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  1. Upload the file to onedrive. Make sure you mark it 'shared' and get the embed code to paste into your site. Done (and free). You can use excel online to check and edit the file, nothing to do with Office 365 I don't think.
  2. That is really extremely interesting and not something I knew about. thanks for that - I am reading up on it. Here in Somerset we have an added problem that a 30 mile radius includes parts of south wales which are actually 100 miles away by road but we just have to live with that nonsense.
  3. well yeah, except that google webmaster stuff is almost impossible to navigate through and doesn't give me the info I want when I get there. There are stats on the hosting account too which are interesting, but this is a more specific problem. Today fe I am looking at a caterers site. We don't really care about total hits or numbers of backlinks or referrers or how long they stay or what language they use. We want to know if local people google to find a caterer for a wedding or a business event or private celebration are they going to see my site in the results? So I try to test exactly that. What does google actually know about location? There's the local google site (eg I use google.co.uk), there's the ip address location (which is often way out), there's gps location if you are using a mobile and allow it, there's stuff like your stated location on Facebook (in my case Somerset, Texas), and presumably secondary stuff like search history. How does that add up to affect search results? Are they all used even?
  4. Almost all my clients are small businesses with a local customers, often not even interested in leads they can't service from more than 30miles away. When I am asked to do SEO we agree a list of words which might form putative search queries, we work them into the site text and I search for three word combinations on google.co.uk in incognito mode and record the position that my site comes in the results I get. Then I can track the improvements week to week to demonstrate my talent and usefulness to my client, and sometimes get other useful info as well. Is there a better way of measuring results? In particular I have to put in local geographical words, whereas in the real world google will likely know where the searcher is situated, so that's going to skew my results. How do other people measure results?
  5. If you put your website into a picture of an iphone that's okay but whatever you do don't put the iphone back onto a page on your site because then things will start going round and round out of control and anything could happen.
  6. It seems to me the actual theme is really simple, a white background, a single key colour, some sans typography with a very standard bootstrap landing page layout of sliders and featured items. You could use one of dozens of free themes or html templates to achieve the same.
  7. TimW

    og tags and twitter card meta

    Ah! I left the page marked 'PRIVATE' in the CMS settings. It was late. Doh!
  8. Is there some wierd delay or caching issue with these things. I have checked and double checked and checked on https://opengraphcheck.com/ and my link just won't display on fb or on twitter. what's wrong with this page? http://www.aisholt.org/poetry/ EDIT: Seems both FB and twitter when they 'scrape' to get the tags find a 404 error instead of the page. No idea why.
  9. I recognise those colours: https://html5up.net/stellar
  10. TimW

    CSS Grid Help!

    I would have replied, but I know nothing about that stuff.
  11. TimW

    CSS Grid Help!

    Does CSS Grid mean a particular CSS grid? There are quite a lot of them.
  12. TimW

    I need help to redesign a pdf

    libre office makes good pdfs, or scribus if it's more complicated
  13. Still trying to get a local developmnet server set up on linux. Nearly bald.

  14. It's missing from the html. Are you using a CMS?
  15. https://twitter.com/MarciRobin/status/998030243981033472