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  1. Directions to find a freelancer

    Hey many thanks for your kind replies! Are there any sites out there like Behance for web design where you can look at the portfolio of various designers and contact them?
  2. Directions to find a freelancer

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to create a minimalistic contemporary website for my business. I have found a few samples that look like they have been created with WordPress and come close to what I have envisioned my website to look like. But these samples will need to be translated to my business brand identity. I would also need help to make the website live. After searching for freelance web design in Google and going through the many pages, I have not found the standard of what I'm looking for. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong area or wrong search terminology. Can you point me to a direction of a website for freelancers like a Behance for website design etc, or a search phrase? The sample website is attached. I look forward to your replies MS.
  3. Hi everyone, A quick hello from me and a little introduction; My name is Mike and I have a severe disability called SMA Type 2. This consequently makes me electric wheelchair bound/unable to walk, and unable to do anything on my own without help. Unfortunately due to my health I cannot work long hours in the standard mainstream 9-5 working life. I have decided to open up a dormant business. I have some really creative website ideas however due to my severe disability I cannot write, type or draw and I can only use voice operated speech software to access my computer. As you may understand speech software and various design programs do not really work together. I have patiently tried the route of asking my carers to help, however words and output, get lost in translation and I end up with something completely different to what I imagined. I successfully undertook a Masters in Digital Marketing a while back which covered brand management, marketing to website design. It is therefore very frustrating not to be able to put my ideas into practice. I have found some samples of websites I like I would just like them translated into the theme of my business. Anyways enough of me blabbering on I will do a post a bit later but great to be here! MS.