  11. I want to know how to use canonical tag and why we use it on all web pages. Please let me know the procedure too so i could implement on my website.
  12. Many people expert in SEO are using wordpress plugins for conetnt marketing and if they are using then plugins are working fine.Yoast.com's Joost de Valk selling wordpress plugins and you are saying, it will increase bounce rate.
  13. I have read many articles on content marketing and all have shared common techniques,but i found a article on content marketing which i want to share with you : https://www.thinsqua...tent-marketing/ And let me know if you have more techniques to make content marketing more effective"?
  14. If anyone know then tell me about Google’s algorithm updates and how google search millions of words from the databases? Which type of seaching technique is used by this ?
  15. Global link popularity and local link popularity both are the ranking factors. Global Link Popularity is the total link authority of a site based on all links pointing to the site from anywhere on the web and encompassing both link quality and link quantity, And it covers every part of the global like optimizing for google.com whereas Local Link Popularity means targeting your site to a specific Geographical location like targeting optimization for google.co.uk.