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  1. A lot of landing a job is about your attitude, and to be honest mate your attitude is not great. I am still working in Construction, and am partly responsible for finding new people to employ. In an interview, I would 100% take the person who was enthusiastic, yet didnt have the experience over the more experienced person who came across unenthusiastic and thought the work was "easy". I had a phonecall with a recruiter for a junior job the other day, a small team of 5 developers who where located in my town and worked for a company located in the States. They wanted a new developer who they could train. The recruiter said they had a guy in there the week before, and they didnt employ him and their only reason back to the recruiter was "he was too cocky and we didn't like him". You write off the whole of front-end work as too easy. That will sink down like a lead balloon in an interview situation. If I were you I would have a rethink as to what you actually wanted to concentrate on. You dont need to focus on front-end to get involved with back-end bits. There is a whole world of programming out there for different things that might interest/challenge you more.
  2. JABedford

    Too Old?

    It does happen a lot, I am not exactly sure why! Depending on where you live, the job market is pretty good. I am from Berkshire, UK and in my local town there are constantly jobs popping up. I have an interview with a large digital agency 5 minutes down the road who are working with some big companies and only four people applied for the position which is crazy! Head into London however and it is a different matter! One of my biggest tips to yourself would be to try and get some work with small local businesses during your learning process. I have ongoing design work with a childrens clothing company, as well as development work with a fishing company nearby. Both of these came through DM's on Instagram suprisingly enough and whilst I am not living off of the money made by them they are a good showcase of what I can do and that I can work with a company.
  3. JABedford

    New business website opportunity

    I kind of liked it up until the point of: It is a nice idea and one I could see that could in fact be helpful to someone who wants to get their name behind a real life project, but this is actually no different than them making up a fake company and practicing that. It is never going to come to fruition, and they aren't ever going to see any fruits of their labour. When you get to this point: They will lose the website they built for you. If you dont get to that point, then they have a website for a company that didn't make it. The internet is a different place to back in the day. You can easily reach out to small local companies who actually need a website and are willing to pay (maybe not much albeit) but still reward someones hard work. Im sorry mate, maybe I have missed the point but this seems like a win win situation for yourself and not much for the poor sod that gets involved.
  4. JABedford

    What do you use?

    I am a laptop man all the way They offer a versatility you cant get from a desktop in that you can plug it into a screen if you want to work at a desk, but you can also take it outside and sit in the garden on a nice day or down to the local coffee shop. It seems that I am a bit late, but for anyone if you are on a budget then the Thinkpad 13 is well worth a look at. I have mine specced with an i7, 16gb RAM and 512SSD with a HD screen and got change from £700. I use this to run Linux as well as photo processing (my partner is a photographer and a slower machine struggles to process the images from our sony) so its usually plugged into a screen on the desk and the Macbook Pro is my "carry around". IMO the macbook is one of the best purchases even if it is pricey. I had one a couple of years ago, couldnt get along with it and sold it, but since I have started back with development I got a new one purely for the reason I wanted to have a play with Swift as well as Sketch it has been a god send.
  5. JABedford

    Developer/Designer from England

    Definitely mate. That is what I am thinking
  6. JABedford

    Do you drink coffee?

    I have heard of that stuff Does it taste nice or is it just too strong?
  7. JABedford

    Too Old?

    I'm 26 as well and changing my career.. still young really! My old man always tells me he never touched a computer until he was 26. He did a masters in Information Systems Engineering and has worked as a university lecturer and is now a Technical Author and has worked for some well known companies. Hard Work + Determination > Age.
  8. JABedford

    Who Wants to Create My Website?

    I am going to stick my neck out here, which might not be a wise idea seeing as I only signed up five minutes ago, however here goes: Wix is Ok for what you likely want. Granted it isnt be best solution, however that website is incredibly poorly done. If you have a brain about you, you can get a decent looking website on wix that works well on a phone/tablet.
  9. Hello! My name is James, I'm 26 and from Berkshire in the UK. I have a somewhat peculiar road into web development/design so I shall explain. I made my first website when I was 13.. I was a familiar face in the gaming scene and made a bit of a name for myself creating signatures for forums (don't see them so much these days!). I made websites for gaming teams with a buddy.. I did the designing and he did the coding and we sold a few. I went on to actually study Computer Science with the idea of becoming a Game designer, however that never came to light and instead I got a decent job working for a manufacturing company essentially spending my days playing with PCB boards and components and getting everything to work right. Fast forward ten years (where does the time go?) and I am an Operations Manager for a construction company. I do a bit of design work on the side because I enjoy it, but its usually just Squarespace/Wix (!!!) and some basic illustrator stuff. I decided mid 2017 to change career path and get back into web dev and design which was something I loved all those years ago. Its not necessarily been an easy road so far, but it is a road that I am enjoying every step of the way. Still employed at the construction company, but looking to getting myself into a new role by the end of the year, something that allows me to develop as well as design.
  10. JABedford

    Do you drink coffee?

    I do drink it.. Probably not as much as some people!! I am certainly not a connoisseur either, although I do admire people's setups and the dedication to the cause A Nespresso pod does me fine. Funnily enough the caffeine doesn't effect me at all. I could drink it right before bed and sleep like an absolute baby.