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    My name is Alex James and i have been working as an Internet Marketing Analyst for the Cubet Techno Labs Pvt Ltd. I love reading, playing, watching movies and hanging out with friends.
  1. Did not find time to read all the replies, from what i read, "as many H1s as i want", thats what im taking away from this and its hopefully right.
  2. The XML version of the sitemap are structured for the search engine crawlers. The search engine crawlers, gives priority to such versions of sitemap to list the pages on websites.
  3. Free SEO tools?

    Screaming for the is the free tool that i would rely on for such a task.
  4. Would love to take a look at your website, could you please PM it to me??
  5. You cannot build quality links overnight. I think ive pointed out this before. As i understand, quality links are a result of "sweat+creativity". Put in a lot of effort and as suggested here, give something useful if you expect something useful in return. For instance, you can write a good review of a product and link back to your ecommerce website with a possible designation CEO of company name.
  6. Ranking Issue ...

    I dont think that its bad, you gain reputation that way, provided the link that you created or the solution that you offered on this particular discussion site is pertinent to your business or service (especially if you have links pointing to your site from this discussion).
  7. There are plenty of things that could be done to increase traffic to your website. Being active on social media is one thing. For the cause of link building, you could rely on active and high quality directory sites. Make it a point to write some genuine reviews and maybe you could pull a link back to your site. Stay update with your content and a blog page on your website can do wonders if you update it on a regular basis with unique fresh content.
  8. Calling people more than once?

    Yes you can look at this from different angles as this holds for most of the situations. When you call for the first time, you can literally tell by tone at the other end whether this person whom you are talking to is even remotely interested. Make it a point to make a list of people who are not at all interested and you can delete them from your database. You can consider calling them twice but I dont think that a third time is necessary. To be straight, if you have something valuable and genuine to offer, people are going to find it difficult to walk away.
  9. No Contract no worry in this situation, but please make sure that the next time, you do sign a contract and mention all such points crystal clear.
  10. Article Post in SEO

    I dont recommend content submission, I would rather stick with the option suggested by some of the people here I.e to write a killer article and make people to link to it. I know its never easy as it sounds, but use of proper social media, quality images and stats that should be the secret to killer article.
  11. Link building resources

    Hey, why cant you try and write these blog yourself. If you could spare some time on a daily basis, you could come up with a detailed blog within a matter of one or two weeks. You can easily sort out the hot topics in your niche via using tools like buzzumo. On flip side, if you have already found someone to pump out blogs, I'd be more than happy to know how it went or is progressing.
  12. I second jasondexter here. Link exchange is not at all a viable option. yes, it may help you rank for a short notice but not forever and your chance of getting penalized is really high. Why live on the edge??? Its all about earning links, not building them. Even providing a good review on a reputed site with your site's address is a legitimate means to earn a link. You could try and follow strategies like these.
  13. If i were you, i would never go with that description, its sounds like a bunch of keywords being stuffed right into a sentence. Its true that Google does not consider Desc for ranking, but I'd still stay clear of this strategy and yes the title suggested by BrowserBugs seems right there.
  14. Unfortunately, I dont think that you have such an option. correct me if im wrong, please. You do have several tools to automate your tweets and stuffs like that and im almost sure that you've heard about tons of such tools already.
  15. Dev Tips for SEO

    Guys, I really appreciate this conversation. This is something new to me and its really going to help. Thanks,