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  1. justlukeyou

    Quickly Edit Videos for YouTube?

    Thanks. I did try YouTube but wasn't actually that good. I have using Screen-O-Matic. It is really good, only $4.50 a month.
  2. justlukeyou

    New Laptop - Terrible Mic Quality

    But my previous computer was fine and was a previous model.
  3. justlukeyou

    How to Back Up WP?

    Thanks, that is what I am looking to do because I only need to back it up every few weeks.
  4. justlukeyou

    New Laptop - Terrible Mic Quality

    Hi, I have bought a new laptop, an updated model of my previous ASUS which worked fine. However, the microphone is terrible on my new laptop. I have configured it as a plug in microphone but the recording is very quiet and lots of white noise. Any suggestions please? I have set the mic booster to different levels and it is still awful. It cant be the mic because it works fine on my previous laptop.
  5. justlukeyou

    How to Back Up WP?

    Many thanks. I contacted my host and they said they do but is there a method through cPanel to back It up. Will only be once a week when I update the site
  6. Hi, What is the quickest and most efficient method to backup WP?
  7. justlukeyou

    Quickly Edit Videos for YouTube?

    Hi,Does anyone know how to quickly edit videos for YouTube?I have downloaded a few apps on my Smartphone but they are incredibly clunky.
  8. I have been doing some more testing and I either need to get rid of the images which obviously I can't do or the pagebuilder but to do that I need to use mediakit which I haven't used before. The way I learn is by playing with templates. Is there such thing as a template media kit that I can practice with. I need to get this sorted.
  9. Thanks, I do like the layout of my site. 10X better than it used to be. I want to get rid of the pagebuilder. Is there any template media kit I can use. If I had a template I could probably get it working and then get rid of the pagebuilder. Starting from scratch with a mediakit could take me 2 months but a template could take me a week.
  10. I contacted my host and they suggested I use a different plugin and that didn't work either. So are you suggesting I cant use any plugins?
  11. Okay great. I will design the final page. Should be able to do it tomorrow. Do you think the Twitter feed is a problem. I am using the standard Twitter feed. The thing I'm puzzles about is that the Wordpress plugins have great reviews. That's why I'm confused as to why they don't work.
  12. Many thanks! What host would you recommend. How would you construct the sort of the site. With the Pagebuilder I just need the homepage to shrink down on mobile. If I have a template code I should be able to do it myself and get rid of Pagebuilder.
  13. Hi, Is there a quick fix to this. I have sold ebooks in the past and I want to sell a new ebook with 10% from each sale going to a charity that uses drones to find homeless people. I really need to get this sorted.
  14. What I'm confused about is that I see corporate websites with lots of images on and they large file image sizes but their sites are fast.
  15. Okay but I have absolutely no experience in that and it sounds like a mountain to climb when I already have so much else to do. Why are there plugins that speed my site up by 60% but then stop updating when I visit the site.