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  1. I appriciate your posts! I decided on using the Hugo (gohugo.io) static site generator - I've spent the last 24 hours trying it and I'm SUPER impressed! I think it's ideal for a site like mine that is quite static.
  2. I have used Wordpress for almost 10 years. It surprises me how little it has changed, I feel Wordpress is now moving towards being outdated and is bulky for today's web. Many of the themes I see look like they were designed for the web 10 years ago. I am working on a new site and I'm wondering if there are any better alternatives for 2017? The site I'm wanting to create will be static but will be built out over a few years (starting small but eventually ending up at around 200 pages). The content is evergreen, not blog posts. I'm only really familiar with HTML/CSS so don't want anything to complicated. Ideally I'm looking for a solution I can manage myself, has good themes/templates and is fast. I just wondered what you guys would recommend for my situation?