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This is my first website don't be too hard with me. I'm posting it here because I wanna know your opinion to improve.


Web Site - http://ecodews.com

Youtube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVzj863ksfs


I'm planing to improve it and make available for download.

Its created by html, css, php, little bit javascript this is my week part






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Hello Elvis :D

Welcome to WDF.

Here are some suggestions for improvements:


Serious markup errors.

  • You have no doctype declaration
  • You have no <html> element
  • You have an (extra) <head> element in the end of the body element.
  • Your first <head> element (you can only have one) is missing a (very important) title tag
  • Your home page has 4 <h1> elements. A page should only have one top level heading



  • You are mostly using IDs as CSS selectors, that is bad practice and makes it imposible to reuse any styles
  • I understand that you are working on the page now, but when you are done try to minify your CSS and merge it into a single file for better performance.


  • You have some blocking script tags in your (first) head element, try to move them down to before the closing body tag so the browser can load and start to render the content while the scripts are loading.
  • Use a minified version of jQuery instead
  • I get that you are using the CKEditor WYSIWYG for the backend but why on earth would you have your visitors load the ckeditor script when they are on the front end?
Edited by Nillervision

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Yes, there some English spelling mistakes. Try to solve this probem as it catches the eye. In general, your site looks good. What did you use for building it? I'm interested because I'm going to create my own website. Recently I have been suggested to try the illustration wordpress themes on https://www.templatemonster.com/category/art-wordpress-themes/, but I haven't decided yet. As I'm not a professional and don't have much experience, I think it is fine for me to have some doubts :)

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I use HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT as text editor I use ATOM. If you are interested maybe I can help you with your websites. Contact me admin@ecodews.com. Currently doing small google course Digital I would offer it to everybody who starts his website as its free https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage.


Or maybe you could learn a bit more before trying to help others? You still have errors that were pointed out to you by @@Nillervision a long time ago.

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Hello my name is Elvis and I’m part time Web Developer. I’m ready to help small companies or just a person who need website ,portfolio … I been increasing my knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. If you are searching for somebody who could create a WebSite For FREE fell free to Contact Me.


Hello, my name is Elvis and I’m a part-time Web Developer. I’m ready to help small companies, or just a person who needs a website, portfolio, etc.
I have been increasing my knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. If you are looking for somebody who could create a website for FREE, feel free to contact me.


(In case this helps)

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