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  1. TimW

    CSS Grid Help!

    Does CSS Grid mean a particular CSS grid? There are quite a lot of them.
  2. TimW

    I need help to redesign a pdf

    libre office makes good pdfs, or scribus if it's more complicated
  3. Still trying to get a local developmnet server set up on linux. Nearly bald.

  4. It's missing from the html. Are you using a CMS?
  5. https://twitter.com/MarciRobin/status/998030243981033472
  6. TimW

    One off website design gig - liable to tax?

    well.... You could fill in a tax return in January like the rest of us. Or... You could just forget about it, and if the Revenue ever look at your bank statements, which they won't you will just say 'Oh! that? I forgot about it' which would be true and probably the worst that would happen is that you would have to pay the tax on it. If it was more than a one off though, then they might get shirty.
  7. You will have to learn html and css at a minimum and probs js and php as well. Designing without understanding the materials and tools is bonkers.
  8. At last, a real SEO expert to tell us how it's done. And who would have thought you can top google just by buying links?
  9. I haven't really read up on this issue and what needs to be done before next month's deadline. Not being a lawyer I don't think I even want to learn too much about it but I do want to have a nice simple form on a website I run where people can fill in their name and email, tick a consent box and press SEND. Is there a good sample around that would save me a bit of work? the SEND part I would just put through formspree or similar, I don't want to grapple with php mailers or anything. I just need the html and the legalese really.
  10. I enjoyed nosing round your site while I had my coffee Steve. Good Job! I'm also in the West
  11. TimW

    Too Old?

    Ah yes, now I have started to reminisce... when I did an O level in Maths we had to be proficient with a slide rule, but by the time I did A level we had calculators and you had to learn a sort of syntax of keystrokes to make sure long calculations were performed as required. 'Reverse Polish' is the phrase that has popped into my head. I will go and google.
  12. TimW

    Too Old?

    I will give you a clue how old I am. When I was at school we had a computer. It was quite rare for a school to own one. It was housed in an old Squash court which it nearly filled and when it ran you could see through the glass on the fronts of the cabinets the enormous reels of wide electromagnetic tape spinning back and forth as it searched, read and wrote data. It was an IBM bought second hand and I forget how much memory the maths master proudly boasted it had - 128kb maybe.
  13. TimW

    Please rate my website

    It's perfection. Finally. We can all go home now and tend our fields and cattle
  14. all you need to do is fill in a tax return (online) and if there is tax to pay it will be deducted with your PAYE. You will have some expenses if you did the work at home, like your personal computing equipment and heating your house while you worked which will reduce the profit you declare. For that kind of amount you will only be making a declaration of three figures: turnover - expenses = profit and you won't need to show any detail. Even if the IR asked to see receipts which they won't the worst that would happen is that that you might have to pay a bit more tax. Disclaimer: - IANAAccountant and if you get put in prison for taking my advice I don't want to know
  15. TimW

    Slide Show?

    If you are using a cms you use a plugin. If you are just making web pages you google "free slideshow image slider html" and you end up somewhere like https://www.jqueryscript.net/slider/nivo-slider.html and you just copy and paste the right bits of markup and code into your pages. It's easy, but people will think you are really clever.