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  1. Music while working

    Heard this for the first time and thought of all of you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqGBJRKcvFM MUCH LUV! <3 <3 <3
  2. Music while working

    just think we had this when I was ten, and still keeps me jazzed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipar9kicZMs
  3. When do you use a padding and margin?

    @@rbrtsmith - you're like Sherlock Holmes of front end aren't you? I mean how did you deduce all that detail? I know your reply stated that it corresponds to what you would do if given those constraints, but man, that it nice.
  4. When do you use a padding and margin?

    Mr Smith could you say that margin is the opposite of padding? like if padding was on the outside of the dom?
  5. When do you use a padding and margin?

    margins are like hard stops while padding is a cushion. In most of my limited experience the use of multiple classes are for multiple mechanics on the page. Like the example above the classes are for an overlay. The first I would assume to be something of a coloring I think due to the name of the class. The second would be the default image if the user did nothing, the third I would assume would appear when the user :hover'd or clicked a button to produce this element as an overlay, and the third one I would assume that this class deals with the position of the overly. So you see, reusable classes can be fun and time saving. classes do not belong to the element itself, but to any element you wish to style with it. Helping in the reduction of redundant coding. Some designer's feel that each part of the mechanic need's it's own class. Some put all of the mechanic in one class. It purpose is site driven. What they need to do, and how fast can they make formatting changes across the whole site as the content changes.
  6. From tables to freedom (suggestions of study)

    Thank you BlueDreamer for your reply. The crumbs you dropped are very tasty and I will follow them till I find that wicked ole witch and eat her house of candy all up. And when I'm done with her house, I'll ask her if she's got anything left . As for incorporating social media I mean they would like to be able to use their site socially like 'myspace' or 'FB'. where posts can be left and replied to, pics-vids can be shared etc.. etc... etc.. Yes and you were spot on with the 'dynamic' part. EDIT: being a programmer, I am familiar with 'libraries' I use them constantly for I do not wish to reinvent the wheel. thx for the buzz words: 'drupal' and 'wordpress'.
  7. From tables to freedom (suggestions of study)

    I only use flash for game design on mobile media. I dislike flash. But, it's a necessary evil until unity or some other framework takes the lead
  8. From tables to freedom (suggestions of study)

    Thx Nock, looked into it and think that's where I am heading next. Finished courses at Learnable-dotcom and think udemy will be fun. EDIT: waiting for a response from one of my professors at learnable and think I may stay with them depending on their reply. They offer other technologies like PHP and might be able to trade in a favor for another year of classes with him. But it depends on if he offers a 'complete' course or not. Like Nock suggested, I think a complete overview would benefit me more in the short term, and from there I can configure which of the courses to specialize in for the long run. THX again all of you. Like I posted last year. YOU GUYS ROCK! EDIT: I think I'll wait a little to see if Teodora(or any other female in the industry) will reply though. I need a woman's point of view as well. Never make a decision with out them. And my wife has no clue of coding so.. gotta go to the next best thing to my wife.
  9. From tables to freedom (suggestions of study)

    Primarily I want to offer clients more options than just a pretty site. I have a current client that wants to get into web sales, and would like to display their product's, use a wishlist, order cart, order form, etc... And a few other clients that are interested in incorporating similar functionality to their site. I have 2 clients that would like to incorporate social media in their site while another wants to have dynamic reactive pages (not just in resizing, or platform viewing, but in user input as well) So you see I am not looking to be the best of one thing or another, just add more to what I have to offer better quality to what the clients want. They are small town clients who use a small town developer who charges small town prices EDIT: 1/2 my work is done on a barter/trade situation so it's not the money I am after, it's what I can offer to the client. (either in the short term or long run) EDIT: @Niller -> thank you, that clarified a great deal for me in the concept of how things go together.
  10. From tables to freedom (suggestions of study)

    Oh one more thing. I am an independent, not a company man. I usually don't work with teams and have no clue on how web development teams are handled. @Mr Smith, JS is on the burner and has been since the first year of web learning. Not as handy with it like C+ but getting along. Don't plan on taking it off the burner for a while so your suggestion is in action as we speak EDIT: node.js <- new buzz word thx
  11. From tables to freedom (suggestions of study)

    I have dabbled with php when I did my paranoia site for myself. But if I am understanding you correctly php/mysql would help strengthen my content management correct? Like JS did for html/css? Mr smith, sorry for my ignorance. I have seen the jargon 'front/back end' and frankly I am unfamiliar with those concepts. Will do some research to understand in what context you are referring to. But any expanded clarification of what you are suggesting would be helpful. Maybe just a buzz word or two to help I use Eclipse for JAVA work and it does support PHP. JSP webpage? hmm googleing that one too. I have done some game development with a team using android as it's platform, but the prototype pretty much handle all the server magic, I just wrote the AI logic and the Menu logic. When I looked inside the prototype I witnesssed a lot of php behind the scenes. And another language that looked like JS but was not like the JS I am used to using. Will do some research on the suggestions to see what I can find. But at this point still unclear as to where to go from here. Looking at Nock's post made me think of immediate gains but when I got to Mr Smith my brain hit a wall so by the time I got to Niller I was foggy. But nothing was lost in the moment, just deflated a bit
  12. Didn't know where else on the forum to post this so here it is. Main topic question: What would your opinion be on what would enhance my skills in the short future, verses down the road? Backstory: Inducted into web design/development via tables. Bleh! However Adopting the html, css, js model I have been able to produce some nice sites for people around town. But they are static. Well some cool JS stuff but for the most part just an semi-interactive animated picture on the screen. As my knowledge base grows and skills become honed, I start putting on to an empty burner the induction of the next phase of learning. Some semi-related skills are, I have been coding in C++ and BASIC since I can remember, and JAVA about a year now. My career in game development has been going on now for 30 years. However, there is more money and stability in my community for a web development than a game design and the indie market in game design is iffy. My burner learning process burner 1 = html coming off the burner burner 2 = css is getting to be pretty easy to handle with current content burner 3 = js is still bumpy. syntax errors are still appearing and wrestling with object/data conflicts burner 4 = content management is dodgy. Sometimes it goes together and sometimes it doesn't So you can see a burner is coming open for something to go onto it. I feel pretty confident in what I know, though it's only a drop in the bucket I am wishing for more. I know nothing of commercial vendor site work or social media handling. Any opinions and where to go from here? And if you feel generous with your knowledge, maybe, some ideas about pro's and con's when it comes to learning something that will enhance my skills immediately verses something that will take a while before I see my skills from that knowledge produce quality work. Example of what I'm kinda looking at HTML - immediate - payed off immediately but for small sites and for small amounts JS - long term - didn't directly pay off in the beginning, but after a year I was producing better sites for more amounts hope for some good replies
  13. Music while working

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFBAGSO7TrI Relaxing the last bits of stress away from a long hard week. No better way to meet Sunday morning than with a late evening with The Sundays themselves. Under appreciated here in the states but loved by many I'm sure.
  14. Music while working

    well in his admission he thought it was a rubber toy but hey, some carnivores really like their meat a little more rare than others. It was nothing for my grandfather, after asking how he would like his steak cooked, "drag it across the grill, and then put it on a plate".