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  1. Can't find right CSS property

    Thanks guys, I never realised I was able to use something like input[type=X] in CSS. It disappoints me to hear that this theme is a mess, I really like it and it fits my project really well. I'm not sure if I could do it better to be honest, but I would probably try to keep it as minimalistic as possible as far as the code goes. I don't have time to redo the whole thing so I guess I'll leave it like this for now, eventually in the future I might try to copy the theme's design and re-do it step by step. *cries*
  2. Hi everyone, I noticed on my website that the input field for the Newsletter (where you enter your email) and the submit button aren't in one line. My site is a Wordpress site and I use a theme I modified myself. (child theme) I can't find the property that controls this, I believe it has something to do with padding being added to one but not to the other and therefore them not being on the same height. I tried to modify some stuff and add new things in the child theme CSS, but no luck. I was hoping someone could find it for me. These Wordpress sites also often have stuff overwriting each other, so it's quite confusing. Well, thank you!!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm sure some of you work with Sketchbook Pro, I just got it recently and was wondering a thing. I love this perspective mode, and basically I would like to draw on top of photos, I would like to "re-draw" photos if you see what I mean. I want to do this with perspective mode because it's fun and all lines etc. are straight and clean. When I import a photo in Sketchbook and turn on perspective mode, how do I choose the perspective points that so what I will draw will fit the photo I imported? How do I find the right points on the horizon? Thank you!
  4. PhotoShop – is this a scam?

    But wouldn't that mean I have someone else's serial number then? That sounds like it could lead to serious problems. I believe Adobe wouldn't provide any time of support in case I had such a copy.
  5. PhotoShop – is this a scam?

    Yeah, good points, I just asked that. He guarantees it's 100% a legal license. Is there a difference between CS6 and CS6 Extended BTW, or is there only a CS6 Extended anyway?
  6. PhotoShop – is this a scam?

    So there's actually a chance it may be real. I sent the seller a message, he said it's a legal copy and a direct download from the Adobe website. If I pay with PayPal, nothing can happen really I believe. I thought it may be so cheap because CS6 doesn't exist for sale anymore, but then again that wouldn't necessarily make it cheaper on the market.
  7. I'm considering buying PhotoShop CS6, but I was wondering if someone can tell me if this here is a scam: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adobe-Photoshop-CS6-32-64-Bit-Full-Version-With-Key-Official-Download-MAC-/272664975805?hash=item3f7c1959bd:g:BS0AAOSwuLZY6JtV http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adobe-Photoshop-CS6-For-Mac-with-Serial-Download-Official-Version-/252921954655?hash=item3ae352c15f:g:hh0AAOSwY3BZDPZ1 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adobe-Photoshop-CS6-32-64-Bit-Full-Version-With-Key-Official-Download-MAC-/252929504314?hash=item3ae3c5f43a:g:RiMAAOSwPh5ZEkpj http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adobe-Photoshop-CS6-32-64-Bit-Full-Version-With-Key-Official-Download-PC-MAC-/172600637576?hash=item282fccb888:g:oBoAAOSwkShY-fNT The last one says 397 sold already. But could still be a scam. Looks very much like it, but then again, nothing can really happen on eBay, the worst that can happen is that I'll get my money back. It's just that PhotoShop usually costs so much more. What do you think?
  8. Basically, I'd like to be able to easily snap to a grid when drawing (I want to draw mathematical stuff) and I want to be able to easy move the points (for example the points of a line that I drew, the points would be the start of the line and the end of it) and move these points to another point on the grid. Is there anything that does that for MAC?
  9. Hi, for those of you who live in an old city or town, you may have noticed that the buildings that surround you have ornaments on their facade. Sometimes, there ornaments have been removed with the time. I'd like to showcase what these buildings would look like with their ornaments again. I found this great example online: The house in post-war design: And the same home reconstructed the way it probably looked like around 1900: So basically, I would be taking photos of houses, and on top of these photos, I'd like to draw these ornaments again. I would just draw the whole house on another layer on top of the photo, and then add the ornaments, meaning I wouldn't just add the ornaments, but I'd actually "copy" the whole house. So that in the end, I'd have something that looks like a drawing of the entire house (with its ornaments). What kind of software do you recommend for that? I also have a small drawing tablet. It's not very good and I never managed to draw straight lines. But I'd like my drawings to be really clean. I have no idea how I could draw straight lines with the mouse or my drawing table. Any recommendation? Thank you very much
  10. PayPal question

    Hello everyone, I have a question concerning PayPal. I have set up a PayPal "Donate" button on my site. The money is being sent to an email address that is donate@mydomain.com. But basically, I just added that email address to my existing (private) PayPal account. The main email address of that account is another email address, which is my private one, and there's plenty of private information linked to that account, like my full name, the address here I live, etc. I was wondering if people could see these informations when they would donate money to the addition donate@mydomain.com email address, or if all of these informations were kept private? The thing is, I don't want any of these informations shared – not even my full name. I'd rather have the name of the site as my "name". Do you think I should create a new PayPal account, just for this? That would be a bit annoying as I'd like to have it all in the same place, plus, I don't except many donations, so for these small amounts, it would really prefer to have only one account. Thanks
  11. Thanks for your responses everyone! I unterstand that traffic is important. I don't have the traffic yet, for a simple reason: My site isn't open to the public yet. Let me explain the background. My site is about benchmarking a certain software, for music production, on specific computers. There's a site online where people compare their benchmark scores, but the way they're measured is … scientifically not very "correct" and it's also a thread over hundred pages, making it difficult to find out specific scores for that software on specific computers. My site has a graph where scores are displayed, and users can submit their scores easily. It's a bit like Geekbench if you want. Very similar concept actually. Now, there's companies that make software plugins for that software and these computers I'm benchmarking. And the people who will be using my site (or who are currently using that thread on that forum) are the same people who buy those plugins. My site is online and basically finished. Last thing I'm thinking of was to send these emails. I wanted to do that because I thought if the ads are already online when I make a big hype around the "opening" of the site, it might be more interesting for these companies to have their ads on their from the start. The forum and the thread I talked about has enormous traffic, and people will prefer submitting their scores to my site than writing them down in the thread. (there was a similar project before and people were disappointed when the chart with the scores wasn't updated anymore – that's why mine works automatically now, or let's say it's the users that make it work). So I expect it to run rather well. And I expect lots of people watching it at the start especially. Do you think that's still not interesting for these companies, to have their ads on their from the start? Basically, the forum I'm talking about has a lot of traffic. Now I need to prove that I'll get the traffic that this specific thread is getting.
  12. I have built a site and I am hoping to have ads from specific companies on my site. The site is very specialised, and it's all a quite small 'social circle' all over the world, but long story short, there's a lot of (specific) companies that I could imagine having their ads on my site, you could say there couldn't be a better place for them. But I just don't know how to send them an Email, or how to write it, how to phrase it all. I won't need to persuade them that having ads on my site will be useful for them, so wouldn't mention anything in that direction. I was just thinking of sending simple emails saying, hey, here's my site, would you be interested in having your ad displayed there, etc. Also, any other things I need to think of? Like, my mails landing in the spam folder or something? One thing I'm thinking of also is how to not get my mail deleted or put to the trash right away without having even read it. Anyone done something similar already? What are your experiences?
  13. Thanks guys I managed to remove them. I followed Bitpalace's advice and added style="border: 0px transparent" to each <table>, <td> and <tr>. In fact it worked. But I thought that was nasty haha. So I added a class to each of them, and added the border specifications in the stylesheet. Suddenly, it didn't work anymore. I added !important, and now it works. So apparently there's some conflicts here with some existing settings. Should I leave it like this now, or is that still "nasty"? Any risks that it may not appear like this in other browsers?
  14. Fixed background in Emails

    Haven't seen anything like that either, but it would be a damn cool effect! Hopefully something to see in the future. My effect didn't work in Mail for Mac, nor did it work in Mail for iPad.
  15. Fixed background in Emails

    Hi, I love it when you have a fixed background somewhere and you scroll the page up or down and you see this difference in "layers" basically, some moving, some not moving, it's a nice contrast. But I was wondering if it's possible to achieve this effect in emails? I just designed an HTML page for newsletters. I tested it in Safari, or actually, I used Safari to work on it as well, and this scroll / fixed effect looked really nice. I then tried to send the newsletter by mail to see what it would look like, and the effect got lost. Discuss please!