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  1. Directions to find a freelancer

    Hey! I second WebDesigner93! Freelancer.com is a great tool to find what you look for!
  2. Music while working

    Don't do radio whilst working as too much chat and ads. I prefer to choose my music I have set playlists in my Spotify for set days. But also depends the mood im in. Most of the time its rock except on a payday Friday! Then its house music to get me ready for the night out! We all need one or 2!
  3. Best hacking/tech themed TV shows and films?

    I quite enjoyed Social Media. Was interesting to look at it from a dev point of view
  4. Where To Buy A PC

    A local shop near to me called CCL do next day delivery in the UK! Could give them a try?
  5. Naive & need advice fast!

    I'm sorry to hear about this. It happens more often than you'd know, which is why I stress so much about contracts. Sure, they're annoying and at times seem intimidating, but they will save you ass when, to put it bluntly, **** hits the fan. If this were me, I'd make it public. I have 90% of my clients as Facebook friends on my business profile. I'd make a statement and clear the air. Some may disagree, but that's me. That's how I deal with things. As for needing work in your portfolio, never take work that will cost you more than you will make. If you want to do free work to build your portfolio (which as much as people say don't, it's worked wonders for me) - Never be out of pocket. You can also do what my friend does, which I think was a smart move. Build templates and sell them from your own website. That way you have work to show, and you can still make money from those if people wish to buy those templates! Hope you get it all sorted!
  6. Front End Frameworks

    Hey All! What is some of your guys favorite front end frame works? I know most will list the common ones like Bootstrap etc but I wonder if any of you lot use some less known ones? Also, leave a reason why you like them.
  7. Is this website blog layout good or bad?

    Honestly, looks a touch messy. My eyes don't know where the focal point is and I find myself aimlessly wandering around not really knowing what I am looking at. But thats not to say it's bad. I just think it needs a little work
  8. The first PC I got ran 98. Was more into mobiles as a child. Then I was on Windows XP on a real slow and bad laptop but this is what I used to learn how to program. Now I use Windows 10 as my main gaming/dev rig, a Toshiba laptop running Linux and a Macbook for Design
  9. Or because there's much better tools to get the job done quicker. Guess it's down to preference.
  10. Fireworks? - I have only seen 1 person use this in all my years in the industry! For banners, logos etc, you're better off using Adobe Illustrator. As it is meant for that. Photoshop is as the name explains, for photo editing etc. But, it is whatever your most comfortable using I guess.
  11. Skype chat for nerds.

    Hey all. I have seen there is a lack of Skype groups for nerds to chat about crap and just talk with one another. Anyways, I have just made one. If anyone is interested, do leave me your skype usernames and I am more than happy to add you in! Also Admins, if this is not allowed, please do remove it
  12. website penalized

    Well, thats one way
  13. div with text inside div (area)

    Anyways, you could go the old route. Deffo wouldn't recommend it but hey ho. <centre> TEXT </centre>
  14. div with text inside div (area)

    God help your teacher. Headings are the root of most good SEO! - Sounds like you're been taught by a bad teacher...
  15. Helloooo Everybody

    Heyy! Welcome!