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  1. Google Maps Link

    Thanks for the replies guys. Great info there. I'm not sure if the client wants to go ahead with it now anyway, but at least I have an idea of how to go about it now. Cheers!
  2. Welcome to forum! rbrtsmith's response was spot on. I'll give you some feedback on how I got to where I am. I started back in 2010 doing some courses until 2012, after being a barman for about 8 years. The courses I did were, Web Design for Beginners, Advanced Web Design, PHP & MySQL and some other part time courses. I ended up getting an internship with a web design company which turned into a job (front-end). I do really enjoy it but I wouldn't consider myself anyway near as good as rbrtsmith, he answers all my questions - thanks rbrtsmith & Jack too. I find that I am probably not up to date with everyone else, with 2 young kids at home it's hard to find the time to keep up to date with everything. This forum is a great place to start and to get help on just about anything!
  3. Google Maps Link

    Hi guys, Hopefully this is straight forward enough. I currently have a site with GPS coords listed, how would I go about creating a link to open Google Maps so a user can 'Find a Route'. Hope that makes sense. Thanks, Al.
  4. input[type="radio"]:checked + span Styling Issue

    Hey Jack, Here is a very basic fiddle of it - https://jsfiddle.net/allanlud/usjoL467/3/. It does work fine here, but that is only a small portion of the overall form, there are many more options down the form similar to what you see there. So I was hoping to find out if there was a cleaner way to write the jQuery code or is it ok as is?
  5. input[type="radio"]:checked + span Styling Issue

    Thanks for the reply Jack. It sure is in relation to the previous post. What I'm trying to do is use a bg image in place of the radio button but keep the radio button functionality, I seen while searching earlier that some people mentioned that if the radio button (input) is set to display none it won't work. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Which brings me to the next point, there are different sections in the form and when a user selects one section I'd like another section to appear. Here is the code I have so far some the sections, I'm a novice at all this so excuse the coding and I know there must be a better way to code this up. $('input[name=window]').change(function () { if ($(this).val() == 'Front') { $('#damageChips').show(); } else { $('#damageChips').hide(); } }); $('input[name=damage]').change(function () { if ($(this).val() == 'oneToThree') { $('#chipSize').show(); } else { $('#chipSize').hide(); } }); $('input[name=chipsize]').change(function () { if ($(this).val() == 'fingernail') { $('#edgeChip').show(); } else { $('#edgeChip').hide(); } }); $('input[name=edgechip]').change(function () { if ($(this).val() == 'Yes') { $('#result').show(); } else { $('#result').hide(); } }); $('input[name=continue]').change(function () { if ($(this).val() == 'Yes') { $('#details').show(); } else { $('#details').hide(); } }); What the code above does is display the next form section, but what I noticed is if I select in the correct order the options above, they work fine but if I go back to the start of the form and change the first option the other options below are still displayed so I'm thinking I'll need some code to group them together somehow, rather than have them work individualy - hope that makes sense. Al.
  6. Hi again, I'm trying to style radio buttons and display a bg colour on the span when the radio button is selected but it doesn't seem to be working. Here's the HTML & CSS. <div class="options"> <label for="windowFront"> <input id="windowFront" class="js-radio-button" name="window" value="Front" type="radio"> <span>Front Windscreen</span> </label> </div> .options label input[type="radio"]:checked + span { background: #ed1c24; color: #fff; } Any ideas why it's not working? Thanks, Al.
  7. jQuery & Radio Buttons

    Perfect, thanks very much Jack!
  8. jQuery & Radio Buttons

    Hi all, Just looking to add checked="checked" to a radio button when it's selected. Here's one of the radio buttons: <label for="windowFront"> <input id="windowFront" name="window" value="Front" type="radio"> <span>Front Windscreen</span> </label> Thanks, Al.
  9. HTML Form Help

    Thanks for the replies guys but I've actually got it sorted =)
  10. HTML Form Help

    Hi all, hoping someone in here can help me. Basically, I have a form, the form has a quantity dropdown, this quantity represents the amount of people taking a course. The quantity of people ranges from 1-25 with 2 sets of prices, 1-9 = €70 and 10-25 = €40. What I need is a way of calculating the total price depending on how many people were selected. This form then needs to be sent to the client and PayPal - but that's probably a whole other thing. Thanks, Al.
  11. jQuery Conflict

    Thanks Robert, that's sorted the issue now =)
  12. Shopify Coding Help

    Hi all, I've been working on adding custom fields to a product to allow a customer to added text etc. I came across an issue this morning which is, when a customer is on the cart page they see the product and the custom field data they have added, text image etc - I have a bit of CSS styling added to this page, basically something like: Text on Front: Hello World (text before : in bold) When the quantity is changed, lets say from 1 to 2 the styling is removed. Anyone know why this would be? Ok, looks like the code I need to edit is contained within {% raw %}, here is what I'm looking at: {{#properties}} {{#each this}} {{#if this}} <p>{{@key}}: {{this}}</p> {{/if}} {{/each}} {{/properties}} I have 2 custom text fields and 1 file upload field. The file upload field needs to display an image. Here is what the code looks like further up in the cart-template.liquid file. {% assign property_size = item.properties | size %} {% if property_size > 0 %} {% for p in item.properties %} {% assign first_character_in_key = p.first | truncate: 1, '' %} {% unless p.last == blank or first_character_in_key == '_' %} <p class="custom-section"><span class="order-variant">{{ p.first }}: </span> {% if p.last contains '/uploads/' %} <a class="order-custom-image" href="{{ p.last }}"><img src="{{ p.last }}"></a> {% else %} {{ p.last }} {% endif %} </p> {% endunless %} {% endfor %} {% endif %} Any ideas on how to add that in the {% raw %} section? Thanks, Al.
  13. jQuery Conflict

    Hi all, I'm not the best with jquery but basically I have a WordPress site that is using Rev Slider and I have added the following snippet of code to adjust some divs on resize: <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js"></script> <script> $(window).resize(function() { if ($(window).width() < 1100) { $('.swap-one').insertAfter('.swap-two'); } else{ $('.swap-one').insertBefore('.swap-two'); } }); </script> The CDN was copied from an example I found, not sure what should be the correct jquery version, but basically there is an issue with this and the slider, they don't seem to work together. Here is a link to the site. Rev slider looks like it's using this: .../wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.12.4'></script> My code is in the footer. Thanks, Al.
  14. Adding a Class to Article Sidebar Links

    Hi Jack, sorry only getting back to this now. The second section of code above looks like it will work as it was throwing out the individual article ID's and then the current article ID so that will let me add a class to a list item, the only thing is how will I code that now, adding your code above displays the ID's what I need is an if statement along the lines of, if article.id is equal to currentArticleId display class="on". EDIT: I have just added this: {% if article.id == currentArticleId %}class="on"{% endif %} And that has added the class 'on' to the current article, that look OK to you? It's working on my end, thanks so much for your help Jack, solved a problem I thought I wasn't going to get sorted! =)
  15. Adding a Class to Article Sidebar Links

    Sorry this might be a stupid question but when you say active classes you mean what I am trying to add the active class to? I was getting a warning in the back end when adding your code above, just added this in to see what it would display and was just the Blog name. {{ current_url = blog.url | append: blog.title }} I was trying to add something like this earlier, but not sure how to code it: {% if article.url | remove: "/blogs/" == article.handle %}class="on"{% endif %} I was getting the same result when using {{ article.url | remove: "/blogs/" }} and {{ article.handle }}.