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  1. 123 IT Solutions

    Looking for advice on domain selling

    A domain is only as valuable as the person who wants to purchase it... just because that site said it was worth that much means nothing doesn't mean you will ever get that price especially as anyone wanting something like that could register a similar one with a spin on letters or extension. Good luck with selling your domain name though and I hope you get a reasonable amount for selling it :-)
  2. 123 IT Solutions

    Trouble with website email being treated as spam

    It could be several things. a)That servers address is blacklisted - a shared hosting environment will unfortunately have people sending out vast amounts of email some of which is spam that will get the server blacklisted. b)Your domain name has no sender policy records (also know as SPF records) c)Your email contains spammy words. If you let us know what the domain name is or you can check it by using a tool such as http://mxtoolbox.com/spf.aspx If that tool shows that you do not have any SPF record then I would ask your hosting provider to get one setup (you can probably do that through a control panel) Don't forget that the SPF record needs to include all locations/servers that send email for your domain name. Look at the headers of the message that is in the spam folder and it usually tells you why it was scored as spam. http://mxtoolbox.com/Public/Content/EmailHeaders/
  3. 123 IT Solutions

    Slow Response Time

    Log on to the server using root access and use top to see what resources are being used while you request the website. You can see cpu and ram usage of every process on the server.
  4. 123 IT Solutions

    WordPress force HTTPS and change all HTTP links to HTTPS?

    Yep.. looks like you need to change the links for all your uploaded images to https:// (and the favicon link) I *think* there maybe a plugin for WordPress that does this already so it would be worth having a look before you go through ever single page. If you know what your doing with mysql you could dump the database out, make the changes using search and replace, then re-upload it again.
  5. 123 IT Solutions

    Wordpress Hosting, php files and confusion

    Hi Louise, If you are still having problems then if you send over the files I will upload them to a temporary site so you can at least see them "live" (no charge of course) ;-)
  6. 123 IT Solutions

    Cross Domain Canonical Tag

    Do you mean the 4 sites are geographic versions of almost identical content? https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/189077?hl=en
  7. 123 IT Solutions

    Uptime Monitoring

    I have a seperate VPS in another data centre that has monitoring software installed. I get SMS and emails alerts and it also links in with an iOS and android app for graphs. It lets me monitor almost anything incudeing content changes and changes in page load time.
  8. 123 IT Solutions

    DNS Question

    That is correct.... you will need for the DNS to update before access the admin panel.... if you are familiar with hosts files on your computer you can override dns locally to gain access.
  9. 123 IT Solutions

    Transfer hosting account to owner?

    You will have problems moving the hosting to 1and1 as their system will not allow a domain to be configured for hosting in multiple accounts (which one do they show?!) Your best bet is to back up everything (files and databases) delete the domain from the hosting package and then get your client to setup the domain in theirs. There will be downtime while DNS updates. Alternatively get them to host somewhere else so the domain can at least be setup and then all data copied over and the DNS changed with no downtime.
  10. 123 IT Solutions

    Easy backup VPS

    I don't think there will be something out of the box as S3 is primarily API driven meaning you will need to code a solution to dump a copy of the database and then upload to S3..... I havent used this https://www.webniraj.com/2013/03/24/using-amazon-s3-to-backup-your-server/ method for many years but it should still be valid for you to get started.
  11. 123 IT Solutions

    Hosting Help Please!

    99% of webhosts will allow this. You just need to FTP up your HTML files from your computer. Most hosts will also provide a file manager so you could edit and write the code directly from the control panel. Thanks to @@nfc212 you already have a list of web hosts to get you going. Happy coding! :-)
  12. 123 IT Solutions

    DNS Question

    The name servers are still at Godaddy http://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=mx%3ans%3agetmoneyadvice.co.uk&run=toolpage# I still get the godaddy holding page. I would submit the change again and then hold off any more changes for 12 hours. Godaddy seem to take an age to make the changes (they must queue them up or something)
  13. 123 IT Solutions

    Email harvesters becoming stronger!

    You could always use Cloudflare who will protect email addresses automatically.
  14. 123 IT Solutions

    Unable to load a website

    Sounds DNS related to me..... try setting your computer to use Google's DNS servers instead of your assign ones when you connect to the network. Google's DNS servers are & (Works fine for me BTW)
  15. 123 IT Solutions

    www. prefix makes my site blank

    Sounds like your server isn't setup with www.yourdomain bindings. If it is a Linux server make sure www.yourdomain is listed as an alias in your httpd.conf file If you are using a windows server make sure www.yourdomain is on the bindings within IIS