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    New business website opportunity

    Yeah, I know, anything of value should of course be paid for. It's not really what I was going for, I was trying to help, not get work for free. But it's been made clear elsewhere that I'm kind of an idiot for making the offer, and it seems that here it has been interpreted as trying to get free labour, so never mind. I thought it was harmless enough and might be useful to someone, but it seems it will just upset people and not be of any use, so scratch it. No worries. Have fun. :-)
  2. Hi there I'm new here, so please tell me if I'm in breach of any rules. Please note - my motivation here is NOT to get work done for free. That is what I am ultimately suggesting, but please read the full post before you judge me! If it turns out that this is in breach of a rule, I apologise unreservedly. I'm starting a new business. It's a home maintenance thing, not technical, so initially I don't NEED a website. What I'm thinking is this is an opportunity for a kid, a geek, a student. Someone who wants to practice, or to learn in a live environment. If the business gets off the ground, I will need a real website, and will switch to a hosted site which can accommodate the millions of customers who will flock to throw money at me. As I said in the opening, my motivation is not to get a website for free. I'm entering this as a giver, not a taker. I want to give someone the opportunity to work in a live environment, but without the pressure of a live audience depending on you. I can't stress the word "opportunity" enough - I know the tech world is full of people asking for free tech support (I've done my fair share of it!) and I am NOT on the take. When I was a young techie and the Internet was new, this would have been an incredible opportunity. Obviously now things are different, and it is possible that this isn't actually valuable to anyone, in which case please tell me and I'll just build a simple leaflet site myself. But if there are any budding builders out there who want a platform to play with, then I'd love to help you out. I'm not a kid or a fly-past idiot, I have the hardware, software and motivation to make sure this is real. However, for obvious reasons it is not indefinite, if I reach the point where I need a "real" website, I will kick you out. But I'll be more than reasonable about it. I'm not here to mess anybody around, or to be messed around. EDIT - due to some advice I've seen about doing stuff for free, I'd like to be clear that there is NO COMMITMENT on your side. I will never issue a deadline, demand something fixed or added or improved, and you are free to walk away halfway through a sentence without judgement. If I want to change any of those terms, I will start paying you!