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  1. Hi Just noticed that in Analytics that the websites are set to http, could that be the problem? Have amended to HTTPs but will take a few days for the results to appear in webmaster tools.
  2. Yes just checked Real Time and visits are being shown. Yes have verified the HTTPs version.
  3. Yes just checked Real Time and visits are being shown. Yes have verified the HTTPs version.
  4. I have checked the HTTP version of the site and there are no Queries or Clicks, also no pages indexed.
  5. Over a month ago I converted a number of my websites from http to https. As a result of this, I created new https Webmaster Tools Properties for each of the domains. The problem is that some of the website in Webmaster Tools are not recording the actual Search Term Queries, but are recording the actual clicks. Anyone know why this might be? Thank you.
  6. Hi I am trying to get started on Bloging with a view to creating follow backlinks. As I am a window cleaner, not the sexiest profession, could I received some thoughts on where to start? I am thinking what websites should I start with and those that would suit my profession. This is an area that I know nothing about so as much info as possible would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Yes this happens the same way everyday. Position 18 during the day, 12 overnight.
  8. I have been monitoring my website very closely over recent months and I have noticed for two specific set of 3 keywords: 1. (xxxx yyyy Southampton) 2. (xxxx yyyy Basingstoke) That, generally, the position for 1 above varies according to the time of day. So in the day the site has a position of 18th and overnight a position of 12. Yet for 2 above it remains the same at any time. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Link building resources

    Hi I have a thread running regarding Link Quality and this posting caught my eye. Is this worth perusing? It sounds very cheep! But there are many good reviews!
  10. Thank you for your reply. I have covered each of your points below. 1. I believe that my Title and Description Tags are different in that they cover the services provided and area/location covered. Whilst they use similar words they are different. 2. I accept that my page titles should be different. 3. I accept that Facebook etc needs to be developed 4. I believe I do have a robots and sitemap on the server. 5. Keyword density I believe I have optimised for this. I believe that I have covered the basics, image file size, page content, tags, responsive design, etc. I accept that there are always minor improvements to be made. Over the last year I have been fiddling with all of these aspects and made little improvement in the search rankings for the site. This takes me back to my original post in which I am questioning the quality of the back links that I have, are some of these hurting me in some way? I would thank you again for the reply, but I don't think I have found the answer as to why I am unable to improve my search results.
  11. Thank you for your reply which I appreciate, but I am afraid that I was unable to draw any tangible tasks to actually do from the content of your message. I understand that you may like me to use a SEO company to help me further, such as yours, but I am trying to do this myself on a limited budget. In addition, I am targeting a specific geographical locations in the UK, I am not intending to cover the whole UK, therefore these areas/locations are defined within the website to help rank the site to specific locations.
  12. Hi Thank you, this is it: hs-windowcleaning(dot)co(dot)uk
  13. Sorry to do this, but just bumping up the list to see if I can obtain and views on my situation.
  14. Hi I have been working hard over the last year to try and improve my position in the search engine results page. I have as a result of reading and advice received: Added about 22 domains linking to my site, tried to add only site that have a Follow link Registered with a number of trade directories Designed a responsive website Ensured that all of my images are an optimal size for mobiles Ensured that I have the appropriate target keywords on the page and within the Meta Data I do not believe that I have any dodgy coding tactics within the website design With all of this, the best I can do is achieve an average page 2 or 3 for my keywords. The frustrating point is that many sites that are above me only have a few backlinks and appear above me in the search pages. Which leave to a conclusion that maybe some of my links may not be of sufficient quality. A use a tool that looks for backlinks and I can see that some have a Penalty Risk score of 40 points and I wondered if this might be having an adverse affect on my ranking. I have DETAILED BELOW my Google Analytics report for backlinks, which I am sure you will recognise some of the companies. Also ATTACHED is my SEO report for some of the domains showing the Penalty Risk score and Page Rank of the link. I wanted to know what your thoughts were on my backlinks and if some of these are affecting my search engine position. Many thanks thomsonlocal.com website-directory-uk.com expertwindowcleaners.co.uk applegate.co.uk windowcleanerdirectory.co.uk hotfrog.co.uk ukplaces.com opendi.co.uk businesszone.co.uk netmums.com boxwind.com cleanerscentral.co.uk kompass.com joomla.org spitalfieldslife.com 192.com bournemouthpages.co.uk aihitdata.com silktide.com business-directory-uk.co.uk qirina.com 1
  15. Thank you alexjames212 and BrowserBugs. I am warming towards nice flowing statements that describe the services provided. This is difficult stuff to get right. I am correct that meta keywords are also no longer used by the search engines?