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  1. You can use things like Phone Gap, Apache Cordova, Ionic and React Native to make apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript that work fine both on Android and iOS and can use native functionality like the camera, phone etc. All of the above with the exception of React Native get compiled down into a Webview app, which is basically an app with a browser window which loads the HTML/CSS/Javascript as a website. Reactive Native gets compiled down to Android and iOS apps written in their own native code.
  2. jpeters8889

    og tags and twitter card meta

    You can 'debug' both of them on the respective sites, I find that when I post a new article or update the image I need to force both to scrape again a couple of times to get the latest information. Have a look at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/ (Just put the url in the input box and press debug, on the next page you may need to press scrape again once of twice)and for twitter https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator
  3. Change your <ol> to <ol style="list-style-type:lower-roman;"> or create a class in the CSS for your <ol> and place the css there. <ol class="roman-ol"> Then in your CSS ol.roman-ol { list-style-type:lower-roman; }
  4. jpeters8889

    What kind of mobile phone do you use?

    I've got a windows 10 acer laptop at home, and at work all but three of the 12 people on the development team use windows 10 (The rest use Mac) but in the design team most if not all of them use Mac's. I've got a Samsung S6, but when my contract is up later this year I'm considering moving to Google Pixel 2, but I need to research it and compare properly closer too! Personally, I'm not a fan of Apple products, I've used iPhones, iPads and Mac's for testing things, and I've not liked them at all, from the UI to to the feel to the functionality, I didn't like anything about them!
  5. Thanks I'm not based in Manchester, but a bit down the road in Cheshire and currently working in Stoke on Trent, which is a little easier to get to than Manchester. I've always done both front end and back end, while I was self employed I was doing everything by myself, from meetings, concepts, and the actual build, maintenance, and creating and looking after a server for all the projects, but thats another story! I think deep down I've always preferred back end, and my role here is classed as a PHP Developer, but since learning Javascript I've been really enjoying that too, even if the stuff I have been doing is limited to DOM manipulation and AJAX requests (Though I did write a web view app via Cordova using HTML5 and Javascript last year) The company I work for have got a business subscription on Udemy and I've been doing their courses in my spare time, I've nearly finished one on ES6 and I've got a React and Redux one lined up afterwards as React is something I'd like to learn, I took a free course on it on Code Academy a few months ago.
  6. I've been into web design since I was 13 (I'm 29 later this year) and completely self taught, I went from just messing about with HTML and CSS as a teenager to learning PHP and MySQL in my late teens and in the past few years teaching myself Javascript, and OOP PHP, but until just a couple of months ago, I didn't actually have a job in the field I love. After I left college in 2009 I got a job in marketing, but got made redundant just under a year later and struggled to get another job, I was wanting to turn my hobby of web design into a career, after a couple of years of suffering depression, applying for jobs and never hearing back, boredom after leaving college, I eventually lost touch with web design and when I finally came back into it a couple of years later in 2013 I was miles behind, I didn't know a thing about responsiveness, mobile first, the methods I'd always used were out of date, software no longer seen as industry standard, so I spent a few months learning to get back in the game, taught myself responsiveness and mobile first even if it seemed backwards to start with, I started looking for work around my local area, but due to lack of experience and not being able to drive most of the jobs were a good hour to an hour and a half away on public transport, and despite getting a few interviews, I never got a job. In the end, after encouragement from my family and partner I decided to go self employed, and I learned loads even if in the end it didn't pay off, over the course of 2 and half years I had about 10 customers, sure on pay day it was more money then I'd ever seen before, but in between that I was living on tax credits from the government, fortunately I still lived at home at this point or with my future in-laws. Fast forward to this past November, me and my fiancee were talking about how we want to get our own place, but one of us would need a full time job, and logically it made sense for me to look for work, as from both of our self employment ventures, I was more likely to get into work, and my business learnt less than hers. After spending a week or so putting a brand new up to date CV together, and making a portfolio website showcasing my work I started applying for jobs, in the first week I applied for a dozen around where I'm living now plus a couple further afield, and heard back from one, a market leading company based in Manchester, its actually one I didn't expect to hear from, but I had a telephone interview, followed by a Skype interview, then a face to face interview was arranged for the week before Christmas, unfortunately due to an accident on the M6 I never got there, but fortunately they rearranged it for the first week of 2018. I went to the interview, and it went well, but a week later I got an email saying I was unsuccessful, and after talking to them over the phone it was lack of experience that let me down. Later that day I applied for half a dozen more jobs, and that afternoon I got a telephone from one of the recruitment agencies I applied for just over an hour before asking for more information, and he arranged an interview with the company the following week. I went to the interview, and I should add I applied for a front end role, and it went really well, and they were very impressed with the work I'd done through self employment, after getting home I contacted the recruitment agency about my thoughts on the interview and how well it seemed to go, and he said the feedback he'd recieved and been the same, they were very impressed, and they'd asked if I'd be open to a PHP developer role rather than front end, it'd be for more money, I said I only applied for front end as I wasn't sure my PHP would be up to spec, but I'd be open for it. I had an interview with the PHP team leader the week after (now about 10 days after I first applied for the job), which went really well, and by the time I'd got back home I'd been offered the job, this was a Thursday, and I would be starting the coming Monday. I've now been here just under 2 months, earning more money than I've ever seen before, I've learnt so much (More OOP, Gulp, Automatic deployment to name a few which I've put into practice on the website I made for my fiancee's business) and wouldn't change a thing for the world. Bit of a long post, but I hope it helps, even for someone who has always loved web design I originally found getting my foot in the hard till I went self employed and started doing work commercially and learning more, rather than random short lived projects for myself. The job I applied for in Manchester might have been more money than I'm getting now, but honestly I feel better here, its a lot closer to home than Manchester, its only a 20 minute train ride (Its right near the station) rather than an hour or more on the M6 in rush hour traffic, and I've already started saving for when me and my fiancee can get our own place, I loved self employment, but I loved being employed, doing something I love every day, even more.
  7. jpeters8889

    Opions on Linux configuration

    Hi all, I'm planning on getting a new VPS set up with my current host, my current set up is a Windows server based VPS, this is because when the VPS was created a couple of years ago my Fiancee's website was written in asp.net and was very slow, around 18 months ago I rewrote it in PHP and the at the moment only the admin side is in asp.net, and I'm currently completely rewriting the website from scratch, including the admin side. The plan for the future is to launch the new version of my fiancee's website on a Linux based VPS, but I'm looking for opinions on the best set up to use. The website averages at 40k-50k unique visitors per month, but sometimes every now and then we can get a very big day where we can get 7-10k in one day if something very popular has been added. Anyway, has anyone got any opinions on... Linux Distro: I'm leaning towards Ubuntu, because its more well known, has more support and more tutorials if I get stuck, but I've heard good things about CentOS too. VPS Specs: My host offer two VPS plans at the same price I am currently playing, which is the price we want to stick with, - A quad core plan (4 CPU Cores, 4 IP Addresses, 4gb Ram, 100gb HDD) (This is what I've currently got on Windows) - A high memory plan (2 CPU Cores, 2 IP Addresses, 4gb Ram, 250gb HDD) What would be best for the website, the higher quad core CPU set up, or the more HDD space, I'm leaning to the quadcore, as 100gb is more than enough for the setup we currently have, and thats with a windows OS taking up a lot of room! Apache/nginx - Again, Apache is the more well known, but I've also heard good things about nginx, so again, just looking for opinions on what would be best.
  8. Thanks BlueDreamer, I've got a couple of customers I could use for references, one is the from the biggest project I've done, and still to this day asking for additional work on top, the other is family friend and was the first web site I did through self employment, and he knows me in both professional and unprofessional contexts. I will obviously ask them both first before passing on their details.
  9. Hi all, I have been self employed now for almost three years, and while I love it, and I have learnt a lot from it, it just isn't earning enough to fully support myself, me and my fiancee are planning on moving into our own place rather than living with her parents, so we need the extra money, we're both self employed, but in different businesses, and of the two, mine earns less than hers. I have been looking at a few job websites and a few adverts around the local area this past week or two and I meet most, if not all the criteria for the job, so I am hopeful I will easily be able to get an interview if nothing else, the last time I was looking for work 4-5 years ago I was stuck in a rut, I was years out of date, didn't know about responsive web design, didn't know any javascript, jquery or any modern coding practices etc, running my own business and building more websites again has helped me learn a lot of new things, I have been into web design since I was 12 back in 2001, and started learning HTML and CSS a couple of years later and started learning PHP when I was 16, so I have been in this game a long time now, but because of personal problems, depression etc a few years ago I fell out with it, and in this fast moving industry I got left behind. Anyway, enough of my life story, as I said in the topic title I am planning on switching to full time employment, I will need to update my CV as it hasn't been touched for a few years, I have also bought a personal domain of my name, and I was thinking of using that as an expansion of my CV where a potential employer can get more information and look at examples of previous work, and even have myname@domain.co.uk email address, rather than my Gmail address. However, the website is where I am having difficulty, I am perfectly capable of making the website, but I can't come up with a layout for it, or even a colour scheme or anything, I was wondering anyone had any experience in making something similar for themselves, what to include etc, or any examples I could look at. My second question/potential problem is about references, when I was last applying for work my references were my old College tutor, but I left College in 2009 and my tutor has retired, so the referee would no longer be relevant, and my other referee was my manager in my previous job, but that company shut down in 2011 and I have no idea where they are now, so again, I can't use them, which only leaves me with the clients I have done work for while being self employed, but I don't know if I'd be able to use them as they don't know the industry, so couldn't answer any industry related questions, and I also don't know if it'd be 'proper' to ask them for references, since they are in essence my customers. Also, with regards to my customers, if I do get a full time job I plan on still keeping my business on the side, but not actively seeking clients, I will be just keeping it going to maintain the websites I have done, hosting, domains etc, and proving support. Finally, with regards to the type of work I will be looking for, I am undecided, I love both front-end and back-end equally, give me a layout and I'll happily sit there and code the HTML, S/CSS, Javascript etc and get lost in the zone, but on the flip side, give me challenge/project to do in PHP and again I can sit there for hours working on it and completely loose track of time. Sorry for the long post, and if you made it this far, thanks for reading!
  10. jpeters8889

    Cookie Acceptance

    Its to do with the EU cookie law https://www.cookielaw.org/the-cookie-law/
  11. jpeters8889

    Scirpts in <head> or before </body>

    The checkout.js file was direct from PayPal, not self hosted, and was just before the closing body tag just after the jQuery include, it worked in every browser and device I tested it on Sandbox mode, and when I switched it to production and did a test payment from my personal paypal to business paypal it all worked fine, it was only after we went live that users on Apple reported been unable to checkout using PayPal, and not having an Apple device I couldn't test it myself. After a couple of days testing and debugging using Safari on Windows I had the random idea to move the JS files to the <head>, and it worked fine in Safari, and I drove to my local McDonalds to test it on an iPad there (They've got dumbed down kidified iPads on some tables now, but the browser is still there) and it worked fine. Moving the <script> tags was the only change, nothing in the core PHP files that generate the payment information. It's fine now, and we've had lots of succesful orders with it. Robert, I've only been doing Javascript for around a year/18 months now, so I'm still quite new to it (I've been doing PHP for just over 10 years, and basic HTML/CSS for almost 15 years) so I'm constantly learning, I've had thoughts about putting all the Javascript in one file before, and its something I've been wanting to experiment with locally (I learn best by doing) but I've not had chance yet due to working on customers websites, and I'd rather do something I know that works on a customers website rather than mess about and experiment.
  12. jpeters8889

    Scirpts in <head> or before </body>

    That basically sums up the article I read a couple of years ago and the reason I started placing the scripts before the </body>, I've never had a problem with it till yesterday like I said. I think I'll continue to place them at the bottom unless I have to, like with PayPal. Funny thing is PayPal worked fine on every other device and browser, it wasn't until we went live and people using Apple said they had problems that we found out it didn't work, and not having an Apple device myself I had trouble debugging it, in the end I downloaded Safari for windows and saw undefined errors in the console log, I had the random idea to place the code in the head and it worked fine
  13. jpeters8889

    Scirpts in <head> or before </body>

    What is the common practice these days, <script> tags before the closing </body>, or placing them in the <head>? A couple of years ago I read an article saying that its a better idea to put them before the </body> as any DOM manipulation wouldn't start until the HTML and DOM has finished loading, however, I've been reading the last couple of days that in modern browsers this isn't a problem anymore and javascript wouldn't get executed until the DOM is loaded anyway. Since I read the article I've always put all my <script> tags just before the </body> without any problems, however I had a recent problem using PayPal's checkout.js only on Apple devices, which I fixed by placing the <script> tag including PayPal's file in the <head>, which is what got me thinking.
  14. I've spent the past few days working on an eCommerce website for my fiancee using PayPal express checkout, we have tested it extensivly on PayPals Sandbox and it went live earlier today and we've had succesful payments through paypal, however we've had reports from people on iOS devices that they've had trouble purchasing through PayPal, the 'buy with paypal' link basically does nothing. I don't have any apple devices, so I couldn't reproduce it, but we've visited my aunt in law and tried it on her iPhone, and upon clicking the pay with paypal button nothing happens, on my android phone, and on my computer paypal opens asking you to log in as it should, and payment is processed fine, on apple devices all that happens is a blank screen opens, I'm at a complete loss as to whats causing it, the Javascript that initiates the payment is straight from PayPals website, and as I said, i know it works as other people have payed with PayPal Has anyone had anything happen like this? I've searched around and found nothing similar, and I just thought I'd ask on here before asking Paypal or on Stack Overflow. Some notes, as I said the javascript is straight from paypals tutorials for the express checkout and their checkout.js file, and apart from a couple of modifications that happens afterwards behind the scenes. I don't actually use PayPals PHP SDK, but make straight custom built CURL requests to their API, and as said, it fully works, apart from on Apple devices.
  15. jpeters8889

    PHP - How to echo a url string as a clickable url?

    My mistake, I wrote it in a rush and forgot the closing " at the end, glad you sorted it though