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  1. The video is not available now!
  2. shumicpi

    Twitter tool for finding active users

    Though I have not used it but you can give a try to this website https://manageflitter.com/
  3. shumicpi

    Free stock photos

    Thank you for sharing these photos here, I guess I am going to use first two of the photos!
  4. I think as long as those images are available to use with the permission of respective photographers, it would not be considered as a copyright issue.
  5. Your website is looking good. But I think if you could have added some of the sample pictures on your homepage then it would be great!
  6. I want to start a new campaign on my Google Adwords account, but bit confused about the selection of perfect keywords. We are providing website image optimization services and have landing page Can anyone suggest some potential keywords for my Adwords campaign which will be for the clients who wants image optimization service for their website.
  7. shumicpi

    Website Review

    I have just checked out your website and its looking good. I just want to suggest you to change the text in black color as its not looking good in your header.
  8. shumicpi


    I guess nobody can give you perfect advice for such generic question! You should have to be very specific on your requirement.
  9. shumicpi

    Website from Image

    You can make a layout for your website in Photoshop but then you have convert it to HTML/CSS file for using it. And for the link section you have to do it through coding!
  10. shumicpi

    Going freelance

    First you have to decide, which kind of task you are wishing to do as a freelancer. If you are experienced and good enough on your selected job then you should make a profile in a freelancing website like Upwork. You have to bid there with cover letter to get any job, if any client like you then you will get that job.
  11. shumicpi

    best free image hosting

    Your website is looking good and thank you for sharing your website.
  12. By opening the PDF file there?
  13. shumicpi


    Hello and welcome to this forum, hope you will get all kinds of suggestions and help from here.
  14. If you are trying to buy your products through Pinterest then just follow the guidelines mentioned here - http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/pinterest-marketing-tips/
  15. shumicpi

    Creative Logo Design Feedback

    I guess a logo should represent a brand and it does not require to write any slogan on it, simple and short designed logo is always preferred by all.