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  1. Charmss

    New here!

    Hello, I'm also new here. I just began my seo internship at openborder. I hope to continue contribute effectively to this community.
  2. Hey Alice, while running social media ads you need to understand what channels your users/customers use often. You have to create a buyer persona this should include age, demographic, interests, salary range, etc then you target your customers effectively. This is exactly what we are doing at openborder as we are about to commence operations in air flight bookings
  3. Charmss

    SEO Basics

    Hello Samrbriggs, At openborder we make use of https://backlinko.com/backlinks-guide. i found this article quite informative . You can also check out SEMrush and Moz blogs
  4. I am currently building the information architecture for openborder and i'm curious as to the thought process that other seos put into creating content/topic hubs for their sites. I currently use the scraper plugin to build out my content hub
  5. Charmss

    New in web design programming!

    Hello everyone i'm an seo expert at openborder and a ux/ui enthusiast. When i'm not working, i spend most of my time with my family and my dog!!. I am an arsenal fan and a lover of hiphop