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  1. What do you use?

    Well I've gone and done it. Bought the 13 inch mac pro. Haven't even got it out the box yet can't wait haha
  2. What do you use?

    Now I have a problem.. I went into Currys after work today and had a go on the Mac Pro 15".......... Never had a mac before and I must say it felt good using it haha.
  3. What do you use?

    Thanks. Yeah I'll have to look into what Spec I need as I'm not too up to date on that. Any idea on roughly what a decent set up would cost? Got 2x montiors, mouse and keyboard so just the tower needed. Was looking to spend about £400 to £500, is that doable?
  4. What do you use?

    Still learning to code, am just dipping into HTML and CSS at the moment but would like to focus on the backend stuff like PHP, MySQL. Do you use laptops or desktops? I currently have a cheap desktop which is painfully slow, having a video and a code editor up at the same time can cause lagging issues, I also have a cheapish laptop. Once I get going I don't know if it's worth keeping the cheaper laptop and buying a better desktop or just go and buy a good decent sized laptop? I don't know whether to go down the self employed route or employee route either at the moment (still a good 6 months away though but I like planning).
  5. Too Old?

    Thanks for the tip regarding Treehouse or CodeSchool. I joined Treehouse last night and it's amazing, I've been glued to it haha. Yes I have noticed that by doing their tests and examples I have remembered a lot more. That's promising, a lot of people seem to of gotten into coding at a later age I've noticed.
  6. Too Old?

    Thanks for the replies. What would be the best way of getting myself a job or some work? I am unable to go to college or university so Udemy and experience is the only way I'm going to get it. I'm learning so much from Udemy but I'm finding a lot of it hard to remember until I actually end up putting them to real life situations then having to search and use the function. Would the best way to start be just trying to find friends or people who want websites made for very little money? I find things hard to do without a purpose so I will remember codes much easier and quicker if I am actually having to use it for a customer etc.
  7. Too Old?

    Haha thanks. Wish I had done it when I was 16 though when I had all the time in the world. Just bought an online course for HTML and CSS on Udemy for £13. Seems good so far.
  8. Too Old?

    Hello everyone, I used to play about with HTML and PHP when I was younger but never went any further. I'm now currently working in the leisure industry which I hate and looking for a new career. I would like to slowly change my career to web development and start learning HTML, PHP, JAVA and eventually get into coding Solidity (Ethereum smart contracts). I'm 26 years old, would you say I'm too old to start learning and make developing a new career due to the time it takes to become a good developer? I usually pick things up quickly and am quite knowledgeable with computers etc. anyway. Thanks