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  1. There is a slight exception to that - if people follow you on Google+, they are more likely to see links belonging to you or that you've endorsed.
  2. Best hacking/tech themed TV shows and films?

    I hate it when things get cancelled. Does it finish on a cliffhanger?
  3. Not sure why you would 'start' using Fireworks now, when it's been discontinued. If you were already using it and loved it, that's a bit different.
  4. I used BBC computers occasionally, but the first computer I owned myself ran Windows '98 Now I use Windows 10, MacOS Sierra, and Nougat
  5. Whats your thoughts on PHP 7?

    Great outline, thanks! I have to say I've really noticed the speed differences. Makes life a lot easier.
  6. website penalized

    Are you saying you already have a penalty? If so, what type of penalty is it?
  7. Where To Buy A PC

    Are you looking for somewhere in Reading? Might be easier if you 100% want to buy from a small firm.
  8. Favourite snacks while working?

    Have to say with this weather recently, it's been ice cream for me!
  9. You do need to pick a good niche; if you're trying to appeal to parrot lovers in Scarborough who are also gluten free, you're going to have a hard time (spoilers!) If you try to appeal to everyone you're going to appeal to no one. Plus you just end up with clients who want to pay the least possible, because that's the only way they know how to differentiate you from the competition. If conservation websites don't have any money, how about something related to that? Maybe something in a gardening-related field? If you use an agency for contract work and have a watertight contract with the client, you shouldn't have an issue getting paid in most cases. Especially if you have a late fees clause.
  10. From your portfolio there's no clear niche (unless I'm missing something). The best way to get work is to target a specific market, then people will begin to be referred to you and come to you rather than you having to chase every job and only getting budget projects. What are your strengths and what do you enjoy? E.g. making ecommerce sites for small businesses: build your business around that. Or perhaps the networking events that you've been going to - go to some grassroots marketing or SEO ones where marketing freelancers and consultants are looking for people to build them sites and there's no competition or conflict of interest. Show them some sites you've done that are in line with what they're looking for, even if you've just made mockups. Any virtual office space in your area? Ask if you can drop some business cards or if they'll send an email round offering your services at an exclusive discount. Would also suggest getting on the books of agencies that specialise in contract work and freelancers. They can help you hunt for short term work too and it's a nice way to get big names as social proof.
  11. Looks pretty snazzy! More info here: https://community.unsplash.com/developersblog/the-unsplash-api-is-now-open-free
  12. Hi Everyone!

    Well that avatar looks...familiar.
  13. PHP Contact Script - How to stop spam?

    I use http://jemsmailform.com/ and it's really good for not letting spam through. Might be worth having a look at the code, if not just using it.
  14. Bit of a rant

    It's so crazy, and I know he's doing well with his business. To him the difference is a couple of McDonald's in a year. Never mind, lesson learned!
  15. Bit of a rant

    Good point. I never even thought of that. Wish he'd gone to the hosting company though instead of me! Made him a website months ago, not currently working with him.