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  1. I’m a freelance web developer from the United Kingdom with several years of experience. I’ve no problem when it comes to the technical side of being a freelance web developer but I do have some issues when it comes to managing myself and my business. As such, I was wondering whether anybody would be able to give me some advice on managing clients and time. Some questions that I have are: - At what point do you tell clients no? For example, you have already agreed on a set list of things to do within a project, but they keep asking for extras or continual changes. (Usually a bunch of small things that seem to go on forever). - When giving project time estimates, how do you account for bugs? - Do you often take on multiple projects at the same time, or do you complete them one at a time? - What do you use to help with time-keeping and efficiency? Any advice, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!