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  1. it is a best platform for creating ecommerce websites because it provides excellent features irrespective of the domain authority of a business
  2. nofollow links means those links which you don't want to pass link juice. Dofollow links means its allows google to search and reach our website and follow them. if a webmaster is linking back it means both search engine and humans can get back to you as it appears in SERP.
  3. you first need to create some keywords in the title then use your ideas in the description to be spread in the media then u need to create vertical images then create links back to your blog or website then embed pins on your blog
  4. Which CMS to use?

    There is no such Best word in CMS platform Wordpress, joomla, are just easy to use websites which are used by most of the people
  5. how to set up a facebook business page and promote it

    you first need to sign in facebook and then create a page describing your business and on the daily basis you need to post what services you deliver then you need to promote your fb page by sharing the page and you will be getting better traffic
  6. The process of fetching data about websites on internet through search engines is known as crawling. the crawlers visit the various websites and send the information to their respective websites and they also known as spiders or bots