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  1. So I have my first client, well technically my 2nd, but my first was a friend of mine who asked for help so our agreement was pretty much verbal. So this new client, who is actually also an old friend, he lives in a different country so we will be communicating via email & chat. Him & his 2 partners are happy with what I've shown them and want to move forward with it. So my question is, where do I start? Do I draw up a contract? What kind of stipulations would you suggest I put in place? And any advice on payment would be great, like should I ask for a percentage of the cost upfront?
  2. Stooly

    New Laptop - Terrible Mic Quality

    Have you had any luck with this? My first instinct would be to reinstall the drivers. But I guess it depends on my main use for it. If I was going to use it often, I might contact the supplier and /or manufacturer if it still didn't work. Alternatively, use an external mic?
  3. Stooly

    Music while working

    Being born in the 80's, I grew up with 90's music. So I went through my teens during that decade & find myself listening to 90's music a lot. I even had it playing at my wedding. I try to diversify my music tastes, but this seems to be the type of music that puts me in the best mood.
  4. So I was wondering what type of methods people are using to organise their business. I did a few searches, then thought to myself I could of course just ask a group of people who I know are doing it already. I have access to Pandle, which I get via my accountancy firm, but to be honest I am struggling a little to get my head around it. So I have a simple spreadsheet, well simple-ish. I log all my expenses & have pdf copies of invoices & receipts. But mostly I'm wondering how the 'paperwork' gets organised. So I use a desktop (Win 7) and a laptop (Win 10). The desktop isn't always on. And I do have in mind to set up a small home network in the future, once our home renovation is complete. In case anyone is wondering, home server because I'm a geek & would like to keep my server knowledge up to date & I enjoy tinkering, which is why that will be in the pipework. I plan to have a file server and a VPN running. But till then, how do you keep your files synced? Do you just use google drive or dropbox? I know windows 10 has a virtual desktop feature, but I don't THINK it works across more than one device, I'm not really sure what it's for but from what I read it doesn't look like it. Do you just put everything on a NAS drive? I'm frustrated as I just want an easy short-term solution, even have network points in every room of our house, but the PC workshop isn't finished yet, so the network points aren't hooked up yet & I hate using the wif on my PC. And the router is in the garage so I'm hesitant to put a temporary NAS drive in there. I've put everything on google drive this morning, it is my cloud of choice, but I thought I'd see what everyone else does. 🤖
  5. Stooly

    Small Accomplishments!

    So not many people are overly impressed with my accomplishment this morning. I spent an hour looking through the backend files, looking for a piece of code to change the colour of a box, on this WordPress plugin. It took me a while to find the file... I eventually realized there was, in fact, an easier way to find it. Anyway, just one tiny button & I'm still to find a few other things, but still, I feel like I've conquered a small planet 😂
  6. Stooly

    Tricky situation: what would you do?

    Did you ever get a resolution on this Dilby? It's very frustrating, I can't believe anyone would be so blatant about avoiding payment.
  7. Stooly

    Designing Comeback

    Hey. Sorry I only just noticed your post! Yeah it is doing just that.
  8. That was the first one I found when I searched it. I've always been a fan of open source, but I keep getting told paid for is better. I think I'll give this a go first.
  9. Someone has asked me about creating an animated logo for their youtube channel. So I'm on the hunt for some software. Any recommendations? I've looked at some, but the massive difference in cost and with the large amount of free stuff... I'm not sure what to go with.
  10. Good morning lovely people! Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was great, I had the most amazing 3rd birthday party for my favourite little guy in the world 😃 I was hoping for some assistance. I've been struggling to get these buttons right. So I followed a helpful video which said to make the button as you want, then once done use the inspect element feature & copy the element of the button, into the box where I want it (I've attached a screenshot if that doesn't make sense). So if you have a look on the link below, scroll down to the 3 gold boxes. I want a button in each box. Now following this advice it worked great, but once I then remove the lone button from outside the boxes, the 3 boxes buttons lose their formatting. http://estate.kpm-websolutions.com/
  11. Stooly

    Image overlapping!

    Sigh. And after all that, after they specifically wanted a sticky menu, sleek images & over lapping options.... they now pretty much just want a standard, nothing moves or overlaps page 😓 I'm tired just thinking about it.
  12. I was just reading through some posts regarding SEO, trying to soak up as much info as possible. I didn't know Google likes addresses.... what if you're home based, what do you guys do in that regard if you wanted the trustmark of having an address on the site? Is it worth paying for a PO Box each month so you don't have your home address up online?
  13. Stooly

    Wasted hours

    LOL That's a good site 😂 I don't like dealing with clients... but if only there was a way I could make money without having to speak to anyone!
  14. Stooly

    Wasted hours

    So I thought you guys would appreciate this. A random lady phoned me up a few weeks ago, she had bumped into a friend of mine whose site I am building. He was taking photos, she asked whether he was a photographer, he explained it was for his site. So she's also looking for a website. In hindsight, when someone says it's for a business they're doing on the side - Do a skype meeting first!! So after a few scheduling conflicts I went down to Coventry one morning to meet her & we discussed her needs over lunch. She was nice enough but completely wasted my time. She pretty much wanted a free website & free monthly SEO as well as someone to run her social media accounts... which as it turned out, she herself couldn't even properly register. First she told me she has a web designer friend in Lagos who wants to do it for free... I tried to convince her that was a good option, but she insisted she wanted someone she could meet face to face easily. Later after going through some VERY low costs, she said but if her friend can do it for £50 and in a week, why am I charging so much. I explained that I have also made websites for free, for friends, over a weekend. But after I got home I checked & with the pound being so strong, £50 is actually a good monthly wage in Lagos! Anyway, I have a lot of work to do and that day wasted on her really peeved me off. But now I know for next time!
  15. Stooly

    Image overlapping!

    lol Oh I see, thanks for that. I might've lost my mind without this place