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    AI Development? Is it Worth Learning?

    This site has a ton of posts where the op says something just to post a link onto this site, and then they disappear into oblivion. It happens probably thousands of times each year. Is there a benefit to doing this for the ops? I know the links posted on this site are no-follow, etc. Just curious. Maybe I'm a miserable old sod and imagine this?
  2. Grant Barker

    what about my own privacy?

    As a domain name owner, you can pay for domain privacy which might cost about $15 a year per domain. That should help to stop people seeing your name on Whois info. I think you know this already. Having said that, the more you put yourself out there with websites, blogs, Facebook, etc., the more you are at risk of less privacy for you and those around you - if privacy is so important to you. There are quite a few people who might take advantage of these things. I gave an old phone away to someone recently through my site, and from what I can tell they might have been more interested in getting my address (which I didn't write on the international delivery document) than the old phone itself. I know of at least one fairly well established entrepreneur / affiliate marketing guy on YouTube, who wouldn't think twice about scamming me and anyone else to make a buck. The dude works hard but needs to enhance his email marketing, naming and timing techniques. You could choose to be an anonymous entity on forums and YouTube and such, if that is the only way you see yourself being comfortable and maintaining any privacy, or you can be yourself. It's not an easy decision. I suppose fear is partly the reason. Fear of losing respect or customers or something. Fear or love baby. Queue the music Billy Joel - All About Soul..
  3. Grant Barker

    mouse goes to sleep

    On the technical side, when I usually boot up Windows, I quickly move my mouse cursor to wake up the lock screen. Maybe 3 out of 10 startups I notice that the cursor is moving more quickly than I like, so I simply reboot and the next time it's back to the normal sensitivity. This is probably about Windows not groping the driver properly or something. With any decent mouse I would always invest in a decent mouse pad/mat. Especially if requiring precision or gaming accuracy. (Plus over time it protects the desk or table top.) When I originally looked for your mouse on the manufacturer's website, I noticed they do sell a mouse pad, but I suppose they would have to at least offer one. When looking at images of your mouse on Bing or Google, I notice that many images don't include a mouse pad which is cleaner for marketing, but a decent mouse pad offers a level of consistency that an otherwise random surface doesn't. With my Logitech G600 and previous mice, I use a SteelSeries mouse pad. It's a think hard plastic (as opposed to the cloth versions they also sell). A new mouse glides like ice over a decent mouse pad. Hopefully, any issues can be worked out with future Windows updates. To get it fixed I would click Start and type`Feedback hub'. Then let them know your problem with the exact make and model of mouse. I hope it gets fixed.
  4. Grant Barker

    web design and programming course

    Thank you Frank. I don't currently live in the UK, but I like the idea of being on a course with other people, as a change from trying to learn on the PC at home. When I move back to the UK, these types of courses will be quite appealing, I think. Good luck with your course.
  5. Happy New Year peeps !!
    All the best for 2019.. 👍

  6. Grant Barker

    Schema.org - which ones to use?

    Hi everyone. I'm relating to the schema.org documentation. For our main website index page - in our code we should probably use itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/WebSite" 1. What should we be using for other main category list pages like - list of news article links, list of app page links, etc.? 2. And then for each specific article page, should we be using itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article"? Thanks for your advice/opinions.
  7. Grant Barker

    Schema.org - which ones to use?

    Thanks. I've got the concept. I just need to list the correct terms for my pieces of content. I care more about potentially listing the wrong term than no term at all. It's on my to-do list. Cheers.
  8. Grant Barker

    Schema.org - which ones to use?

    Thanks BrowserBugs 👍. I'll read that article. Thanks for the link. I'm curious how we should be relating to the less obvious pages, too. I've checked out quite a few sites and different ones use different labels even for the same type of pages/content. It's another new year holiday break, so it's nice to have time to get a few things done. Cheers
  9. Grant Barker

    mouse goes to sleep

    Did you ever fix this issue? I was curious if you had the same OS version at home as at work (and the same mouse pad, too). I wonder how different your work hardware is compared to your home hardware.
  10. Grant Barker

    looking websites to advertise on

    Is the banner a large fish?
  11. I had a day off today and was just playing around with images. This is the usual site and this is one with more images - test-page. If you can forgive how long the images take to load, and any spacing differences here and there around the images, which one is better or more appealing please, the usual one or the test-page? I understand that the images are different sizes, which I would be OK with. It's all just a hobby. I'm no authority on any of the subjects.
  12. Grant Barker


    Microsoft recently announced that their Edge browser will soon be running the open source Chromium engine. Microsoft Blog Microsoft Blog post 2
  13. Clarity by Microsoft Get insights about how customers use your website. By adding some simple JavaScript to your page, get the ability to replay page views, view sessions and observe interactions. Bing Blogs I thought this might interest some of you. It's in beta I believe.
  14. Grant Barker

    Colours & Layout

    http://www.responsinator.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fyourboothskent.co.uk%2F I'm no good at design, so I'm probably a hypocrite for saying this, but the only thing I don't like about your site is the logo. (I like the idea of using fiverr.com for very quick and reasonably priced work to fix things which other people can do better.) Everything else can be tidied up as per fisicx and other members' recommendations. Therefore, good job. Yes, it looks like fun, too. 👍
  15. Grant Barker


    Microsoft won an Emmy (press F3 and search for Microsoft) this week for their Standardization of HTML5 work (with Edge), along with Google and a few other companies. Source
  16. Grant Barker

    Quickly Edit Videos for YouTube?

    I would search on YouTube for the latest info. Another thought. For people who want to pay a tiny amount for any type of work from someone more experienced, you can always use fiverr.com.
  17. Welcome to the club! The coding behind the scenes on my sites looks like a modified car out of Mad Max.
  18. I'm just curious if you personally use a name or a number for HTML entities. (W3Schools) Eg. For an ampersand (&) do you usually use & or & ?
  19. Grant Barker

    What service to offer for free that's of value?

    You could offer constructive criticism about people's sites. Making an offer via a video might help to come across more honest and leave less doubt in people's minds, if you care about that sort of thing.
  20. Grant Barker

    HTML Entities: Do you use a name or number?

    Thanks fisicx and BlueDreamer. I have bookmarked both of those resources. 👍
  21. Grant Barker

    HTML Entities: Do you use a name or number?

    Thank you, gentlemen. 👍 I will continue to use the name.
  22. Grant Barker

    How to fix sitemap issues?

    If a first post containing a website link and a sitemap link isn't spam, I don't know what is.
  23. Grant Barker


    I decided to stick with Edge a couple of years or so ago, and it's still my main browser. I used to install plenty of browsers for testing but just have a few now, including Chrome. It seems that 79.5% of my site visitors would disagree with me though, as they appear to use Chrome, too.
  24. Grant Barker

    Perhaps an odd question

    `You get used to it. I don't even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead..'
  25. Grant Barker

    Tricky situation: what would you do?

    That's a good idea. If that was not so ideal, maybe they could demonstrate it on Skype using screen share (if it was a Windows or Mac type project) or by holding a device up to the camera. You could also record the Skype session in case it helps you down the line from a legal standpoint.