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Which CMS to use?

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Hello all,


Hope you had a great Christmas and New year?


I'm looking to get some advice on what CMS to use (Not wordpress please) which I can use for my clients websites, Something easy to use and customise to fit in with my clients sites.


Not looking for something expensive or any monthly costs, open source would be ideal but security is a must.


Sorry not that Im fussy! :santa_cheesy:


Best regards,


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Although I'm not a developer, I would say it depends on the needs of the client, but the one I use most the time is expression engine, although there are much more basic ones out there that might be perfect for your client.

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Thanks for the replies so far :)


@@Jack With Craft CMS is it possible to create the website using the free plan, then once the website has been created then moving it to the paid plan?


It depends on what you need, on most sites, you will need the paid version. You can run it locally for free though and use every feature until it goes public.

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It really depends on the content, abilities of your clients, and how much you value things like security.


I mostly develop in ExpressionEngine, and the odd Craft CMS site. Either are more than capable for general sites to very advanced complex and high traffic sites, and are inifinitely flexible with content structure and design/presentation. Don't be put off by the licence prices, your clients would be paying this anyway (just roll it into your overall fee).

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I'd like to throw my hat into the ring and suggest people look at Kirby. It's a low cost license (free for charity or personal projects), flat file (no database so better security), super flexible and has the best support community.


I've even used it to build web apps as opposed to websites and it's been perfect.


It's written in php so anyone with any templating experience in wordpress or joomla (which is what I've moved from) will be at home.


I was tearing my hair out with Joomla in the end due to the bloat and constant security issues, so I tried a bunch of others including most of what's been mentioned above. Kirby won for me, so I'd at least recommend giving it a go!

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If anyone needs any more advice or info on kirby let me know! It's helped me loads so keen to talk about it! (not paid)

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