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  1. sandragenuinejobs

    Do you reply to e-mail during the weekends?

    When I was a freelancer, I lost a couple of potentially big clients exactly because of this (not my proudest moment, I know). On the other hand, I had a couple of big clients that completely understood my working hours (one of them even remembered my birthday and said I should absolutely take a day off and continue working the next day ). I'm usually away from my desktop during the weekends but I make sure that checking my emails is the first thing to do on Monday mornings. I'd say there's really no rules here. It's all about your company policy and good communication with clients. Although, if it's a matter of urgency, you should absolutely NOT ignore your clients emails. Good thing we have smartphones nowadays and we can reply emails on the fly .
  2. First two have been a struggle for me for a quite some time, but after you get more experienced and more used to how the things work in freelancing world, it gets easier. I guess everyone has their own struggles and different experiences and I would love to hear more opinion about this.
  3. sandragenuinejobs

    A few questions about the industry.

    I think a good resume and recommendation letters are far more important than a degree per se is. You can have 5 degrees for that matter, but if you don't know how to do your job properly, they won't be much useful to you.
  4. sandragenuinejobs


    I'd go back to freelancing!
  5. sandragenuinejobs

    How to increase rank?

    Here are some great tips about some new methods for increasing your page rank: http://www.seoireland.net/how-to-get-high-google-rankings-for-your-website-in-2015/
  6. You'll have to be patient. I've read your previous posts and saw your portfolio, I think it looks good. Don't rush it if they don't reply immediately. Although you can always search for some paid work, it's not like you don't have any experience; you could get along just fine.
  7. sandragenuinejobs

    Calling people more than once?

    It all depends on their reaction after the first time you contacted them. If you think you sound too pushy, you can always send them an email instead of a phone call after a couple of days.
  8. sandragenuinejobs

    How do you offer a re-design politely?

    Say it like it is! You can try and explain to them that it's outdated and that a good website can be beneficial for ones presence and business.
  9. sandragenuinejobs

    5 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

    When it comes to social media, it's very important to follow the trends and know what's in at any give time. Unfortunately, there are so many people who don't use the potential of SM or don't even know how to use them so their businesses are bound to fail.
  10. sandragenuinejobs

    Would you go freelance, be an employee or run a business?

    The reason that many new business fail very quickly is often because people don't have a clear idea of what they're getting themselves into. Running a succesful business and getting to the point where you can call your business successful is very hard, it takes a lot of work and learning along the way. Another thing I've noticed is that nowadays, there's some sort of an infamous trend that you have to hate your job. The grass is always greener on the other side and that's just in our nature but people tend to be too picky and spoiled sometimes. Lastly, working from home can be a great solution for those who live alone or don't have kids, but that doesn't mean that stay at home moms, dads, college graduates, even older citizens can't do it. Yes, it's true, there are a lot of distractions but they aren't something that you can't overcome with a little bit of self discipline and dedication
  11. sandragenuinejobs

    How do you use Social Media for your business?

    I use Facebook and Twitter, although I find the later more effective if you want to build some sort of relationships with your audience.
  12. sandragenuinejobs

    Some Advice

    If you have a feeling you're wasting your time, then move on. You're too young to be stuck in a job that gives you no opportunities.
  13. sandragenuinejobs

    Payment Terms ...

    Back in the day when I used to freelance I would always invoice the client a couple of days after the job is done but that didn't really turn out as a smart way of a payout. I worked for a client who loaded me with work and disappeared after the completion of the project so the smartest thing to do is asking for an upfront payment of at least 50%.
  14. Seriously, don't do that. Unless you want to get penalized by Google, in that case go ahead. But it's better to rely on quality and relevant content rather than on tricky and fishy methods that can seriously harm you and if you get penalized, then all of your previous hard work is wasted.
  15. sandragenuinejobs

    Anyone use twiends?

    Why would you want a generic, random, inactive audience? Besides, most of them will just unfollow you after some time. All the time you spend on twiends you can spend on Twitter actually building the audience and the followers list the organic way.