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  1. So what i'm tryna do, is emphasize a discount. I want people to see a number that goes down after they click a button, to see the discount. Like on https://sitechecker.pro/ when the pagespeed score first goes up, for it to go down afterwords till the final rating. And you see every number while its going down down down... Can anyone point me in the right direction on how I could achieve this?
  2. Labelarot45

    What service to offer for free that's of value?

    Thanks. This was what I was looking for! Good point, thanks!!
  3. Labelarot45

    What service to offer for free that's of value?

    I think you need to think outside of the box. It is just like with any other service, just like how people are offering free e-books in return for their e-mail sign up. You're acting like i'm cheating them. Everything in life is value for value. Instead of giving me advice on how to do my facebook promo, i'd like to ask for services I could offer for free that our low labor on my end.
  4. Labelarot45

    What service to offer for free that's of value?

    It is to get leads. I can't charge for that. I am looking for something to offer that's free and is of value. Without a catch of course.
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking to make a facebook campaign where i'm providing something for free. I'm just not having any ideas as of what I could be offering. I don't wanna offer a new website as an incentive for people to reply to the campaign, as it is too labor intensive. A free consult sounds too boring. I was hoping someone could share some ideas as of what we design agencies can give away, that's not labor expensive(takes little work on our end) but is of great value to potential clients. Anyone? Thanks.
  6. Labelarot45

    Do you reply to e-mail during the weekends?

    I wish it was like you say when it comes to e-mailing from smartphones. I have been looking absolutely everywhere for an android app that enables you to have a HTML e-mail signature, so they won't notice any difference in the e-mail layout. It seems only iOS apps enable this option...............ahhhhhhh. If I did have an e-mail app that enabled HTML signatures that would make my life so much easier.
  7. Labelarot45

    Do you reply to e-mail during the weekends?

    Yes I see what you mean. Lmfao! That's terrible. Shame on that guy.
  8. Labelarot45

    WordPress Site 'hacked'

    I would suggest Wordfence over iSecurity. I remember running into some problems with iSecurity. Also the /own-admin-login-url option is pretty pointless. Yet they still offer the option, which may cause some problems.
  9. Labelarot45

    What is the process for e-mail marketing?

    Anyone? No one in the e-mail marketing business? Is it not worth it?
  10. What do web design agencies specifically do when getting requests to set up e-mail marketing(templates etc). Do you first ask the client if they're using mailchimp? Or another company's database? Or should you not even ask that? In what way can you whitelabel an igorant client that just wants a nice e-mail template. What are the steps and add-ons to charge for. Should you do it all yourself and just make a mailchimp account for yourself and send e-mails out per their request, or do you make a mailchimp account and give them the credentials for that? (which is easiest but would take away any recurring revenue - only revenue I see in this model is the design for the template, which I'd find odd to charge or design for as Mailchimp has tons of templates of their own) I want to know the revenue model and way agencies do it right now. I'm here to learn. I don't see what a design agency is here for if these Mailchimp companies have so many templates of their own already. Please help and give me some insight on this. Thanks
  11. Labelarot45

    What justifies a $20.000 project?

    Useful reply. Thanks!
  12. A client of mine wants me to design for an e-mail template. I have no idea what to charge for this. I know I can download a template and edit it accordingly. But for me this really is a hassle unless I can make a good buck from it. Any ideas what's a reasonable price within the market but gets me a good profit?
  13. Labelarot45

    What justifies a $20.000 project?

    Built on Wordpress. (For example) I've seen a lot of articles/people talking about wanting to up their prices from 1500 to 15000/20000 dollar projects. Now of course, this would be great for the freelancer/agency. But in terms of the webdesign market, what features would a 20.000 dollar project contain that a 2500/4000 dollar project wouldn't? Or is it really just a matter of, looking at how much that client is able to spend and going for the highest rate? Even if it is built on Wordpress. Just curious to hear your take on this.
  14. Labelarot45

    Do you reply to e-mail during the weekends?

    Excellent replies everybody. I really like the discussion, hearing everyone's different perspective. I agree with the above 2 posts.
  15. I've had several people call me up because of my link on my client's webpage. Just curious to hear how you guys place your branding in the footer. Some times I used to have Design by:, but I don't have a steady rule for what to place. What kind of branding would be perfect in your eyes, and not be that long that the client will complain? Maybe just a hyperlink with the url