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  1. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    I get liked and followed by pouting tatood women who are into cosplay and already have their own websites, a lot. They must just be mad for balding middle aged blokes.
  2. New website

    I recommend me. But I don't really understand why if you want a site like that one, which is a free wordpress theme you would want to build a site which isn't wordpress with the free theme. I can make you a magazine type site on another CMS which is just like that, or a bit different if you prefer. You would need a CMS though to handle articles and links with exerpts like that.
  3. ....to everyone. My recent posts may not have been full of goodwill to all men, but today my sincerest best wishes to you all, men and women that is, and the blokes pretending to be women too.
  4. Why responsive website is required ?

    But it isn't 'your think' is it? It's just a copy-paste list that has been around for years and copy-pasted about by people who can't be arsed to think. Here it is four years ago https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/responsive-design-list
  5. Hello jo90. I have been around here off and on for two years. Who the heck are you? What is 20i? Who runs this spam trap? what is it for? What is going on? Why is there a redesign? How can there be three prizes when there are only two regular posters? These are just questions that occur to me as a casual drop-by member. Do you think you owe us any answers? I guess not. Huh? Meh. Internet. yeh.
  6. You will rank as high as any in Wome
  7. Inkscape is what I use. Although it's only for occasional use and I am no expert. I like that it's free but you obviously aren't as tight as me.
  8. custom letters

    I think I would be making a custom font, saving your new letter forms as extra glyphs, but I have never actually done it.
  9. CSS Flexbox Layout

    Not sure floating was designed for grid layouts, and neither were tables but that has been the way of the web since its inception, that everything is used for something else if it's found to work, and really why not? While I'm here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/CSS_Flexible_Box_Layout/Using_CSS_flexible_boxes So it sort of is for layouts as an improved alternative to floating divs
  10. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    here is someone following me this morning. Totally irrelevant to my account and no interest in his tweets but if I follow him he will keep following me and look! - he has followed 16k accounts and he has 16k followers! Maybe it works for him and he gets youtube hits from it, idk, but you can be sure he will never read my tweets and doesn't give a damn how frequent and witty they are. https://twitter.com/MattSibson
  11. Have a quick look here. It may be something like what you envisage: https://codyhouse.co/gem/sliding-panels-template/ goes mobile too. TW
  12. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    Donald Trump has breathed new life into twitter.
  13. Wordpress - is it hard to learn?

    wot actually is a 'child' theme?
  14. How to get more followers on Twitter?

    Well, if you just want to get followers you just follow loads of accounts. Pointless, but a lot of people do it. And paper.li? didn't that die several years ago? is it still a thing?