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  1. That's just plain greedy.
  2. Nice sunglasses, Tom.
  3. Grateful Grant

    Comments section. Any recommended ones?

    OK. Thanks. That's all good food for thought. I've made a fair few pages which was the main intention - to build a site. Slowly, I'm improving and updating content. I was just telling my girlfriend how crap and basic some of the pages are, (the Edge tips one takes the biscuit!) but I'm on the case and need to put in a lot of effort to turn some of the pages into proper resources. A bit more like the old ROM pages were. I'll maybe collaborate with a few people if they will, or embed a few videos or things where they compare test results or what have you. I know that that type of info is very useful and more relevant, than just listing stuff which people might not know. I'll think about the commenting systems, too. I'm not sure of the best direction with that at the moment, unless I can get more visitor interaction one way or another. Thanks a lot for your time.
  4. Grateful Grant

    Comments section. Any recommended ones?

    Yes. It took me a while too when wanting to test it. I was just looking for the Send button. Good point. I guess I'm just hoping that people are enthusiastic enough about certain things that they offer more opinions, suggestions or their own advice and ideas. eg. Why don't you include app abc?, or What do you think about software xyz? Yes. I will consider how to word things differently. Thank you. (I don't offer myself as some qualified expert however, I'm just a middle- aged chump who likes computers and enjoys learning, too.) Yes, thanks. We have pretty much zero control with the layout or the wording of those options. They are default with Disqus. So that it's easier to understand and engage with? So many people use Disqus, and many people are already logged into social media. At least on the sites I frequent. I will look for some ideas and examples of other well implemented commenting solutions, where the user can easily and quickly engage in splendid conversation. I do like the idea of having a comment system which could look nicer or more tailored to the site. Thanks. Other constructive criticism is of course always welcome. Thanks.
  5. Grateful Grant

    Comments section. Any recommended ones?

    OK. Thanks, fisicx. I can't remove the login or sign up info (for those not logged in). but I have allowed guests to comment. Thank you!
  6. Grateful Grant

    Comments section. Any recommended ones?

    Hey everyone. My site doesn't get any Disqus comments at all. ? I have to work on promoting it and getting more involved socially. I used to get some on the old site where the ROM pages were quite popular at the time. I don't expect much action from you fine folk, but please feel free to leave a comment here and there or test the comments if you can. Maybe you have some advice please. I'm always looking for constructive criticism. Maybe visitors are immediately turned off. At this point I'd even welcome the odd spammer! Heaven forbid I'm that desperate..?
  7. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    I hope it all worked out OK.
  8. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    That's a long scan! It's good that it's cleaning things up for you, though. I was surprised to see that the Windows 10 April 2018 Update was available and downloading via Windows Update. Most people thought that it wouldn't do that until around May 8th. There are some nice changes I've noticed so far. I'll do a clean install in a couple of days. I'm going back to bed.. it's 3:30am here, but I have a few days off and wanted to update my site! Glad you are cleaning up your system. ? You can also try the resource monitor CAM. (I added it to my Tools for Windows page.) _______________________________________________
  9. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    (It's good to remember to deactivate or sign out of paid apps like Adobe, Malwarebytes, etc. before a reinstall.) (On the subject of security software, Bitdefender has a trial for 30 days, and then in the last couple of days they knock the price way down from $80 to $20. image) You could try installing the trial and see if it finds and removes any infected files. If it does, and the CPU problem gets fixed, then you can forget reinstalling Windows for now, if you don't want to. Any suspicious files can always be uploaded to VirusTotal to find out if they are a known risk. 2 cents
  10. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    Lol. Really? A full system scan should be near the beginning of all of these types of investigations, I think. (eg. Press F3 on this computer maintenance page and search for `full system security scan'. I just made it red and bold now.) If you can do a full system scan with a decent software (like the trial of Bitdefender) then it should hopefully remove the infected files. Try to remove all infections on your drives before reinstalling Windows. Or disconnect other drives and cleanly wipe the C drive and reinstall Windows and then install a decent security software before connecting back your other drives. Just to prevent you re-infecting a new install of Windows. Upon a clean Windows install, the first thing I'd do (before connecting other drives) when going online is install the Bitdefender trial. We all have different ideas about these things, but Bitdefender is probably the best free security software, and the paid version arguably the best paid software. YouTube I only mention Bitdefender again because if you do have an issue that Malwarebytes, Zemana and Hitman failed to find, then Bitdefender is a better option for you, and does better in tests.
  11. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    Yes, that option is OK to choose. However, I recommend you wait until the latest version of Windows is available in less than 24 hours or so, for that cleaner install. I don't think you need to go into the bios at this stage. Sorry, it's all hit and miss really. (I'm off to bed.)
  12. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    There's certainly no hurry if your CPU is only at 32 degrees when gaming. Although, I don't know so much about single threaded apps and games vs multi-threaded games. Here's how to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update on day one (Neowin.net) Yes, first backup anything important to a removable drive (if possible) and then unplug it for safe keeping. Then wipe the Windows drive clean. A clean install.
  13. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    I assumed that you had done a clean reinstall. I guess not. I only ever do a clean reinstall to be honest, unless trying the latest version before the ISO is made available. You can manually and cleanly install the latest Windows 10 from tomorrow. (You can also install a `lean' version of Windows 10 now, too.) A few questions or thoughts come to mind.. Does it feel slow? Can you check the CPU temp to see how hard it's working? Is it old? Maybe it has been maxed out for ages and you never noticed for any obvious reason? When you play the usual games, do they play OK? Are any fans spinning like crazy to keep it cool (faster than usual for this time of year)? Did they seem slower in safe mode, etc. GeForce Experience seems the way to go to update the GPU. However, sometimes there can be various issues with updating the GPU driver. Fortunately, we can uninstall and reinstall back dated drivers, especially if the issue arose around the time of a driver update. While you are up in the air, I'd do a clean Windows 10 install when the latest Windows 10 is made available for manual install tomorrow, sometime (April 30). See the bottom of this post. That way, you can guarantee that it wipes out any unwanted bits and pieces. At least that step will be another tick off the list of troubleshooting. If that seems like too much work, try uninstalling the GeForce driver and replace it with an older one.
  14. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    So, it's happy in safe mode when it's not using something.. I wonder if you can unplug and/or reconnect some USB cables and see if it helps to reset anything, in case there's a driver or handshake issue. I'd try updating all drivers, etc. Sorry, I usually just go through a whole random list of trial and error type things until it gets found. What made you originally notice that it was 100%?
  15. Grateful Grant

    CPU always at 100%

    I love these kinds of investigations. Does it go back down when you kill Chrome or disable Chrome extensions? Just for fun, you could do a quick scan with the trials of Hitman Pro or Zemana to get a second opinion malware scan, although they should be similar to Malwarebytes of course. I personally use the paid version of Bitdefender. Patch My PC Home Updater or SUMo can check for outdated software. An app like RealTemp can monitor the CPU temperatures in real time, if your CPU is supported. The next large Windows 10 Update is rolling out on May 8, 2018 but will be available for manual download on 30 April, 2018..