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  1. Better way to post images.

    You can easily add images just by using the attachment option when you create a new post in the full editor. ​Then click "add to post" to insert it, couldn't be easier.
  2. Hi, my name's Daniel

    Welcome to the forum Daniel
  3. Do we need to design for IE 6 and IE 7?

    Yes, IE6 is as good as dead to me, IE7 isn't a major pain to cater for and everything else now seems to play well across all browsers I find, obviously there are some slight quirks, but the modern web is a really good age for a web designer/developer to be in and it's only going to improve.
  4. Would be really interesting to hear your setup on how you organise yourself/business from your desktop to your phone. For example, i'm leaning more towards a Google based solution e.g. I have my business files synced on GoogleDrive and with it I also use Google Tasks, to keep on top of everything. I have Microsoft Exchange, and use the calendar to sync between my phone. As you can see i'm using 2 products to get the desired work-flow and seems to work well, I know Microsoft are going heavily towards a cloud solution and even hosting their Office product line in a web envelopment, now to me, this just seems alien, and much prefer working locally. So yes taking the above into account my setup , what Apps can you recommend to help with business/workflow and would be nice to hear your setups and how you keep on top of things.
  5. Amazon Prime - worth it?

    What are your thoughts on Amazon Prime? I tend to order everything from Amazon.co.uk, but much like how the modern world is going, we're brought up with the notion that we can get things instantly, e.g. From TV shows, Movies, Apps, Bank loans etc etc...The world is becoming more impatient! I'm starting to think well for £49 per year, I can get items guaranteed next day, well unless they are using CityLink delivery service, then I may get it delivered next year! (Another story). I order quite a bit from Amazon, and like the feel of a premium service, do you get any customer service enhancements? And are things actually always delivered the next day? Just wanted to get some thoughts on this from anyone who is a customer or looking to become one, as I may make the jump soon if it's worth-while.
  6. Ah, friends!

    Well i'm certainly more fashionable than 4Li4s, almost 24 hours more fashionable. The people on this forum are great, really great. The community spirit is just fantastic, and I've learnt quite a bit browsing through the posts and got some new app recommendations for my iphone, Woot-woot.
  7. Introduction of a dreamer

    You can't beat a bit of Sushi! Welcome to the forum drt_t1gg3r, what an in-depth introduction
  8. Spam finally under control on WDF

    The forum really is back on it's feet, whatever that's happened, brilliant. Just the whole feel of the forum now feels improved with members new & old, quite cozy i'd say. I'm going to try and post more and challenge Alluziion for that member of the month award
  9. Menu bar for fantasy-based website

    ok, nice. First thing that strikes me is the detailing, it's quite intricate, because you made this from scratch, gotta give you kudos for sure For a header, well I can get it to 46kb exported in .jpg with quality which is fine, so you may find yourself ok for the web with that kind of file size. Only problem may be putting any html text on the banner, due to the way the inner banner bends/turns...so would defo advise adding text as part of the image. thanks for sharing.
  10. Menu bar for fantasy-based website

    Are you looking for feedback?, ideas how to implement it?
  11. What would you do if....

    Very interesting indeed, I won't delve too deep then. - Interesting re: Film writing, what sort of character would you class yourself as/whats needed for that type of role? Me? I really don't know, someone posted the question Facebook and got me thinking, it's interesting as it could really make you think about your current situation and how you feel about how things are in your life and maybe take a new direction, I'd quite like to maybe explore the "Arts" be in painting to film making etc Not necessarily a business plan, just something i'd like to explore further and have the time to develop.
  12. What iPhone/iPad games you playing?

    Just installed Scramble as a couple of the other suggestions where a bit full-on for right now, but i'll check them out again when I've got a bit more time. Scramble is fantastic, have no idea how people get 2,000+!! - Some NASA based slick fingered smarty pants!
  13. What would you do if....

    ...If someone paid you for 6 months (Enough to get by) and gave you the time to develop/create your own company/product what exactly would you make? It's an interesting idea, freedom for 6 months to create anything you wanted or wished you had more time to do...
  14. Hi Zmoney, Have you taken a look at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/car-demon/ ?
  15. Analytics Display Network

    Ha! look at that, so it does, thanks for the Oakleaves, I love little tips like this, personally I haven't experienced this, but thought i'd try it to see what you mean.