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  1. Subscribe button

    Hi. I am working on wordpress blog website. Since last three days, I am working on subscription button. I search on youtube for thism but don't get proper link for it. Is there anyone know about good plugin for email and RSS subsciption button. I hear about feedburner also, but don't know how to use it?
  2. Website speed test and analyse

    I checked all tools that you all suggest here. I like to use gtmetrix and pingdom. Both are good and shows perfect result. Thanks.
  3. I like the color, but as per my suggestion make your background of white color. Your light and dark blue color combination makes your website little bit usual site.
  4. SERP Checker

    Which website or tool you use to check your serp results?
  5. Anyone use twiends?

    I just login with twiends. Let me see how it effect on my twitter followers.
  6. Screen recorder software

    I want free software for screen recording. Which captures voice also. Can anyone suggest any software which is freely available on internet like camtasia.
  7. New trends of Social media

    Make one good infographic for your website related topic and share it with twitter, facebook and social bookmarking site. It will drive traffic to your website with unique visitors and the main benefit is that Google will consider this infographic promotion as organic SEO.
  8. YouTube vs its biggest alternatives for marketing?

    Every video sharing site has its benefits and draw backs. No doubt YouTube is the best out of metacafe, dailymotion, vimeo and many others. Then also now a days vimeo has quite good user and it increase day by day.
  9. Tips on starting a Viral Twitter campaign?

    The Halloween time is coming and then Christmas. So it is nice to go with giveaway. Promote your giveaway on twitter and facebook pages(related to your new website). It will give you lot of new clicks and audience to your site. Do some guest posting related to this giveaway on quick basis.
  10. Anyone use twiends?

    Is this really work? Can I increase my twitter followers through this twiends?
  11. Good tutorial social media buttons.

    Good suggestion of sharethis resource.
  12. How to increase rank?

    Thanks Ak****a, for your help and suggestion of Alexa toolbar installation.
  13. How to increase rank?

    I am sorry if you find any of my post as spam, but I post the above to solve my that problem.
  14. PDF Flash flip book

    All the mentioned links have paid option and just provide demo version for limited time. Does anybody have free flip book creator software. Or does anybody know about any plugin of JS for this flipping book.?
  15. How to increase rank?

    I am working with one web development and seo company. I am working in seo field and having trouble to increase Alexa and page rank. I am doing guest posting and blog commenting work. In last one month the DA is increase from 16 to 23. But the page rank and alexa rank are not increased much. What can I do to increase them? I also have done on page optimization. It is as per meta tags and alter tags rules. Is there any update for alexa rank like panda ?