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  1. Sleep disruption

    This has gone past the point of amusing and is becoming a serious problem for me... I wonder if anyone else on here suffers from the same issue. I have dreams involving code problems (this happens with similar logic/math problems too... so recently, balancing chemical equations and algebra) and constantly wake up attempting to solve them. They usually actually make little sense, so it's not exactly useful Is this common amongst the coding community?
  2. Picking up old projects and question about bugs

    I'm not sure I have a sentimental reason to learn Python so might go with that. I have no idea whether it can interact with databases, though.
  3. Picking up old projects and question about bugs

    Jack, Thank you for the reply. It's good to hear PHP is still in use (and that I didn't waste all that time learning it) I'm not actually planning on starting a business; my interest (and project) is entirely personal.The project is a calorie and nutrition tracking application - those that currently exist lack many features (for free, anyway) that my husband and I want and have far too many we don't. It was fun to make while I was working on it, too - hopefully it will be again, but right now it seems very daunting. It uses PHP and MYSQL, however I do suspect different languages/systems might have been more appropriate as it is intended for offline use anyway, and I'd like to make it into an application I can use on my phone. I didn't know whether C(#?++?) might actually be better, or Python, or something else... Also, I can't get the latest (or probably anywhere near that now) version of MYSQL on my laptop since upgrading to a newer version of Ubuntu.
  4. I started a large (for me... probably not large for more experienced people) project back in 2016 and family issues resulted in me essentially not doing any coding again until quite recently. I'm no longer looking for a career in web development, but it seems a massive waste to just forget everything I learned, and this project (application, I suppose, maybe?), when completed, will be very useful for me. So I'd like to finish it. However, despite plenty of comments and it being fairy well organised, I just don't know where to start with it. It's not finished, it's lacking additional features I wanted to add, and the aesthetic design hasn't even been started. It's pretty daunting Does anyone have any tips on picking up old projects? I'm also particularly keen to know whether people think it's better to finish implementing all the essential features, or make sure everything so far is bug-free. On a similar note, a friend told me his friend, who apparently has some sort of coding background, says PHP isn't really used anymore. Is this true?
  5. Interesting observation...

    Yeah, but this is a massive spike since the domain expired. I believe it happened with the previous domain I allowed to expire, too. Seems a bit weird. Bearing in mind neither domain had whois privacy protection or anything.
  6. Interesting observation...

    ...After letting a domain expire I've suddenly started getting about 10 spam emails a day about it (SEO, logo design, etc)! Anyone else had this issue?
  7. Certain bank website I've been visiting lately has decided to hide their entire menu on page load. Struggling to understand the reasoning behind that, though it probably has something to do with mobiles. Interestingly, if you refresh it appears properly. Fun times - especially when you're in a hurry and needing to check your balance.
  8. Thanks, Teodora, I shall check those out I'm sorry your partner is going through the same thing. Thank you for the kind words, it does mean a lot.
  9. To put it shortly, my (21-year-old) brother-in-law is in the final stages of cancer. I love him just like a blood related brother, and the whole situation is terrifying and depressing. So, getting work is on hold and I'm seeing him as often as I can, while trying to take on a lot of household chores for my parents-in-law. Also spending time with my husband, as it is his brother, and this is, as you'd expect, very hard on him too. So... I still want to practice, keep up my skills. I was thinking about re-doing codeacademy lessons. Any other ideas? Bearing in mind I don't have a lot of time to work with.
  10. How can this php/html be separated more?

    The PHP code and the HTML label/input elements
  11. How can this php/html be separated more?

    I considered that, but then you're putting html into php code, which I thought was considered bad practice?
  12. I have this code inside a form: <?php foreach ($nutrients['core'] as $nutrient) { ?> <label><?php output_nutrient_label($nutrient); ?><input type="number" step="0.1" name="<?php echo $nutrient; ?>" value="<?php output($form_vals[$nutrient], 2); ?>" required></label> <?php } ?> <fieldset> <legend>Others:</legend> <?php foreach ($nutrients['optional'] as $nutrient) { if (isset($user_prefs["show_" . $nutrient])) { ?> <label><?php output_nutrient_label($nutrient); ?><input type="number" step="0.1" name="<?php echo $nutrient; ?>" value="<?php output($form_vals[$nutrient], 2); ?>" required></label> <?php }} ?> </fieldset> I'm looking for suggestions on how to separate it out more? I've been using functions to output the html in other places, but I'm not sure that this is best practice as you have to go into the functions file to edit the html code for the fields - to add classes, change 'step' property and so on...
  13. Small UX question

    Hope this is the right place to put this. I'm creating a sort of food diary browser app. My question is relating to the user's ability to move entries from their original position to a different date. On completion, would it be preferable to keep the user on the page they were on, or redirect to the page they have moved the item to? From personal experience I'd rather stay on the same page, but obviously I can't just base it on what I prefer.
  14. Ooh, I have a new one. Just visited a forum that actually took away my browser's default search (you know, ctrl-f) and replaced it with their own. It didn't even work properly. I've downloaded YesScript recently though, which helps with these things. Shouldn't be necessary... And yes, those popups are so annoying. Morrisons is bad for that...
  15. What OS do you prefer?

    TimW - Well, if you hate it that much, why stay with it? You should use an OS you like and find easy to use. Personally, I disagree. I only had issues with setting up lamp while trying to store the websites in a shared folder for use in a dual linux/windows setup. That was a nightmare - are you doing something like that? Have you tried Sublime? I hate to say it, but you should probably research the lines you put in, then, and try to understand them. What background? I just started messing around with computers at 13 and never stopped... haven't been to university or had any jobs in programming, if that's what you're thinking. Didn't touch the command line for many years. Anyway, I'm sorry you don't like the command line - there's often a way around using it though, if you want to. Switch back, then? Honestly, it's silly using an OS you struggle with (and really seem to dislike).